9:00 23:00 Registration and Information Desks Open in Radisson SAS Hotel Reception Area and Business Center

DAY ONE - WEDNESDAY - 2 MAY 9:00 23:00 Registration and Information Desks Open in Radisson SAS Hotel Reception Area and Business Center Arrivals at, and transfers from Sheremetyevo Airport to the hotel
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DAY ONE - WEDNESDAY - 2 MAY 9:00 23:00 Registration and Information Desks Open in Radisson SAS Hotel Reception Area and Business Center Arrivals at, and transfers from Sheremetyevo Airport to the hotel 19:00 23:00 Radisson SAS Hotel The Art Gallery Welcome Reception and Buffet Dinner hosted by Radisson SAS Hotel Sweden Russia Business Forum DAY TWO THURSDAY 3 MAY 07:30 17:00 Registration and Information Desks Open Radisson SAS Hotel 07:00 10:00 Breakfast in the Art Gallery Business Center 08:30 10:30 Prefunction Area - Interpretation provided if necessary Scheduled Business Meetings 10:30 11:00 Conference Hall Interpretation English and Russian Opening Session Chaired by Johan Molander, Ambassador of Sweden to the Russian Federation, Chairman, Sweden Russia Business Forum Address by Maud Olofsson, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Sweden German Gref, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Russia - TBC Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA Anatoly D. Artamonov, Governor of Kaluga Region, Russia 11:00 12:00 Conference Hall Interpretation English and Russian Russia and Sweden: Perspectives on Russia The Big Picture Relations between Sweden and Russia are in a process of dynamic development. Russia and its market is of increasing importance to Sweden. Swedish Russian trade has grown steadily in recent years. However, there is scope for diversification and more long term investments. 1) How can we intensify contacts and further trade: what needs to be done? 2) What are the obstacles and how can they be removed? 3) Which are the shared interests and shared responsibilities of Government and the business community itself: who is doing the job? Jan Lidén, CEO, Swedbank, Sweden Aleksandr Izosimov, CEO, Beeline, Vimpelcom, Russia Hans Jeppson, State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Malcolm Dixelius, CEO, Dixit International, Sweden 12:00 13:00 Conference Hall Interpretation English to Russian Russia's Potential: Investment People Markets Russia has an enormous potential for growth and development. It is one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world, and will soon be one of the leading economies. The Russian Government has highlighted the need to diversify the Sweden Russia Business Forum economy in order to overcome the heavy dependence on revenues from exports of energy resources and other commodities. 1) How can Russia s potential be realised in a global economy? 2) How do Swedish and Russian companies assess trends of development, and which are the emerging issues? 3) Are Swedish companies ready to respond to current business trends and demands in Russia? 4) What are the opportunities and risks of Russia s economic development in a ten year perspective? Per Kaufmann, CEO, IKEA, Russia and Ukraine Sergey Borisov, President, All Russian Organisation of Small and Medium Business, OPORA Peter Westin, Chief Economist, MDM Bank, Russia Viktor Semyonov, Chairman of the Board, Belaya Dacha Group, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation - TBC Peter Nygårds, Senior Vice President, Swedbank, Sweden 13:00-15:00 Working Luncheon in the Composers Hall Hosted by Hans Jeppson, State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden 15:15 15:50 Pushkin Hall Interpretation English to Russian Invest in Sweden Session Exploring Business Opportunities in Sweden 1) Sweden technology, entrepreneurship and an exciting market 2) Invest in the Capital of Scandinavia 3) Diversity of the Skåne Region 4) Swedish wood processing technologies: New sources of energy and intelligent packaging Presentations by Kristina Axén Olin, Mayor of Stockholm, Sweden Katarina Erlingson, Vice President, Regional Executive Board, Skåne Region, Sweden Rolf Rising, Vice President, Business Analysis and Development, Invest in Sweden Agency Lennart Witzell, Head of Wood Processing, Invest in Sweden Agency Moderator: Dmitri Levchenkov, Deputy Director of Department of Invest Policy, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Russia - TBC 15:00 15:50 Chekhov Hall A Swedbank Introduction to the Russian Market 1) The Russian economic setting: the economic background and perspectives on the financial market 2) The financial markets in Russia beyond transition Sweden Russia Business Forum 3) Banking in Russia and the development of the Russian market in which direction is the Russian banking sector moving? 