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President Enrique Peña Nieto presented in Ecatepec, Estado de Mexico, the Prosper program, which will replace Opportunities and offer new benefits for financial inclusion and employment, among others.Accompanied nine ministers of his cabinet and Governor Eruviel Avila reported that the effectiveness of Prospera will be evaluated, for the first time, by a body with constitutional autonomy, which is the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval), as mandated by th
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  President Enrique Peña Nieto presented in Ecatepec, Estado de Mexico, the Prosperprogram, which will replace Opportunities and offer new benefits for financialinclusion and employment, among others.Accompanied nine ministers of his cabinetand Governor Eruviel Avila reported that the effectiveness of Prospera will beevaluated, for the first time, by a body with constitutional autonomy, which is theNational Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval), asmandated by the Political Reform was reached . Ante 12 thousand people, theauthorized representative signed the decree to create the National CoordinationProspera program, by Paula Angelica Hernandez. While Opportunity has beenrecognized internationally, and 17 years of operation has obvious limitations, explained the Chairman noted that this year will be allocated 73 billion pesos to theprogram and the proportion of Mexicans in poverty is almost the same for threedecades.clarified that 6.1 million beneficiary families Opportunities continue to receivesupport and that new join the productive life. In Ecatepec, State of Mexico, EnriquePeña Nieto President signed the decree establishing the National ProgrammeCoordination Prospera is created before Opportunities, which will become the mainstrategy to combat poverty.'s president federal said people currently enrolled in whatwas Opportunities will continue to receive the support they have had to date and willhave new benefits such as college scholarships, loans and access to entrepreneurialprograms.Enrique Peña Nieto said that since its inception, Progresa and thenOportunidades, the program included a rigorous evaluation scheme with Prospera, for the first time the results will be measured by abody with constitutional autonomy, which is the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval), as mandated by the Political Reform wasreached. 's goal, he said, is that Mexicans are more free to develop, thrive and livefully, without the constraints of poverty. Leading this Coordination National will PaulaAngelica Hernandez, who had been working as head Opportunities since December2012. In the sports of Ecatepec and to about 12 thousand people, Peña Nietotransformation justified by the fact that despite its 17 years of existence and milliondollar budgets that had created the program in the administration of President ErnestoZedillo this year will be allocated 73 billion pesos the proportion of Mexicans inpoverty is almost the same for three decades. While Opportunity has been recognizedinternationally , 17 years of operation has obvious limitations that must be, firstadmitted. We must admit that was not enough the program, correct what has notensured that beneficiaries have better living conditions and thus can overcome betterdesign this condition. Opportunity has improved education, health and nutrition of   beneficiary families, however, has not achieved its ultimate goal: ensuring lesspoverty, he said.Given this poignant scene was, he said, instructed from thebeginning of his administration to redesign, improve and enrich the Oportunidadesprogram, taking into account the recommendations of academics and experts whoevaluated him for the years of operation.Accompanied nine secretaries in his cabinetand Governor Eruviel Avila, head of Federal Executive clarified that all 6.1 millionbeneficiary families Opportunities will continue to receive support, but now they havenew ways to join the productive life and thus achieve the goal of reducing poverty inthe country. Thus Opportunities grows it evolves and becomes Prospera, and fromtoday, with the decree creating the National Coordination of Prospera, Social InclusionProgram, will be the main strategy to combat poverty in Mexico he said. Among thenew support that will Prospera are in education, scholarships of up to five thousanddollars for students to enroll in any college education, thus it is intended that youngpeople have an incentive to continue training, which will guarantee higher wages intheir working life.The president delivered early support to young MexicoState.Regarding health, Prospera families will access more coverage of diseases in theSeguro Popular which had Oportunidades, from 13 basic medical services, orinterventions to . package of 27 services By expanding this package completevaccination, including vaccination against human papillomavirus be taken; Additionalactions for family planning and prevention of teenage pregnancy will bestrengthened. In terms of nutrition, with Prospera, pregnant or nursing, children sixmonths to five years, will receive new food supplements, which will ensure that ourchildren receive adequate food since the early years of life that are most important totheir development, he said. A new component of Prospera is the support tobeneficiaries to enable them to engage in productive activities that give them higherincome. Thus, all members of the family, especially