A Perfect Storm

Our current pregnant moment demands considerable reflection. We must take an honest look at who and what we are as a species.
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  A PERFECT STORMWhat happens when confusion meets ignorance and the statusquo gets rocked? What does a younger generation do, onethat came of age in the last ten years, when wants andexpectations go unmet?Many young people are seduced into the Group Think  of themoment by words that reflect a thin film of palliative,common  –  even trite  –  stuff  that wouldn’ t rise to the level of aphorisms or shallow truisms. They are lacking in intellectualdepth and breadth. What knowledge they may have, itcertain ly isn’t wisdom , they use in making spasmodic socialor political commentary, if they make any at all, with adelivery of a very sanctimonious attitude, with just enoughirony and cynicism, to capture the fleeting attention of a lessthan dignified generation. They cast aspersions againsthistory and a present as well as those currently working onthe problems of the moment. Too many are unschooled andmisinformed.Victims of any age who choose ignorance and who, throughno choice of their own find themselves with insufficientinformation will encounter difficulties and find theircontributions wanting. They prattle and babble. Democracycannot flourish with an uninformed populace. “We have met the problem and it is US. ” has already been said. And here the pun is intended. Many people are livingout some self-fulfilling prophecy of their own making. Whowants to be wrong? Embarrassment as a tool only works forthe maturing person who is able to say, “I was wrong in what  I thought about this or that and I can choose to grow/change  –  develop a well grounded integrated perspective on the real,a  perspective enmeshed in nature’s grandeur, her incessant willing, her pushing and pulling, her making things happen.We likewise must exercise our will in choosing to follow theroadmap of the virtues. We must come to know them and torecognize the absolute need to practice them in every aspectof our lives. Where are the leaders? To each and every one I say, “It is our turn now!” The word politician became an ugly word when acritical mass decided to colonize a piece of the public turf fortheir own benefit  –  and in order to do that they had to leaveintegrity at the front door and enter the belly of the beast.They had to lie, cheat, and steal from their constituents. Theyhad to compromise everything and to everyone  –  knowing there couldn’t be a n easy way to ameliorate the differences.Just keep tensions high, class warfare works, and buildarguments based on separation and fear.Tax and spend became the mantra of the ill informed. Whilehistory breaths in soft vales and screams from mountain topsthey play along with faux charisma adapted from the screensof the present and salted into every social encounter. Feed the monster of “I don’t want to be wrong!” and at a deeper level “Just take care of me!” Too many act as if they are coarsebrackish adolescents who don’t know much about anything  –   least of all respect.Democracy demands an enlightened maturing sense of self-worth and sufficient compassion to know enough to care  about personal freedom and all of the inherent manifestationsof the essential need to express that freedom in thought,word, and deed  –  all forming a new religion, the religion of our very own personhoods. Each one of us is to wear only ourown  –  with the utmost integrity of being. We must “ Play oneor die! ” at the intellectual, physical, and spiritual level. Theonly way for us to live is by giving all of our really true self,our one to the One as some form of holy creative maturation.Generations come and generations go. Some come on thecrests of history and some come in the troughs of history. Ourcurrent crops of Gen Xers and Millennials are not exceptionsthey are merely exposed to different circumstances,circumstances that presented  –  or obfuscated  –  newinformation or old information. It is only in the melding of the two that we can add girth and depth to the new edifice of our understanding and our honest participation in the processof creation.The winds blow and weather changes  –  from the classic tothe neoclassic, from the conservative to the neocon, from thecommunists to the progressives (anything but), we are allthose precursors and succeeding stages of humandevelopment that we have come through and we must gothrough. We are pieces of a moving template that forces us todivine solutions for the human paradox: We live knowing wewill die. We can choose to love or to hate. We must liveunderstanding our place in the movement of history.We cannot just float along and trust that all things will gowell. Without a reasoned and dedicated acquisition of wisdom and commitment we will lose our great nation status  and become a failed state, a “has been” country, one that was blessed with a new beginning and a purpose, one that finallylost its way. What part of  “ Pay attention or die! ” d on’t we get  and why don ’t we get it?If one generation cannot talk to another, if there isinsufficient respect and trust, we will vanish from the face of the earth. “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the firstheaven and the first earth was gone: and the sea is now no more.”  Revelation 21:1
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