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A Fox Fell Into a Well and Couldn

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   A fox fell into a well and couldn’t get out. By and by a thirsty goat came along. Seeing the fox in the well it asked if the water was good. “Good”, said the fox. “It’s the best water I’ve tasted in all my life. Come down and try it yourself. “The goat thought of nothing but how thirsty he was. So he jumped into the well. When he had drunk enough he looked around but there was no way to get out. Then the fox said, “I have a good idea. You stand on your hind legs and put your forelegs against the side of the well. Then I’ll climb on your back, from there I’ll step on your horns, and I can get out. And when I’m out I’ll help you out of the well.” The goat did as he was asked and the fox got on his back and so out of the well. Then he coolly walked away. The goat called out loudly after him out. The fox merely turned to him and said, “If you only has as much sense in your head as you have hairs in your beard you wouldn’t have jumped into the well without making sure that you could get out again. 1.   What is the type of the text above ? a.   Recount b.   Narrative c.   Procedure d.   Report e.   News item 2.   What is the setting for this story ..... a. It is a well b. It is a city c. It is a goat d. It is a fox e. It is a house 3.   Why did the goat jump into the well? because a. It was hungry b. It was sad c. It was thirsty d. It was good e. It was lazy 4.   What is the type of the text ? a. Myths b. Plays c. Folk tales d. Modern fantasy e. Fable 5.   Why did the fox get the goat into the well? because.... a.   The fox was very hungry and thirsty b.   The goat was very hungry and thirsty c.   The fox promised that it would help to get out of the well d.   The fox needed the goat to get out of the well e.   The goat had long hair and beard  In the Kingdom of Medang Kamulan, in Java, came a young when man, by the name of  Aji Saka to fight Dewatacengkar, the cruel King of The Country who had a habit to eat human flesh of his own people. Aji Saka himself he came from Bumi Majeti. One day he told his two servants, by the name of Dara and Sembodo, that he was going to java. He told them that while he was away, both of them have to guards his Heirloom / Pusoko. No one except Aji Saka himself not a allowed to take the Pusoko. In the big battle, Aji Saka could successfully push Dewata Cengkar to fall to the South Sea. Dewata Cengkar did not die, he became a Bajul Putih (White Crocodile). Aji Saka became a ruler of Medangkamulan. Meanwhile a woman of the village of Dadapan, found an egg. She put the egg in her Lumbung (Rice Barn). After a certain period the egg vanished, instead a snake found in the rice barn. The villagers would like to kill the snake, but the snake said : “I’m the son Aji Saka, bring me to him”.   Aji Saka told the snake, that he would be recognized as his son, if the could kll the Bajul Putih in the South Sea. After a long stormy battle which both sides demonstrating physical strength and showing skillfull ability of fighting, the snake could kill Bajul Putih.  As had been promised the snake was recognized as Aji Saka’s son and he was given a name Jaka Linglung (a stupid boy). In the palace Jaka Linglung greedily ate domestic pets of the palace. He was punished by the King, expelling him to live in the Jungle of Pesanga. he was tightly roped until he could not move his head. He was instructed only to eat things which fall to his mouth. One day, a group of 9 (nine) village boys were playing around in that Jungle. Suddenly it was raining heavily. They had to find a shelter, luckily there was a cave. Only 8 (eight) boys went inside the cave, the other one who was suffering from very bad skin disease, sting and dirty, he had to stay out of the cave. All of a sudden, the cave was falling apart. The 8 (eight) boys vanished, only the one who stayed outside was safe. The cave in fact was the mouth of Jaka Linglung. 13.   Who was Dewatacengkar ? a. a young wise man b. The cruel king c. White crocodile d. Bajul Putih e. Jaka linglung 14.   Where did the woman put the egg ? a. In a rice barn b. In the south sea c. In the palace d. In the jungle of pasanga e. Inside the cave 15.   Where did Aji Saka come from ? a. Medang Kamulan b. South Sea c. Jungle of Pesanga d. Bumi Majeti e. Dadapan Village 16.   Who was Jaka Linglung ? a. A greedy pet belong to Aji Saka b. The cruel king c. A stupid boy d. The snake was recognized as Dewaracengkar’s son  e. The snake was recognized as Aji Saka’s son  17.   Why did the king punish Jaka linglung to live in the jungle of Pesanga? because ...... a. Jaka linglung greedily ate human flesh of the village b. Jaka linglung greedily ate domestic pets of the palace c. Jaka linglung put the egg in the rice born d. Jaka linglung could kill Bajul Putih e. Jaka linglung pushed Dewata Cengkor to fall to the Sout sea   
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