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A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic Fonts by Monokrom Formatting by Prince

A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic Fonts by Monokrom Formatting by Prince
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   A Concise Dictionary of  Old Icelandic Fonts by MonokromFormatting by Prince  Published by Oxford University Press 1910 Original content by Geir T. Zoëga.Scanning and proofreading by Sean Crist.Further proofreading and HTML encoding by Tim Stridmann.CSS styling by Håkon Wium Lie.   A  , a negative suffix to verbs,  not ; era út-makligt,  at it is not unmeet that . pl. -, f.  abbess . ð, v. ref.  to be angry, to quar-rel   a. vi e-n, upp  e-n. = afbindi, n.  constipation .ð, n.  nature, disposition .ð- in compds.,  chief, head, principal  ;-, n.  sheet-anchor  ; -, n. manor  ; -, pp.  of noble birth , =óal-borinn; -, f. see alasfestr; -, f.  the main body of troops, cen-tre ; -, n.  the high sea ; -, f. =alhenda; -, f.  full   or  perfectrhyme , as  góð: blóð  opposed to‘skothending’; -, a. verse  with perfect rhymes ; -, f.  chief well  ; -, f.  chief part of a church , opp. to‘forkirkja’; -, adv.  completely, quite ; -,n. chief banner  ;-,f. chief writing ; -á, m.  the main hall  , opp. to‘forskli, forhús’; -é, n.  trunk of a tree ;-, n.  downright ogre ; -, m. chief spokesman .ð, f.  chief defendantship or prosecu-torship .ðð, m. = aili.ð -, -, later -, -, m.  chief defendant  varnaraili or  prosecutor   sók-naraili, sakaraili., prep. w. dat. I. Of place: 1  off, from ; G. hljóp af hesti snum,  G. jumped off his horse ; ganga af mótinu,  to go away from the meeting ; Flosi kastai af srskikkjunni,  threw off his cloak ; Gizzurgekk af útsuri at gerinu,  from the south-west ; hann hafi leyst af sr skúa sna, he had taken off his shoes ; Steinarr vildislta hann af sr,  throw him off  ; tók Gsli af sr vpnin,  took off his arms ; brf af Magnúsi konungi,  a letter from kingMagnus ; land af landi,  from one land tothe other  ; hverr af rum,  one aer anoth-er, in succession ; vil ek ú vinnir af rskuldina,  work off the debt ; muntu engastt af mr f,  no peace at my hand  ; rsaaf daua,  to rise from the dead  ; vakna af draumi,  to awaken from a dream ; lúka uppaf hrossi,  to open a gate from off a horse ;vindr stó af landi,  the wind blew fromthe land  ; 2  out of  ; vera tekinn af hei-mi,  to be taken out of the world  ; gruflarhón af lknum,  she scrambles out of thebrook ;Otradalrvarmjkafvegi,  far out of the way . Connected with út; fstudaginnfór út herrinn af borginni,  marched outof the town . II. Of time;  past, beyond  :af ómaga-aldri,  able to support oneself, of age ; ek em nú af lttasta skeii,  no longer in the prime of life ;  er sjau vikur eruaf sumri,  when seven weeks of summer are past ; var mikit af nótt,  much of the nightwas past . III. In various other relations:1 iggja li af e-m,  to receive help fromone ; hafa umbo af e-m,  to be another’sdeputy ; vera gós ills maklegr af e-m, to deserve good (bad) of one ; fll ar limart af Eyvindi,  many of Eyvind’s men fell there ;  eru eir útlagir ok af goorisnu,  have forfeited their   ‘goor’;  skaltú af allri fjrheimtunni,  forfeit all theclaim ; ek skal stefna r af konunni,  sum-mon thee to give up ; 2  off, of  ; hggvafót, hnd, af e-m,  to cut off one’s foot, a af 3 A  hand  ; vil ek, at ú takir slkt sem rlkar af varningi,  whatever you like of thestores ; ar l forkr einn ok brotit af en-danum,  with the point broken off  ; absol.,beit hann hndina af,  bit the hand off  ;fauk af hfuit,  the head flew off  ; 3  of,among ; hinn efniligasti mar af ungummnnum,  the most promising of the youngmen ; 4  with ; hla, ferma skip af e-u, to load (freight) a ship with ; fylla heiminnaf snu kyni,  to fill the world with his off-spring ; 5  of   =  ór   which is more fre-quent; húsit var gert af timbr stokkum, was built of trunks of trees ; 6  fig. , eigi vi-ta menn hvat af honum er orit,  what hasbecome of him ; hvat hefir ú gert af Gun-nari,  what hast thou done with Gunnar? ;7 denoting parentage, descent, srcin;ok eru af eim komnir Gilsbekkingar,  aredescended from them ; kominn af Trójumnnum,  descended from the Tro- jans ; 8  by, of   aer passive; ek emsendr hingat af Starkai,  sent hither by ;stsll af landsmónnum,  beloved of  ; 9 on account of, by reason of, by ; úbygrat frosti ok kulda,  because of frost and cold  ; ómli af verkum,  speechless fromwounds ; af stld hans,  by his popularity ;af v,  therefore ; af hv,  wherefor why ; af v at,  because ; 10  by means of, by ; fram-fra e-n af verkum snum,  by means of his own labour  ; af snu f,  by one’s ownmeans ; absol., hann fekk af hina mestusmd,  derived great honour from it ; 11with adjectives,  in regard to ; mildr af f, liberal of money ; gór af grium,  merciful  ;fastr af drykk,  close (stingy) in regard todrink ; 12 used absol. with a verb,  off away ; hann ba hann  róa af fjrinn, to row the firth off  ; ok er eir hfu af fjrung,  when they had covered one forthof the way ; sofa af nóttina,  to sleep thenight away ., adv., used as an intensive beforean adj. or another adv.,  very, exceedingly a. auigr, a. breir, a. vel, a. illa.