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1. A FREE Birthday in NYC Posted on June 21, 2014 This is the second time that I have celebrated my birthday in NYC. Last year, while I was visiting a friend, the big day…
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  • 1. A FREE Birthday in NYC Posted on June 21, 2014 This is the second time that I have celebrated my birthday in NYC. Last year, while I was visiting a friend, the big day rolled around on a Thursday. We indulged in cupcakes and a drink or two in the evening. Well, I had a couple of drinks. My friend for some reason consumed more alcohol than she is accustomed to, and I ended up having to make sure that she did not walk off the subway platform on our way back to her home. It was low key for me, and I was fine with that. This year, I decided that I would try something different. And so the plan was to see what I could get for free in NYC, just by walking into places and letting them know that I was now a year older. I wandered great distances and made several stops in between. I stopped at food, clothing and service establishments. And here goes… My first stop was at Dunkn, Donuts on Hudson (near Clarkson). I walked in and told the girl that it was my birthday and she high fived me and said hers was tomorrow. She was super friendly and asked me what I wanted on the house. So I got a coffee. I wanted to see how far I could go with this so I asked what baked good I could get. She pointed to the selection – basically I could choose. I decided to forgo the doughnut, since I had plans to make a few other stops during the day. But I thanked her, had my coffee, took a selfie and walked a bit until I hit IHOP on Varick Street. I walked in, saw a young guy and said the same thing to him…’It’s my birthday, do I get something for free?’ He looked at me like I was kidding at first, so I thought if I repeated myself, he would’ve realized that this was no joke. He responded seconds later, saying that I could called the corporate office and find out! Ha! I said no thanks, and walked out. Those pancakes would have made my belly the happiest. I walked over to Spring. Aveda, next stop. I ended up not even getting a travel sized item. Next, Georgetown Cupcakes on Mercer Street. No luck. But did you know that if you know what the flavor of the day is, you get a free cupcake. A girl in line behind me whispered it to me. So in the end, I did get a cupcake, but not for being my birthday. IMAGE a look at nyc through a new set of eyes
  • 2. Next, was the Baked by Melissa booth on Spring St (near Broadway). Nope he said. He thought it was a great idea and said he would mention it to someone in corporate. Right. This was not turning out as well as I thought it would! Well, I did need a drink after the cupcake, so Starbucks was the next destination. And guess what…my luck changed! They gave me a green tea on the house! It was time to venture out of Soho and so I made my way up to 34th. Someone had mentioned to me in passing awhile back that Benefit does your brows for free on your birthday. But only at the Macy’s location. So, I tried my luck and they wished me a happy birthday and told me I would have to wait about 10 minutes. I was fine with that. Brow waxing is about 24 dollars there so it was worth the wait! I do need to mention though that they would only wax for free and not just tweeze or pluck. This was the first time that the esthetician was doing a ‘birthday brow’. She was super nice and ended up doing a great job. I had to take a selfie of that! Now, I had to pick up a present from Victoria’s Secret, which was just across from Macy’s. I grabbed a few things and headed to the cash. Once again, I told my birthday story. Do I get some sort of discount? Maybe a free lotion? Nada. Nothing she could do. I decided that it was time to make my way uptown. Now this might seem strange to some, but I had to go into Hooters. It is difficult enough to walk into random places and ask for free stuff- try it and you will see! – but walking into a Hooters and asking a bunch of boobacious, short, shorts wearing ladies, was very intimidating! But I gathered up the courage to ask the 3 girls that were waiting at the entrance. They looked at each other and then one of them said that they couldn’t give me anything. But before I left, one of the girls told me if I signed up for their newsletter, I would get a coupon for free wings. And so I walked out, got onto their website, and within a few minutes, I was back in Hooters, enjoying my wings. Now, I have to say that I was shocked to see a couple of young children with their parents in this establishment. I guess Hooters is a family friendly place! I asked the waitress if I could take a picture of her with the wings so that I could send it to my father, who has never been to Hooters. She was worried that something was in between her teeth and asked me to look. I wanted to tell her that my dad would not be looking at her teeth, and so she shouldn’t worry! After that, it was time to head to another cupcake favorite, Sprinkles in the Upper East Side. All I had to do was show my i.d. to prove that it was my birthday and I could choose any cupcake that I wanted! That was pretty easy. After all that eating, I figured it was time to walk it all off. I was exhausted from the walking already-remember I started in Soho and made my way up to the Upper East Side. Here is a summary: Yes No Dunkn’ Donuts’ Aveda
  • 3. Benefit at Macy’s Georgetown Cupcakes Starbucks Baked by Melissa Sprinkles Victoria’s Secret Hooters IHOP Looks like I didn’t do so bad after all! It would be great if more companies were open to free birthday treats. But that could be a huge commitment, so I understand. The brow bar at Benefit being set up for me. SHARE THIS: Twitter Facebook Google   Like
  • 4. ONE THOUGHT ON “A FREE BIRTHDAY IN NYC” This entry was posted in Things to Do and tagged birthday, cupcakes, free stuff, freenewyork, new york city, nyc, starbucks by nycadventuregirl. Bookmark the permalink [] . Like 2 bloggers like this.  carol on June 23, 2014 at 1:46 pm said: I want to see your selfies from the day!
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