A crime in time

1. By: Ayman Abdel Jaber Dani Aridi Kamal Khalil Supervised by: miss. Sunder At : Universal American School A crime in time 2. Case: lost family 3. Here’s a story of a…
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  • 1. By: Ayman Abdel Jaber Dani Aridi Kamal Khalil Supervised by: miss. Sunder At : Universal American School A crime in time
  • 2. Case: lost family
  • 3. Here’s a story of a family that entered one of our doors…
  • 4. Why don’t you take a look inside the door, see what they saw, hear what they heard…
  • 6. Tom: Wow! This is amazing Father: Wow! It seems so real. Tour guide (Jim): Well it’s is
  • 7. Halie: this view is amazing Mother:Yea, it’s breath taking
  • 9. Then something goes wrong, the portal gets damaged, so it starts bouncing them back and forth through the pages of time. Tom:AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….. WHAT’S HAPPEINING???????? Tour guide: I guess the time portal is experiencing a technical error, they’ll fix it Haile: What’s gona happen to us meanwhile??? Father: I have no idea…. Mother: we’ll have to wait and see
  • 10. Tour Guide: the portal must have taken us to the Middle Ages Tom: Cool
  • 11. Tour Guide: Cool is not the word We are in trouble, this is the age of knighthood If they see us they’ll kill us for trespassing their lord’s land
  • 12. Tour guide: the portal is moving us again
  • 13. Tour Guide: We must be in one of Salem’s witch trials in the 60s
  • 14. Detective: Is that it Assistant: Yea, that’s everything the tour guide told us
  • 15. Assistant: we used the information he gave us and built what he said happened. Detective: He was the only one who got back
  • 16. Detective: But what about the family? Assistant: I think I know where they are…
  • 17. Detective: What do you mean? Assistant: the portal is moving them in some kind of a pattern.
  • 18. Assistant: I think I know where they’re going next Detective: Where?
  • 19. Assistant: probably the time of the civil war Detective: call the company, tell them want to send some of our men to the time of the civil war right away
  • 20. Assistant: Ok sir, I called them, the portal will be ready in an hour
  • 21. Tom: dad, where are we? Father: I guess we’re in the time of the civil war of America Meanwhile… Some time in history…
  • 22. two hours later… Assistant: sir. Our men had gone there, but they cant manage to find them Detective : what do you mean, you said they are in the civil war
  • 23. Assistant: maybe I did some kind of a mistake, maybe I didn’t get the pattern right…
  • 24. The assistant had counted right, and got the right time…. But what if hadn't got the place right…. Virtual reality had helped them to figure the right time… But it’s not enough to help the family… What if they stay stuck there… What well happen to them…
  • 25. Soldier 1: Enemy trespassing Soldier 2: but they are a family, civilians Soldier 3: but they are still considered enemy
  • 26. To be continued…
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