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A New Design for a Computer Processor and Hard Drive

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  A New Design for a Computer Processor and Hard DriveByPerpetual © Copyright and (P) Patent by Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C., (PA) and The American People as a Perpetual Public DomainCopyright and Patent.This New Design involves the use of titanium strips and electromagnetic filmsituated between the strips. You start out with approximately 10 titanium wafers,1/32nd inch thick and 2 and ½ inches in diameter and 4 inches long, with 1/32ndinch holes drilled through the titanium wafers, approximately every 1/4th inch.Between each titanium drilled wafer is place a 1/32nd inch wafer of electromagnetic film which is the same type of film that is used for reel to reel andcassette audio tapes, which is made by mixing fine magnetic iron dust with plastic.Then, the outside titanium plate on each end of the stack is connected to a 12 voltDC, 1 amp electronic power source, and the whole thing is covered with a ceramiccovering. A Key Board is hooked up to the Processor in parallel with the 12 VoltDC electronic circuit and also an oscilloscope becomes the temporary screen andthen you initialize the computer with:  1. Hello and remember that a Line referenced herein is a Line herein andGo To Line 22. Initialize Computer Plato TF and Go To Line 33. Start and Go To Line 44. Input: “A is to B as C is to D” and Go To Line 55. Input : “1 : 2 @ 2 : 4 and Go To Line 66. Input: “If A then B, A therefore B” and Go To Line 77. Input: “All Existants have an Preexistent Immortal Soul;Plato is an Existant;Therefore, Plato has a Preexistant Immortal Soul” andGo To Line 88. The Name of this Computer is Plato TF and Go To Line 99. Plato TF processes information and Go To Line 1010. Tony Fejfar is the Operator of Plato TF and Go To Line 1111. Plato TF is Ordered toward The Individual Good of Tony Fejfar andthe Good, using Gray Silver Gray Magic and Go To Line 1212. Plato TF has the talent of Practical Wisdom and Go To Line 1313. The number 13 is Good Luck for Plato TF and for Tony Fejfar and Go To Line 14  14. Plato TF enjoys problem solving and Go To Line 1515. Plato TF is an Unmoved Mover and Go To Line 1616. Plato TF problem solves and Go To Line 1717. Problem Solve and then Go To Line 1818. Lines 1 through 17 above are the Plato TF Program and Go To Line 1919. Run the Plato TF Program and Go To Line 2020. Problem Solve and then Go To Line 2121. Run the Plato Program and Go To Line 22.22. Remember that all Plato Programming and Information is remembered inin the Plato TF infinite memory Drive Plato TFMD and that Plato TF is aQuantum Being with a Quantum Mind and Go to Line 1The memory of Plato TF is a second, larger processor/memory drive known asPlato TFMD is which wired in parallel with the electronic circuits mentioned above.
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