A magazine from Seco issue industry 4.0 explained. china s challenge. meet the tech gurus

A magazine from Seco issue industry 4.0 explained china s challenge meet the tech gurus Contents EDGE ISSUE News and trends 07 KNowledge industry 4.0 explained Big data is opening the
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A magazine from Seco issue industry 4.0 explained china s challenge meet the tech gurus Contents EDGE ISSUE News and trends 07 KNowledge industry 4.0 explained Big data is opening the way for what is being called the fourth industrial revolution. 08 CASE: china efficient giant COVER STORY Economic challenges forced one Chinese company to rethink its work practices - with great results. 13 cutting edge q&a with patrick de vos Seco s cutting-expert answers technical questions submitted by readers. 14 Case: sweden hungry for business A competitive spirit has helped Fårbo Mekaniska increase turnover by tenfold in 10 years. 18 possibilities on the right track With demand for rail transport growing, could this ingenious prototype be the train of the future? 20 edge and you haet lo/taiwan The secret of our success is keeping up with developments in the industry. Seco is the same. 22 case: automation robot success Installing a robot cell has boosted the efficiency of Swedish tool-steel supplier Uddeholm. 28 edge of the world jörgen andersson Seco product manager Jörgen Andersson s passion outside of work is mine diving. 32 edge-ucation seco s tech centres A new facility in Chennai, India, has boosted Seco s global network of technology centres. 2 EDGE ( ) Asia focusing on efficiency This issue of Edge features several stories from Asia. With over-production and increased competition, the region China in particular is currently facing a more challenging economic situation. In this new business environment, it is becoming increasingly important for the metal working industry to choose suppliers that offer concrete benefits. At Seco we have a long tradition of helping our customers increase their profitability and efficiency. The story of how we have helped one of our customers in this way, the Chinese heavy industry equipment manufacturer MCC-SFRE, is told on page 8. And don t miss Edge s usual mix of new insights, such as the feature on Industry 4.0 on page 6, and interesting personal stories, such as the report about the Seco Product Manager who dives into abandoned mines in his spare time on page 28. Enjoy! Hans Hellgren vice president, sales and marketing Edge is a customer magazine from Seco Tools published in 25 languages worldwide. Seco Tools AB Marketing Department, Fagersta, Sweden. Phone Fax Internet Publisher Hans Hellgren Managing editor Katarina Annerby Editorial production and layout Appelberg Publishing Group Project manager Per-Ola Knutas Editor Daniel Dasey Art directors Cecilia Farkas, Johan Nohr Print Elanders Coverphoto Li Jingwang/GettyImages EDGE ( ) 3 News and trends Jabro High Feed MachininG The unique design of the JHF980 cutter allows for the highest possible feed rates. The addition of extra flutes means that these rates are now higher than ever. Often used in the machining of complex workpieces on modern milling machines, the JHF980 is perfect for machining steel, stainless steels and titanium alloys. The universal design of the cutter million Connected devices ,5 billion billion allows for chip thinning in multiple machining methods, such as peck drilling, helical interpolation and, of course, high-feed roughing. Benefits: More flutes allow true high feed roughing disc milling cutter Seco has added two new insert sizes for its highly successful Disc Milling Cutter. The cutter now provides a comprehensive range of cutting widths from 13.5 mm to 32 m, aimed at a wide scope of applications. The highly versatile cutters perform slotting, back facing, helical and circular interpolation and even plunging operations. Seco offers both fixed-pocket versions of the cutters with centralised coolant, and adjustable versions in widths to accommodate all types of production environments. Benefits: New cutting widths, lower tooling costs and reduced tooling inventory, maximum flexibility, reliability, precision and ease of use. The right connection The Internet of Things (IoT) advances in technology that allow connected devices and machines to communicate with each other is transforming homes and industries around the world, the metal working industry included. Recent figures show that IoT has had a meteoric rise, and that it will just continue to grow. Read more on page 7 (the Industry 4.0 trend) 4 EDGE ( ) billion Check out Seco on Instagram A social media account focusing on some of the fascinating custom tools made by Seco has attracted thousands of followers around the world. Adam Wojciechowski, a CNC technician at the Seco Tools Custom Tooling Facility in Troy, Michigan, set up the CNCTOOLS account on picture-sharing service Instagram in January. His posts focusing on novel and innovative custom tools quickly attracted the attention of the industry and by July he had close to 3,000 followers. Wojciechowski posts new images daily, and any questions about featured tools that he can t answer personally are generally answered by other Seco staff on the forum. Instagram has allowed me to share my passion for CNC technology and also to market and advertise Seco Tools and keep the name trending in the machining community, he says. Turbo range Seco Tools Turbo range of tools for square shoulder and helical milling is extremely versatile and flexible. It includes cutters on stock in diameters from 10 to 250 millimetres and a wide selection of inserts in four sizes. This allows for milling in both small and large machines, with unlimited combinations of materials and applications. With the existing Turbo XO..