A Conscious Bind of Uncertain Minds

A Conscious Bind of Uncertain Minds
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   1Monica SmithwickProfessor Joshua SangerEnglish 20122 October 2015A Conscious in! of "ncertain Min!sOne of the most #restigious writers of the earl$ 20 th  centru$% &rish no'elist an! #oet JamesJo$ce% com#ose! the short stor$ ()wo *allants%+ from his collection  Dubliners, which contra!icts its title in a significantl$ cle'er manner, Jo$ce-s concise narrati'e takes #lace !uring asolitar$ e'ening in .ublin% following two men !uring an a!'entureous night that takes man$ curious turns, )he semblance throughout the stor$ allu!es to the significance of the two men-s abilit$ to mani#ulate situations% an! causes one to /uestion the moti'es% as well as the #ur#ose% of the two characters, )he two main characters of ()wo *allants%+ enehan an! Corle$% seem to be an$thing but gallant% as the$ se'erel$ lack chi'alr$ an! courtliness, )he$ ma$ a##ear to be somewhat s#irite! although% there is an absence of attenti'eness an! res#ect for women which unfol!s /uite aggressi'el$, Pre!ictabilit$ is out of reach for the rea!er throughout the whole stor$% an! it coul! be a##arent that this is so% 'er$ earl$ on, hat is so rare about a man #ursuing a woman3 "ntil the im#ulses of Corle$ an! enehan become not com#letel$ clear% but ma$be somewhat illusi'e% onewoul! think of it as a t$#ical or tra!itional #ursuit, Case in #oint% the men begin their con'ersation s#eaking of a woman that Corle$ ha! met one night who was a (sla'e$+ 4also known as a !omestic female ser'ant% in which he then s#eaks of in a manner that ma$ soun! a bit arrogant or #resumtuous to some6 (& was afrai!% man% she-! get in the famil$ wa$, ut she-s u#   2to the !o!ge 4Jo$ce 17,+ )he significance of the #hrase% (u# to the !o!ge%+ is that Corle$ was aware that this woman was able to a'oi! #regnanc$, )his coul! #ossibl$ im#licate that he ha! alrea!$ been with her romanticall$% !irectl$ following their first encounter, (& tol! her & was out of a 8ob,,,,She !oesn-t know m$ name, & was too hair$ to tell her that 4Jo$ce 17,+ hen Corle$ sa$s he was too hair$ to tell her his name% he means that he was too cunning to gi'e her his name% which coul! im#l$ that he ma$ be a #rofessional at to$ing an! fooling women, Corle$ ma$ not be #ercei'e! b$ enehan as being note! for his 'eracit$% although enehan-s actions suggest that he is ca#ti'ate! b$ his frien!-s abilit$ to achie'e an! earn things that he ma$ not be !eser'ing of, E'en when it comes to Corle$-s #rofessional life% (At #resent hewas about town 4Jo$ce 20%+ he sta$s unem#lo$e!% e'en though 8obs were #resente! to him rea!il$% consi!ering his father is an ins#ector of #olice, One ma$ sa$ that he treats women in the same as#ect as he !oes his com#etence, )his #oses the theor$ that enehan ma$ be li'ing 'icariousl$ through Corle$% as his game seems effortless an! !i'erting, enehan asks Corle$ (,,& su##ose $ou-ll be able to #ull it off all right% eh3 4Jo$ce 20,+ )his in/uir$ is incline! without an$ #rior notion that the two men ha! come u# with a scheme% atall, After Corle$ e9#lains how he use! to #am#er girls an! s#en! mone$ on them% an! how he woul! get nothing in return6 (e9ce#t off of one of them 4Jo$ce 20%+ one ma$ assume that this ma$ be the (sla'e$+ girl he was s#eaking of, enehan continues to throw out a tone of fascination towar!s his frien!-s e9am#le% an! im#lies that he !eman!s to be in'ol'e! in the matter% e'en if it ma$ be a!miring her from afar, hen enehen !eman!s to get a look at her% Corle$ won!ers if enehan is tr$ing to take his #lace b$ asking% (Are $ou tr$ing to get insi!e me 4Jo$ce 203+ &t ma$ seem as though Corle$ has a fear of betra$al% b$ allowing his frien! onl$ a glim#se of the girl from afar,   :As the$ continue on to meet u# with the girl% a har#ist is #la$ing on the streets, )he har# is a s$mbol of &relan!% an! one ma$ argue that Jo$ce use! this s$mbolism to stra$ one-s min! from the circumstances between the men% hi!ing some sort of #olitical satire to the stor$, hen itcomes to James Jo$ce% an! his lea'ing &relan!% )re'or , illiams !emonstrates% in (;o Cheer for the (*ratefull$ O##resse!+ in Jo$ce-s  Dubliners,” that (<is e9ile from .ublin was #recisel$ a flight from the -net- of church6state i!eolog$,,4illiams =1>,+ .oes Jo$ce use characters an! scenes as a wa$ to e9#ress his #erce#tion of what mo'ement was tri##ing u# .ublin% in wa$s of #olicies within those tumultuous an! uncertain times% when &relan! was attem#ting to break fromthe gri#s of *reat ritain3 (One han! #la$e! in the bass the melo!$ of Silent% O Mo$le,, 4Jo$ce 21,+ .oes the har#ist s$mboli?e &relan!-s #olitics% or coul! the har#ist be s$mboli?ing enehan as he is #la$s the situation like strings% #ulling an! #lucking at Corle$ to achie'e something that he coul! not% or ma$ not want to #ursue3 Although enehan ma$ be li'ing 'icariousl$ through Corle$% there are situations that !emonstrate that he ma$ also !esire to be a #artici#ant in a crime that Corle$ is tr$ing to #ull off, Or% were unsultr$ see!s #lante! in his min! b$ Corle$% onl$ to $iel! a fowl cro#3 (She-s on the turf now 4Jo$ce 20%+ im#lies that the onl$ girl Corle$ claime! to be with% is engage! in #rostitution, One ma$ won!er if this is the (sla'e$+ that he is s#eaking of, h$% if Corle$ is so #o#ular amongst the #eo#le of his town% ($ one who has trie! them all 4Jo$ce 20%+ woul! he be intereste! in #a$ing this girl for se93 Es#eciall$% when neither of the men ha'e an occu#ation% but e'en more so% when the girl is !escribe! as ha'ing e9tremel$ un#leasing features once she a##ears3 (She ha! broa! nostrils% a straggling mouth which la$ o#en in a contente! leer% an! two#ro8ecting front teeth 4Jo$ce 22,+ Although there were no un!ertones of !issatisfaction with either of them% this image !oes not soun! too #leasing% & woul! imagine% to most men hence%   =here lies some of the un#re!ictabilit$ of the stor$,   5orks Cite!Jo$ce% James,  Dubliners.  171=, E!, <arr$ e'in, ;ew @ork Penguin% 17=>, Print,illiams% )re'or ,, (;o Cheer for the (*ratefull$ O##resse!+ in Jo$ce-s (.ubliners++, Style  25,: 41771 =1>6=:B, eb, 22 October 2015, 
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