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     A313 (1461/1491)   Consumer Profiles   (Please view for questionnaires and videos -   ) Consumer Behaviour     MultiCrunch   Introduction We chose to work on an existing product concept, but developed our own brand for the same. What is MultiCrunch? MultiCrunch is a crispy delight that satiates the urge of eating a crisp for all those health freaks that avoid junk food. A healthier version of wafers and chips  –   MultiCrunch; A  product of the parent company LT foods is a brand that serves Multigrain Roasted Chips. A wholesome healthy snack with a dash of your favourite flavours  –   it is ideal to munch on at any hour of the day. It is looking at entering the market in April 2017 and will be announcing its launch in December 2016. It goes with the tagline  –   Multicrunch>Junk! From  Meetha  to Chatpata , has a range of assorted flavours to offer. MultiCrunch aims at turning the unhealthy snacking into healthier eating. It has an offbeat packaging that brings the immediate attention of consumers to this crunchy delightful adult snack. The Benefits MultiCrunch is made of whole grain and thus can be digested rather easily. A non-oily yet crisp snack, it makes you feel full and is highly nutritious. Hence, it not only gives you all the nourishment you require but also caters to your taste buds and adds flavour to your life. A healthy blend of health and  binging MutliCrunch is also a style statement. A packet of MultiCrunch is all you need to show off your health conscious self and a bite of it will do  justice to the foodie in you. It acts as a  perfect mid day snack or could also be munched with while you sip your green tea in the evening. An ideal travel  buddy and an instant filler MultiCrunch is a crowd puller and will become as essential on the kitchen rack after a try!    Why this concept? The youth of today is becoming more and more health conscious and aware, hence the need for an alternative to junk food was absolutely essential. Diseases like cholesterol, high blood  pressure, etc are on the rise, and are beginning to surface at younger ages. The rising need of a healthy snack and something new in the market gave us the perfect time to be launch. Thus we are now making way to the market. Our Five Flavours  Salted Sesame Roasted Sesame seeds and a pinch of salt is enough to make this flavour enticing. Multigrain dough with sesame being the most  prominent feature will be a delight for people who prefer a “not so spicy” yet flavoured snack. Chilly Chickpea A dash of chilly and the chickpea flavour forms an ideal combination to munch on while having a conversation. This combination syncs with the Indian taste buds to a whole new level. Nimbu Naachni A very healthy grain Naachni or Jowar with some lime squeezed on it is a delight to have while sipping some green tea every evening. We hope this shall tickle taste buds. Chatpata Chana The Chatka of Chaat Masala and the love for Chana is the perfect combination to have with a meal. Instead of munching on oily  papad,  a tasty crispy substitute that goes with every Indian meal is the key to remain healthy.  Meethe Millets The perfect way to end your meal is by eating something sweet. However eating sweet in a strict diet is nothing but a crime in itself. Here is presenting to you Meethe Millets - a sweet substitute for your urge to eat something Meetha. Made with jaggery and no sugar it is the perfect substitute for your high calorie desserts and chocolates.    Information Points This is the basic outline of what we feel our target audience is going to be. It includes what we suppose   their choices in terms of lifestyle, brands, hobbies, celebrities they follow, food and entertainment and so on. This is the segment we would want approach for our product. It is keeping these pointers in mind that we shall assess their responses and come up with the final consumer profile. Pointers: 1.   Age:   Early 20’s to Mid 40’s  (The youth who maybe figure conscious and prone to snacking, the middle aged people who maybe looking for healthier alternatives, the older range of the spectrum who may have health issues) 2.   Region:   Tier one cities  (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmadabad) and Selective Tier 2 cities  (Chandigarh, Gurgaon) (Because we feel the awareness level in relation to health, and the concept of packaged snacking will exist most here.) 3.   Occupation: Working with at least 7-8 hours of work every day, time starved, may not find time for exercise, may be looking for better food options to compensate. 4.   Marital Status: Could be single/married  5.   Family Status: Upper Middle/Upper Class,  Mostly Nuclear  families (Because they will be able to afford our product and will be willing to spend extra on it, a nuclear set up is more prone to buying packaged snacks because in a joint family a majority of eatables are homemade)  6.   Vehic le Preference: Sedans OR SUV’s  ( Honda, Skoda  and Above  –   Because we feel this strata will be able pay for this alternative)  7.   Media Consumed: Forms  –    TV, Print (Magazine and Newspapers), Online Sources. Genres:   High end lifestyle, Health  8.   Shopping preferences: Higher end brands + Mall Culture (Apparel  –   Like Marks and Spencers; Gadgets  –   Like Apple, Samsung and so on) (Again, as an indication of social status and affordability criteria) 9.   Brand Experience: People who have eaten chips and wafers from other brands, know their ingredients, understand their fat and calorie content) 10.   Celebrity Preferences: To see if their response is related to celebrities who have a health inclination, a sporty outlook etc such as Shilpa Shetty/Deepika Padukone. Our customers if are inspired by health conscious celebrities, we may use these faces further to sell our product.
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