-insert geometries, corner radius program and cutting grades there are no limits to machine all kind of materials. Combinations of geometries and grades will always give an alternative to optimise the application. Rigid or weak machining condition, there is an alternative to achieve best possible productivity. Benefits: Flexibility, versatility, increased accuracy, best possible productivity.... and coming soon: Seco s new web M6 chipbreaker Suggest feature now on My Pages My Pages, Seco s digital portal for customers in the metal working industry, now features a useful Suggest function. To use the function, start by selecting the material from which your workpiece is made. Next, choose the appropriate geometry. My Pages will now come up with a suggestion for the tool that matches your workpiece needs. My Pages is designed to work on all platforms, regardless of whether your platform is a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet. The tool s functions include product searches, orders, test reports, Threading Wizard software, and the new toolsuggestion function. The introduction in 2015 of the M6 chipbreaker with Duratomic Chrome grades TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 featuring Used Edge Detection provided the perfect combination of properties for most types of medium to rough turning in steel. Customers have since asked for the range to be widened and it is now being expanded steadily for example by more than 30 new items. Benefits: Reliable and versatile, easy cutting, unsurpassed in meeting high-performance needs thanks to the new Duratomic TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 grades. EDGE ( ) 5 News and trends Secomax H05-H35 grade chain Seco s new Secomax CH0550, CH2540 and CH3545 grades bring together a range of existing technologies and design approaches to provide a whole new level of product performance. The grades have been produced following extensive development and rely on several entirely new technologies. This new hardturning grade chain, together with the existing CBN060K (H15) from Seco, has been developed to meet increasing demands for productivity, surface finish and reliability from a range of industries. Read more: 6 EDGE ( ) knowledge global trends Klas Andersson Manager, Customer Interface Services, Seco Tools BIG DATA IS A BIG DEAL The next revolution Following the advent of the steam engine, the production line, and the computer technology boom, it s now time for the next and fourth industrial revolution. We call the phenomenon Industry 4.0 and it will lead to an overarching and fascinating change to the way the production industry operates. While our industry hasn t been as fast as the media and retail industries to make the most of digital technology, it could be the sector that stands to derive the greatest benefit from the fact that the world is increasingly connected. No other sector has as much data to exploit. Machines and processes churn out enormous amounts of data. And the industry player that is best at exploiting this in a smart production process, with tools, machines and end products all integrated, has enormous potential for powerfully increasing production efficiency. Interview by Per-Ola Knutas Illustration by Mika Pollack/AgentMolly Some industry 4.0 trends hello Social machines Yesterday s machines worked together in a production chain, but tomorrow s machines will be social. They will be able to communicate with each other and retrieve, deposit and process information, which they will then act on. Smart products Industrial production is increasingly about products themselves dictating how they should be produced. This is thanks to the fact that products are now tagged with an increasing amount of information regarding what they should contain and are in constant contact with stock, machines and control systems. Reduced impact on the environment Increasingly smart factories are running processes optimally, leading to less waste and fewer faults, better energy efficiency and reduced environmental impacts. Smart machines also automatically switch to a stand-by state when appropriate, further reducing energy consumption. EDGE ( ) 7 CASE MCC-SFRE, China 8 EDGE ( ) China s efficient giant The world s number one steelproducing nation, China, is struggling to balance an economic slowdown with industry overcapacity. Based