women, will be offered workshopsto learn how to save and better manage their money, loans at preferential rates of lessthan 10 percent per year on average; life insurance and a savings account that willgenerate income and which may even receive national and internationalremittances.Moreover, young people who have a job and want to enter the labormarket will have priority in the National Employment Service and in Bécate programthat will provide job training. In sum, Prospera propel families achieve an independentsource of income to the receiving state support, enabling them to escape poverty fromtheir own work and effort.Among the 15 programs that add to the Prospera strategyare the National Fund of the Entrepreneur, the ProAgro Production and ProgramImprovement Productivity and Indigenous Production. So, Prospera builds a bridge  between social policy and economic dynamism we are driving from the reforms thathave already been achieved, and thus moves us toward a more inclusive andprosperous Mexico, said the president.Regarding actions of the National CrusadeAgainst Hunger, to date there has directly benefited three million people who haveaccess to 14 basic food products. The challenge is to reach 7.5 million nextyear.According to the Secretary of Social Development, Rosario Robles, the NationalCrusade Against Hunger walk in coordination with the new Prospera, leaving behindthe idea that these programs should only be care. It would have been easier to keeppaying each quarter to beneficiaries, despite the blunt fact that income poverty linestays the same . easiest thing would have been to feed the idea that families do notthrive, because this support that allows them at least not fall into extreme povertywould be removed if they were better. But you told us that the government had notgiven, but to transform, said the official.Grows support Edomex Governor of the Stateof Mexico, Eruviel Avila, reported that so far the administration of President Peña haveincreased more than 74,000 families beneficiaries then Oportunidades nowProspera. At the end of this year there will be 100 new dairies Liconsa and 191DICONSA stores.Regarding Hunger program and 100,000 families benefiting reachedwith supports for food. EFFECTS 1 This new federal social program should promotethe inclusion of beneficiaries working life. 2 federal government will take into accountthe aspects of Coneval body assessing the progress of Prospera, to enhance effortsagainst poverty.WORKING LIFEBeneficiaries will have options to join the productivelife.SOCIAL POLICY NEW GENERATIONEnrique Peña Nieto said that the implementationof a new generation of social policy has required substantial changes from what waspreviously done.FIRST CHANGE If a non-publicly accepted that there was hunger,today Mexico is moving with a whole Crusade to eradicate hunger.With this effort,today three million Mexicans mil 12 municipalities and receive direct food assistance,a universe seven million we had, they were living in poverty. SECOND CHANGE If acountry that did not give enough support to working mothers who are the solesupporters of their home, Mexico is moving today, protecting 4.7 million women witha life insurance for heads of household. With this support, your children can continuetheir education through college, if they were to miss. To date, three thousand 500children orphaned receive this support. THIRD CHANGE If a country that did not giveenough support to all their elders, today Mexico is moving, providing a pension fromage 65. This has meant that the number of beneficiaries of the program that providesthis support extended by 2.7 million seniors to be today 5.7 million seniors who havea pension. ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO PRESIDENT OF MEXICOSENIOR SUPPORTenrolled in  Oportunidades now have more benefits.Education Young Prospera may benefitscholarships for university or technical college. Moreover, given specialencouragement four thousand 890 pesos to enroll in college.Health Prospera familieswill have additional facilities to join the Security Popular or Health Insurance XXICentury, and the Basic Guaranteed Health Package grows twice. From 13 basic healthservices or interventions, now cover 27.Nutrition Centre Prospera, pregnant or nursingwomen, and children from six months to five years receive new supplements.FinancialInclusionThrough the Development Bank, access to more than six million womenbeneficiaries to financial services such as loans with average rates of 10% per year, lifeinsurance and savings accounts provide , among others. Labour insertionProsperaWhen young looking for a job, have priority in the National Employment Service andthe Bécate Program, which provides job training them. productive outputs Prosperarecipients, will be supported to have a source of income, allowing them to escape frompoverty, from their own work and effort.To do this, Prospera families have priorityaccess to 15 production programs. had 17 YEARS of existence Opportunities;wascreated in the Zedillo administration.73 MIL million allocated this year the FederationOportunidades program.(Caption)PROGRAM EVOLVE Enrique Peña Nieto led thepresentation of Prospera, the new social program that will give more benefits tofamilies enrolled Oportunidades.Eruviel Avila acknowledged President Enrique PeñaNieto for the support that the Federation provides the State of Mexico.

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Jul 26, 2017
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