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A Bactrian Silver Figure of the Goddess Inanna

A brief description of a silver statuette of Inanna in Greek garb
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  A BACTRIAN SILVER FIGURE OF THE GODDESS INANNARick WillisMelbourne Aus!r"li"   An extremely rare and important Bactrian figure of a goddess, hollow cast in silver. The figure stands about 10 cm tall and weighs 19.! g. The woman wears a headdress made from a lion"s#in, and the associated forelimbs and paws are crossed over her chest. The woman has long uncoifed curls of hair which fall down her bac#. $he is clothed full"length in cloth and a thic# rope"li#e belt encircles her waist, although this is only apparent from the bac#. $he carries in her hands what appear tobe two ob%ects& one is possibly a crescentic grain bas#et or perhaps sheaves of wheat, and in her right hand she appears to have a cutting tool or axehead, perhaps for harvesting. At her lower left is an un#nown pillar"li#e ob%ect.   This figure is a representation of the great goddess 'nanna, who more usually was depicted with lions at her side. 'nanna is an ancient goddess widely worshipped through western Asia, and often #nown by different names in different cultures, such as (ana in )ushan. The statuette here has *ellenic lin#s, both in the flowing draped garb and in the lion"s#in headdress li#ely influenced by statues of *era#les. 'nanna was variously lin#ed with power and warfare through association with lions, and here the +ree# influence is evident a local deity has been given attributes e-uivalent to a great +ree# god. The other attributes are consistent with the goddess 'nanna, who was worshipped in the name of both warfare and fertility. This rare statuette srcinates from Afghanistan, li#ely from the  rd  or / nd  century B, as small terracotta figures of a goddess of this age, with a similar fully fleshed face have been excavated in 23be#istan and Afghanistan. Terracotta goddess figure from 4xiana,  rd  millennium B 5see San’at Arts   2005  516& 7Art of 23be#istan "8emale images in Bactrian coroplastics 5The 4x iver :alley6
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