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A New Dedicated 256-Bit Hash Function: FORK-256

A New Dedicated 256-Bit Hash Function: FORK-256
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       암     호     모     듈     구     현     적     합     성     시     험     도     구     개     발 A New Dedicated 256-bit Hash Function : FORK-256 DeukjoHong*, Jaechul Sung**, SeokhieHong *, SangjinLee*, DukjaeMoon*** *CIST, Korea University**University of Seoul***National Security Research Institute Talker : Jaechul Sung  2/25 Contents  Motivation of Design of FORK-256  FORK-256 Algorithm  Design Principle of FORK-256  Implementation of FORK-256  Conclusion  3/25 Motivation of FORK-256  Until now, several hash algorithms are analyzed.  What are their common weaknesses?  Our purpose is to design a new hash function which does not have any known weakness.  4/25 Outline of FORK-256 (1/2)  Message Block Size : 512 bits (16 words)  Output Size : 256 bits (8 words)  Use 4 Branches  8 steps in Each Branch  5/25 Outline of FORK-256 (2/2)
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