4) What is the cost of doing business in Russia with regards to bureaucracy and corruption? Maris Mancinskis, Chairman of the Board, OAO Hansabank, Russia Cecilia Hermansson, Senior Economist, Swedbank Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, Academic Director, Center for Economic and Financial Research, Russia Torbjörn Becker, Director, SITE, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden 15:00 15:50 Boardroom A Joint Ventures and International Dispute Resolutions 1) Pros and cons with having a Russian partner 2) What legal form should be used 3) Enforcement of arbitral awards - theory and practice 4) How to overcome cultural differences 5) The right persons on the right positions 6) How to efficiently provide for an exit from a Joint Venture Sessions Leaders Sven Lexner, Partner, Head of Russian Operations, Mannheimer Swartling, Russia Kjell Dalesjö, General Director, Volvo VTS-Zelenograd, Russia Kaj Hobér, Partner, Expert in dispute resolutions in Russia and the CIS, Mannheimer Swartling, Sweden 15:00 15:50 Boardroom B Interpretation English to Russian Develop Your Top Management for Today and Tomorrow This session will discuss management development of business organizations. 1) How do you enable your professionals to develop their skills and entrepreneurship to foster the creation of new ventures? 2) What are the possibilities of crossing traditional boundaries between engineering and business cultures? 3) How do you build a dynamic management environment that contributes to the development of competitive and innovative enterprises? Evgeny Petrov, CEO and Chairman, Promet, Russia Ulf Ryder, CEO, Stena Bulk, Sweden Anders Liljenberg, Associate Professor, Stockholm School of Economics, Russia Ludmilla Prusova, Deputy CEO, Russian Telecom and Broadcasting Network, Russia Håkan Hartman, Development Director, Volvo Vostok, Russia Christer Fehrling, CEO, IFL Entrepreneur, Russia TBC Sweden Russia Business Forum 15:00 15:50 Boardroom C Interpretation English to Russian Increase Your Company Value with Swedish Know-How During the past few years, the private equity market in Russia has developed strongly and is today a viable financing option for most Russian companies. In addition to money, private equity investors can add value to their Russian investee companies. This session explores how Swedish private equity investments and external financing can be a way to transfer Swedish industry know-how and experience to Russian companies and at the same time help open up Scandinavian markets to those Russian companies. Issues for discussion: 1) How to improve Corporate governance 2) Added value from Swedish investors 3) Strategies for growth and long-term financing including alternative fund raising and financing 4) Cross-border knowledge transfer André Andersson, Partner, Member of the Board, Mannheimer Swartling, Sweden David Yang, Founder and Chairman, ABBYY Software House, Russia Andreas Kemi, Founder and CEO, UCMS Group, Russia Ulf Persson, Partner, Mint Capital, Russia TBC 15:00 15:50 Library The Unexploited Potential of the Russian Forest Industry 1) Introduction to the industry: Basic history and overview, illustrations of the current situation 2) Russia s role on the international market of round wood: Current dynamics and future consequences for neighbouring countries (Finland, Sweden, the Baltic States, China) 3) Institutional and legal changes: What are the consequences of the new Forest code for Russian producers and foreign end-users? 4) Strengths and weaknesses in operational issues: Will a Scandinavian production model ever be introduced in Russia? 5) In practice, what opportunities can the current situation offer foreign investors? Q & A Session Session Leaders Hannu Kivelä, Counsellor - Forestry Affairs, Embassy of Finland, Russia Martin Hermansson, Managing Director, Gungner Industries LLC, Russia 16:00 17:00 Pushkin Hall Interpretation English to Russian Exploring Business Opportunities in Swedish ICT 1) Introduction to the Swedish ICT Technology and Market 2) ICT Business opportunities in Stockholm Region 3) ICT Business opportunities in Skåne Region Sweden Russia Business Forum Ciro Vasquez, Manager, ISA in the Russian Federation, Invest in Sweden Agency Torbjörn Bengtsson, Manager, Investment Promotion ICT, Stockholm Business Region Douglas Almquist, Business Promotion Manager, Skåne Region, Sweden Oleg Byakhov, Director, Department of the Strategy for Development of the Information Society, Ministry of Communication and Information, Russia Mikhail Podoprygalov, Director, Marketing, Business Development and Sales Coordination, Ericsson, Sweden Björn Hemstad, President, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Ericsson, Sweden Alexey Myakov, Director Business Development, MERA, Russia 16:00 17:00 Chekhov Hall Russian Real Estate Market Overview 1) Commercial real estate market overview: Russian investment and rental potential. 2) Strategies for investments: Designing efficient strategy sale and lease back strategies in Russia. 