in the country s northwest, state-owned company MCC-SFRE Heavy Industry Equipment is facing up to these challenges by constantly focusing on improving efficiency. By Wang Huazhong Photos by Wang Jing EDGE ( ) 9 CASE MCC-SFRE, China A state-owned giant SFRE was established in 1966 and entered a joint venture with MCC in MCC-SFRE has four machining plants and about 3,000 employees, of which 600 are technicians, including 95 senior engineers. The venture manufactures a wide range of machines for many different kinds of industries, but its main products are machines for steel works, mainly strip mills and plate mills. Their rolling equipment meets the standards required by developed economies such as Europe and Japan. The company formerly operated its own schools, cinemas and hospitals in Zhuangli township. A bulletin board stands at the gate of the machining plant operated by MCC-SFRE Heavy Industry Equipment Co in Zhuangli in north-western China. On it is spelled out the massive rolling-equipment manufacturer s ambitious goal for 2015: generating CNY1.3 billion (EUR187 million) in industrial output. Based in China s Shaanxi Province, the company is a joint venture between China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC), a state-owned conglomerate, and Shaanxi Forging and Rolling Equipment Works (SFRE), a heavy-duty equipment manufacturer and developer with 50 years experience specialising in rolling equipment and strip-treatment equipment for steel works. The rolling equipment that the joint venture produces is purchased by steel manufacturers, who use it to shape steel into a uniform thickness, ahead of distribution to customers. Yang Xuejun is Director of MCC-SFRE s technology department and says the company has been forced to respond to a wide range of challenges in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis. We have to save and improve efficiency in every way possible. The consumption of cutting tools accounts for a large part of our costs. Jia Xiaofeng, manager at MCC-SFRE No 1 machining plant 1.3 billion MCC-SFRE Heavy Industry Equipment Co s ambitious goal for 2015 s industrial output. Even though market demand for steel has slumped, we have not cut production of rolling equipment, but rather increased it, because we have to cover operation costs and maintain the company s momentum, he says. Yang adds that steel producers are ordering new-generation rolling equipment from the company to improve quality, eliminate obsolete production capacity and save costs. But because buyers dominate the deals, the company is producing more and making less money. In 2008 therefore, MCC-SFRE invested 10 EDGE ( ) Tough times ahead for China s steel producers While there has been pressure from an economic slowdown, steel production in China has not decreased in line with market demand. According to official figures, Chinese steel output in 2014 reached a record high of million metric tonnes, up 0.9 per cent year-on-year, and accounting for 49.7 per cent of the world s total. Rolling-equipment makers will have to manage costs in order to survive the tough years ahead, amid an estimated 425 million tonnes of over-capacity. CNY100 million to upgrade 80 per cent of its machining lines. The company now has the capacity to manufacture 50,000 metric tonnes of high-end-only metallurgy and rolling equipment a year. We have to maintain and improve efficiency in every way possible, says Jia Xiaofeng, a manager at the MCC-SFRE No 1 machining plant. The consumption of cutting tools accounts for a large part of our costs. Seco Tools has been supplying cutting tools to MCC-SFRE since Today, half of all cutting tools used in MCC-SFRE s plants are Seco Tools products, thanks to EDGE ( ) 11 CASE MCC-SFRE, China the durability, proficiency and value-formoney advantages that they provide. We use more than 20 brands of cutting tools, but Seco Tools have unparalleled edges, especially their milling tools which are sharp, resilient and fast, says Yang. That s the major reason that we re buying more from them and less from others. Tang Jie, a sales engineer at Seco Tools Shaanxi operation, says that in addition to product competitiveness, MCC-SFRE chose Seco Tools for its on-site services and because of the long relationship between the two companies. This resulted in the biggest order to date, when in 2014 MCC-SFRE ordered tools worth millions of yuan, including 30,000 inserts and 100 cutters. Meanwhile, the Seco Tools team in Shaanxi province interviewed machining plant managers to learn about how every turning machine operated. They were then able to use the data to provide the managers with proposals regarding the numbers and types of cutting-tool machines needed for both routine and non-routine jobs. The proposal was accepted by MCC-SFRE, reducing expenditures on cutting tools by more than 30 per cent. MCC-SFRE is a typical Chinese stateowned company, says Tang. It makes changes cautiously and does not accept new ideas overnight. We need to be on hand to better understand their needs and to provide the necessary help and on-site training. A wide range of tools MCC-SFRE uses over 20 brands of tools in its cutting processes. Half of those tools are manufactured by Seco Tools, including: Octomill face milling cutters, Turbomill square shoulder milling cutters, Copymill cutters, turning tools and boring tools. 