-, adv.  on fair terms .-, m.  hard terms ; -, a. immense, huge ; -, n.  an outstand-ing man ; -ð, n.  overbearing word  ; -ð, a.  overbearing ; -ð, n. pl.  proud speech .-ð, pp. n., e-m verr afauit ume-t,  one has bad luck (fails) in a thing ;- ð, v.  to deprive of flowers ;fig., afblómga frg e-s,  to detract fromone’s fame ; -ð, n.  threats, high words ; -ð, n.  paragon  afbrag annarra man-na; in genitive as a prefix to nouns,  sur- passing, excellent  afbrags vnleikr, af-brags mar.ð, a.  surpassing .ð, n. deviation, transgression.ð-é, n.  tree of transgres-sion .-ð, n. 1  alteration ; 2 = -brig;-, n.  offence, transgressi on ; -ð, f.  deviation ; -ð, a.  jealous ; -ð -, -, v.  to be jealous ; -ð, n.  jealousy .ð, gen. from ‘afburr’, used asan intensive before adjectives and ad-verbs,  very, exceedingly  a. digr, a. vnn,a. sterkliga, a. vel.ð-ð, m.  man of mark ; -, a.  given to distinguish oneself  ; -, n.  first-rate ship .-ð, m.  superiority ; kva honumeigi annat vnna til afburar,  to get thebetter of it ; ok vilda ek, at hón yri eigime minnum afburum,  less glorious ; -, m.  a remote, an out-oj-the-way, val- afar A af-burr4  ley ; -, m.  part, portion, share ;-á, m. 1  diminution, deduction ;2  subtraction ; -, n. pl.  destiny, fate lkligr til stórra afdrifa; -, f. =ofdrykkja; -œ -, -, v. 1  totake away from one by judicial decision afdma e-n e-u; 2  to prohibit ; -ð,v. to dissuade ;-ð,v. to dis- possess  afeigna e-m e-t; - ð, v. to castrate ; - -ð, -ð, v.  to disin-herit ; -, m.  one whose ears havebeen cut off  ; -, n.  diminution, abate-ment ; selja e-t me affllum,  to sell at adiscount .-, gen. pl. from ‘affr’,  depar-ture ; hence -, m.  the last dayof a feast ; -dagr jóla,  Twelth Night ;-, n.  the last evening of a feast .-ð ð, v.  to degenerate ; - -, -, v.  to unload   affermaskip; - -, -, v.  to strip affletta e-n e-u; -, m. 1  de- preciation ; 2  dissuasion ; - see, v. 1  to disparage  afflytja fyrire-m; 2  to represent as unadvisable ; -œ, v.  to misrepresent ; -, a. very old, decrepit ; -, f. 1  digres-sion ; 2  deviation from the right course afganga gus laga; -, m. 1  sur- plus ; hafa hey me afgngum,  to spare ;afgangs,  le over, remaining ; 2  decease,death ; -, f.  chattering ; -, f.  in-dulgence, absolution .-é, n.  letter of indulgence .-, a.  eager to be off   afgjarnt erfundarf; -ö, f.  tribute ; -ð, v.  to disturb an assembly or publicmeeting ; -, f.  disturbance  ingsafglapan; -, m.  fool, simpleton ; -, f.  payment, contribution .ö-, m. = affara-dagr.-ø -ð, -ð, v.  to do amiss, dowrong  ek hefi engan hlut afgrt vi ik;-øð, f.  transgression, offence ; -,a.  having a downward slope ; -, m. side-mound  ; -ð, f.  withholding, anoth-et’s property ; - ð, refl.  to be-come unholy, to be profaned  ; -, m. side-cave ; - -, -, v. 1  tohand over  ; 2  to pay  afhenda skuld; -, adv.  off one’s hand  ; -, a. out of one’s hand  ; segja e-n sr afhen-dan,  to give one up ; -, a. n.  unfit e-m er e-t afhent; -, pr. p. out of hearing ;  absent , opp. to ‘heyran-di’; -, adv.  out of hearing , opp. to‘heyris’;-,n. surplus ;-,m. share of a thing ; -ð -, v. refl. to disobey ; -, m.  impoverishment ;-ð, n.  damage, loss ; gjalda mikitafhro,  to sustain a heavy loss ; gera mikitafhro,  to make great havoc ; -, a. in-decl.  having turned one’s mind from ; veraafhuga e-u,  to mind no  more; -ð,a. = -huga -hugar vi e-t; -ð, v. refl.  to put out of one’s mind  , withdat.; -, n.  outhouse, side-apartinent ; -, n.  deviation from the direct path opp. to ‘gagnvegr’; -ð -, -, v.  to scourge thoroughly ; -see , v.  to uncover  ; -, f. by-corner, recess ; -æ -ð, -ð, v.  tocut off the hair  ; -öð ð, v.  to behead  ;-ö, n.  hewing off, mutilation ;  chip- pings ., m. 1  grandfather  ; 2  man ; a. eptirafa,  in regular descent .-, n.  bad bargain  opp. to‘hagkeypi’.-á, a.  strange, prodigious .-ð, n., -, f.  a su- aara- A aleys-or5 A
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