3) Developing commercial and real estate projects: Developing infrastructure 4) Tax and legislation issues: The latest changes in legislation affecting the market 5) Legal aspects: Executing real estate deals Legal support - Joint ventures Adam Fischer, Managing Director, Catella, Russia David Geovanis, Managing Director, London & Regional Properties, Russia Session Leader Tomas Johansson, Head of Real Estate, Mannheimer Swartling, Russia 16:00 17:00 Boardroom A Swedfund - Your Financial Partner in Russia: Case Studies in Russian Retail Swedfund is the Swedish Government s risk capital company for investments in emerging markets. The aim is to establish profitable companies together with a strategic partner thereby promoting economic growth. Swedfund will present investment opportunities in Russian retail together with its portfolio company Minomin. Minomin is operating a chain of stores selling professional hair care products. Establish Group, a Swedish consultancy company with extensive experience from supply chain management in Russia, will discuss logistics solutions for retail including different options for on shore/off shore sales channels Jan Ernstberger, Managing Director, Minomin, Sweden Johan Hackman, CEO, Establish Finland OY Session Leader Karin Isaksson, Swedfund, Sweden 16:00 17:00 Boardroom B Interpretation English to Russian Business Branding Increase Your Profit If corporations utilised the full potential of their brands they would be able not only to increase their market shares but also to increase their prices. In this workshop Sweden Russia Business Forum you will learn ways on how to develop your brand and discuss the connection between communication and growth. 1) Brand perception as value driver (a practical test) 2) How to tune your brand (case study) 3) How important is nationality in branding? 4) Brand evolution: from commodity to culture 5) Take aways: insights, knowledge and tools for managing your company's brand experience. Erik Tivelius, CEO, Stockholm One, Sweden Åke Rohlén, Director, Business Development, Summa Telecom, Russia Lennart Zetterfalk, Corporate Banking Division, Hansabank OAO 16:00 17:00 Boardroom C Interpretation English to Russian Sweden as an IPO market for Russian companies The volume and value of IPOs on Stockholm exchanges shows a steady increase mainly fuelled by the high volume of activity on OMX but also on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM), Sweden's equivalent of Nasdaq. There has been a steady improvement in the Swedish IPO market over the years and Stockholm exchanges keep delivering quality offerings with sound financials to come to market. In this session we will discuss the admissions process, financial solutions and strategies for moving on into the main market, including the different stages on how to become a listed company and take a look at the measures that matter in planning for an IPO in Stockholm. 1) Why Stockholm is a good alternative to London or Frankfurt? 2) Legal and Financial Requirements for an IPO in Sweden 3) Liquidity and Coverage Ulf Cederin, President and CEO, Nordic Growth Market, Sweden Hans Westerberg, Head, Equity Capital Markets, Swedbank Hans Dysteraas, Dep. CEO, Nordic Growth Market, Sweden Session Leader Biörn Riese, Partner, Chairman of the board, Mannheimer Swartling, Sweden 17:30 Hotel Lobby Please bring your ice hockey ticket and your wrist band Transfer from Hotel to Khodynka Ice Hockey Arena 18:00 20:00 Khodynka Arena Please bring your ice hockey ticket and your wrist band Pre-Game Activity at Arena Hosted by Beeline 20:00 23:00 Khodynka Arena Please bring your ice hockey ticket and your wrist band Ice Hockey - IIHF World Championship :00 Khodynka Arena Transfer from Arena to the Radisson SAS Hotel Sweden Russia Business Forum DAY THREE FRIDAY 4 MAY 07:00 10:00 Breakfast in the Art Gallery Business Center 08:00 17:00 Registration and Information Desks Open in Radisson SAS Hotel Reception Area and Conference Center 08:30 10:30 Prefunction Area - Interpretation provided if necessary Scheduled Business Meetings in the Pre-Function Area and Board Rooms Boardroom C Future Evolution of the Russian Forest Industry: Threat or Opportunity? 1) Is the newly awoken interest in the Russian forest industry another false start? 2) What could the Russian Government, and Regions/Oblasts, such as Kostroma, do to attract and facilitate new investments? 3) Can Swedish and Finnish solutions in harvesting, logistics and production be used in Russia? 4) Certain people consider the current developments as a threat and some see it as an opportunity: Who are the biggest losers and winners in relation to Russia? 5) Russian forest industry: What is the main strategy for creating economic value for the coming 25 years? Viktor A. Shershunov, Governor of Kostroma Oblast, Russia Mikael Staffas, CFO, Södra, Sweden Jarl Petersson, President, Rottne Industri AB, Sweden Hannu Kivelä, Counsellor Forestry -Attaché, Embassy of Finland, Russia Kenneth Hulth, CEO, Sweric, Sweden Boardroom C Russian Resources and Swedish Expertise: The Perfect Match? 1) The Russian forest resources: Can higher value be added within Russia? 2) Challenges of implementing modern production techniques in Russia? 3) What expertise, and investments, can realistically be attracted from Scandinavia for large, vertically integrated projects aimed at freeing up Russian forest resources? 4) Is it worth considering Green-field or Brown-field developments at this stage? 