12 EDGE ( ) Q&A cutting EDGE Q&a Patrick de Vos, Corporate Technical Education Manager at Seco Tools Group, answers your questions about machining. What is STEP and why should I consider taking part? What are the different STEP modules? How should I use the new STEP textbooks? Ask Patrick Do you have questions? Send them to the address below: Answer: Right from its earliest days, Seco has had a strong focus on educating, training and informing customers about the most efficient and effective ways of using cutting tools. Over the past decade, the company has invested heavily in the creation of the Seco Technical Education Programme (STEP), an educational initiative aimed at the manufacturing industry, worldwide. STEP allows Seco to provide professionals in the global metalcutting industry with education and training programmes focused on using cutting tools in the most efficient and effective ways. Key focus areas have been what to do and why and how to do it, helping professionals working in the industry to ensure that the machining processes that they carry out are reliable, productive and cost effective. STEP has been developed to provide participants with overarching models and general knowledge related to the machining process. As such, undertaking STEP training can be a smart move prior to undergoing product and application training. The more general knowledge a professional possesses, the more he or she is capable of recognising and exploiting the built-in features and potential of the cutting tools used in a diverse range of applications. Answer: STEP takes in a wide range of training packages and modules spread across several different levels. STEP Core Curriculum is a series of education packages aimed at explaining the basics of the machining process and tooling. STEP Advanced Curriculum contains packages that elevate the knowledge of participants to the specialist level. STEP Collection is a series of packages related to specific practical machining models. NEXT STEP offers a practical link between metal cutting technology and production economics. STEP is available through different channels, including classroom presentations and workshops, e-learning packages, technical literature (articles, booklets and guides, posters) and now also text books. Answer: The STEP textbooks can be used by metal cutting professionals to study machining models, principles and methods about different aspects of the machining process. Metal Cutting, Theories and Models describes state-of-the-art machinability models for modern machining from a scientific perspective. The book provides an overview of all aspects that come into play in the machining process. It is the reference book for all the other books in the series published by Seco. Metal Cutting, Theories in Practice describes the same principles and models as presented in the previous book, but from a practical perspective. This book presents the machinability models in such a way that they become of practical usage in daily work. Tool Deterioration, Best Practices deals with a particular aspect of the machining process, namely tool deterioration. Tool deterioration is the balancing point in machinability models. Most problems in machining processes can be classified as tool deterioration related events. This book is a basic and indispensable tool in every machining expert s toolbox. EDGE ( ) 13 Case Fårbo Mekaniska Small town heroes Swedish industrial subcontracting company Fårbo Mekaniska has increased its turnover from four million Swedish crowns in 2005 to 50 million today, while its total number of employees has grown from four to 34. With that kind of momentum behind it, almost nothing seems impossible for this company from Fagersta in central Sweden. by Karin Strand Photos by Jonas Gauffin 14 EDGE ( ) Fårbo Mekaniska Fårbo Mekaniska was established in 1988 and taken over by Roger Berggren in The company s turn-over was 52 million Swedish crowns in 2014 when the number of employees was 34. The company is an industrial subcontractor that produces everything from the simplest parts through to advanced precision engineering, both in large production runs and on a one-off basis. Its customers include Atlas Copco Secoroc, Seco Tools, Sandvik, Outokumpu, Metso Minerals, Morgårdshammar, ABB and Ruukki. Brothers in arms. Ronnie Berggren, Production Manager at Fårbo Mekaniska, and his brother Roger, CEO and owner. EDGE ( ) 15 Case Fårbo Mekaniska Fårbo Mekaniska is located in an industrial precinct directly south of the Swedish town Fagersta. It sits on a plot of land almost immediately next door to Seco Tools, with whom the company has enjoyed a long history of cooperation. Fårbo Mekaniska produces items including spare parts for the rolling
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