5) Wood housing plays a weak role in Russia today in relation to Scandinavia: How is the situation changing and what opportunities does it offer to established Swedish and Russian companies? 6) Fields of international cooperation: Where are we now? Valerij Saikovskij, President, Confederation of the Organizations of the Russian Forest Industry, Russia Mikael Eliasson, Director, Setra Group, Sweden Aleksandr Chernykh, Chairman, Russian Association of Wooden Housing Johan Hansen, Chairman of the Board, Rörvik Timber, Sweden Malcolm Dixelius, CEO, Dixit International, Sweden 12:00 13:00 Sweden Russia Business Forum 12:00 13:00 Boardroom C IKEA's Strategy for the Russian market: Development of the Russian Forest Industry Together with IKEA 1) IKEA in Russia today: Current production and plans 2) Is IKEA s focus shifting to Russia in terms of world wide furniture production? 3) Can Russia become a natural global hub for the future production of solid wood furniture? 4) What is position and strategy of IKEA in purchasing furniture from suppliers, versus IKEA ownership of production? 5) Who is considered to be the ideal partner of IKEA? 6) Steps taken in building up strategic alliances for Russian production? 7) What solutions can IKEA provide in assisting Swedish enterprises who wish to establish their business in Russia? Q & A Session Mikael Franzén, Trading Area Manager, IKEA Trading, Russia Ulf Johansson, Global Wood Procurement Manager, IKEA, Sweden Kent-Åke Ahlgren, IKEA Supply AG, Switzerland Martin Hermansson, Managing Director, Gungner Industries LLC 09:00 10:30 Conference Hall Interpretation English and Russian Ice Hockey Then and Now: Developing Ice Hockey Culture in Russia and Sweden Ice Hockey Film CCCP Hockey will be shown as introduction to this session. Issues for discussion: 1) Ice hockey traditions in Russia and Sweden 2) Development of ice hockey in Russia and Sweden similarities and differences 3) Business development of ice hockey in Sweden and Russia 4) Grass root activities how to develop young players 5) What is the scope for cooperation between Russia and Sweden Vyacheslav Fetisov, Head of Federal Agency for Physical Training and Sports Igor Larionov, Founder and Owner, IL8 Sergei Makarov, Director, Federal Agency for Physical Training and Sports Vladimir Krutov, Director, Federal Agency for Physical Training and Sports Bengt-Åke Gustafsson, Head Coach, Swedish National Ice Hockey Team Mats Näslund, Team Manager, Swedish National Ice Hockey Team Håkan Loob, General Manager, Färjestad Ice Hockey Team Jonas Bergqvist, former General Manager, Leksand Ice Hockey Team Tommy Boustedt, Director, Ice Hockey Development, Swedish Ice Hockey Malcolm Dixelius, Documentary Film Maker of award-winning CCCP Hockey , :00-12:00 Conference Hall Interpretation English and Russian Doing Business in Russia: Business Practice Culture Opportunities Challenges - Russian Regions Sweden Russia Business Forum 1) The number of Swedish companies doing business in Russia: the business environment, competition, revenues, technological changes, 2) What influences Swedish and Russian business leaders in their decisions on doing business in Russia; are challenges /problems regional or specific, or are they universal in nature i.e. international? 3) What and where is the potential for more growth and more revenues? 4) What specifics does the Russian market demand regarding experience of difficult business environments, flexible decision-making, financial strength and resources. David Iakobachvili, Chairman of the Board, Wim-Bill-Dann Foods, Russia Magnus Brännström, CEO, Oriflame, Sweden Kaj Hobér, Partner, Mannheimer Swartling, Sweden Peter Nygårds, Senior Vice President, Swedbank, Sweden 12:00-13:00 Conference Hall Interpretation English and Russian Scenarios for the Future: Growth Perspectives Emerging Issues Who Will Be In Charge 2008? The Russian economy is growing at a steady pace. Living conditions have improved for a large part of the population, although the gap is widening between rich and poor. But there are worrying signs of problems ahead. The economy is heavily dependent on exports of raw materials and growing consumer demand in Russia. Investments are low compared to other leading emerging markets. The political situation seems stable but Russia is entering a period of elections, culminating in March 2008 with the Presidential elections that will decide who will be the successor to Vladimir Putin. The state of democracy and rule of law has been questioned. The centralization of power to the executive, the weakened role of Parliament and the expanding role of the State in the economy have led to speculation about the medium and long term prospects of political and economic development in Russia. Quo vadis Russia? 1) Will Russia be able to sustain economic growth over the next ten years, given its dependence on revenues from energy exports and other commodities? 2) What influence will the state of Russia's political development have on the economy in a medi
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