A Petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights Us 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955-1111

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  A PETITION FOR RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS U/S 9 OF THEHINDU MARRIAGE ACT 1955IN THE COURT OF THE JUDGE, FAMILY COURT, PUNEAT PUNE Marriage Petition No. __./ 200_ Shri  _________  YES  _____ )age 30 years, occupation - service,) Petitioner resient o! #as$a Peth,)P%NE &'' (''.)ersusS*t.  __________   N(+  _________  )age 2 years, occupation - eucation,) esponentresient o! /o Shri +,)ouse No. 10 Nashi, 4istrict Nashi.  PE+5+5(N 6( ES+5+%+5(N (6 (N7%89 58+S %/S (6 +E 5N4% M58E + ' +he petitioner a$ovena*e su$*its this petition, praying to state as !o::o;s<'.   +hat the petitioner is the hus$an o! the responent, their *arriage having  $een so:e*nise at Pune on____accoring to the inu re:igion, vaiic rites an cere*onies.2. +hat the responent, prior to the *arriage, ;as no;n $y her *aien na*e as =Nee) Sho$ha, ;hi:e there is no change resu:te inthe na*e o! the petitioner.3. +hat a!ter their *arriage, the parties hereto coha$ite an resietogether on:y !or a$out t;o *onths, an hence, the >uestion o! anychi: $y the responent out o! the sai ;e:oc oes not arise.&. +hat even though the resience o! the ?oint !a*i:y o! the petitioner has present:y $een at the ;ithin *entione aress, the petitioner has a:so a separate resientia: !:at in the 4eccan 8y*hana area ;here the  parties have :i$erty, privi:ege an privacy to go an stay there..   +hat i**eiate:y a!ter the *arriage, on  _________  March 200  _____  , the petitioner an the responent a:ong ;ith the $rother an sister-in-:a; o! the !or*er ;ent to Nashi !or attening a re:igious cere*ony on account o! the so:e*ni@ation o! the *arriage o! the parties hereto an a!ter the cere*ony ;as he: on  ______________________________________  March 200_, the petitionerAs   $rother an sister-in-:a; returne to Pune, an the petitioner a:one staye on !urther there !or a !ortnight.. +hat uring this stay, ;hen the petitioner in>uire ;ith the responent a$out their return to Pune, she straighta;ay re!use to acco*pany hi* $ac to Pune, saying that she ha her !ina:-year B. o* ECa*ination in pri: 200_, !or ;hich she ;ante to prepare $y staying at her parentsA on:y, an the responent pro*ise the petitioner that she ;ou: in the *eanti*e visit the petitioner are Pune, on 3'st March 200_, $ut espite such a pro*ise on her part the responent neither ca*e to Pune, nor in!or*eher ina$i:ity, iD any, on that account.1. +hat since the responent i not co*e to Pune or in!or* anything in that respect, the petitioner hi*se:! ;ent to Nashi an $rought the responent  $ac.. +hat the petitioner respect!u::y su$*its that uring his stay ;ith the responent an. her parents at Nashi, he ;as surprise a$out the ini!!erent  $ehaviour on the part o! his in-:a;s, an $y his persona: eCperience ;ith the* !or a$out t;e:ve ays, he a:so ca*e to a tacit conc:usion that they are the  persons having t;o sies < one, ;hich is ostensi$:y open in pu$:ic an the other u:terior an intrinsic, ;hich ;as rather reconite an not revea:e, at :east, to this petitioner, he $eing an innocent an poor creature. . +hat even though the petitioner rea:ise that the responent $eing uner the heavy in!:uence o! her parents has not $een *uch intereste in a happy o*esticity an *ay !:out the sacrosanct ties o! the *arriage, the  petitioner a:;ays hope that perhaps there *ay $e a ne; ay $ringing so*e :ight in the :i!e o! this petitioner an the responent, !or the petitioner is such a*an ;ho evout:y an !ervent:y $e:ieves that every ay is a ne; :i!e to a ;ise*an as ;e:: as a ;o*an.'0. +hat then $y the en o! May 200, the responent ca*e to Pune an coha$ite ;ith the petitioner on:y !or a ;hi:e.''. +hat on 'st 7une 200  ______  , the responent to: this petitioner an his  parents that her *other ;as sic, an she ;ante to see her at Nashi, an accoring:y, as per the ;ish o! the responent, this petitioner acco*panie her to Nashi.'2. +hat, ho;ever, on reaching Nashi an !ining there that there ;as nothing ;rong ;ith her *other, ;ho ;as >uite ;e::, it ;as a great shoc to this  petitioner, an he ;as $roen into pieces !or the tota: ini!!erent an *is$ehaviour on the part o! his in-:a;s an the responent.'3. +hat ;hi:e this petitioner ;as in such a hypercritica: an e:icate  conition at Nashi, his in-:a;s *anage $y threat an coercion to ;rite o;nthe contents o! an unertaing an sign the sa*e to the e!!ect that the  petitioner ;ou: give up rining, non-vegetarian !oo, $eating the responent up, etc. '&. +hat the parents o! the responent an other in-:a;s o! the petitioner create eCcruciating *enta: crue:ty, tortures an severe tensions !or this  petitioner su$se>uent:y $y !i:ing a !a:se cri*ina: co*p:aint uner section & - o! the 5nian Pena: oe ;ith the po:ice as ;e:: as the court o! :a;.'. +hat, thus, the responent on:y at the instigation o! her parents an other re:ations :e!t the society o! this petitioner ;ithout any su!!icient, ?usti!ia$:e or reasona$:e cause or groun eprive this petitioner o! his con?uga: rights against her, an !or no reason eserte hi* an su$?ecte to su!!er unhappiness an *isery in :i!e !or no !au:t o! his.'. +hat the petitioner su$*its that he ;as right !ro* the $eginning an has ever since $een sincere, reay an ;i::ing to coha$it ;ith the responent, an the responent $eing his :ega::y ;ee ;i!e has no right or reason or groun to :eave hi* a:one. '1. +hat the *arriage ;as so:e*nise at Pune, an the parties hereto a:so :ast resie together ;ithin the :oca: :i*its o! the ?urisiction o! this court, an hence this onA$:e ourt has ?urisiction to try an ecie this petition.'. +hat the cause o! action !or this petition !irst arose on 'st 7une 200 _, ;hen the responent vo:untari:y eserte this petitioner an :e!t his society ;ith a vie; to $rea3ing a;ay the *atri*onia: tries, an hence, this petition !i:e toay is ;e:: ;ithin :i*itation.' . +hat the petitioner a:so ec:ares an con!ir*s that this petition  presente $y hi* is not co::usive.20. +hat this petition $eing chargea$:e ;ith a !iCe rate o! court !ee, the sa*e is pai here;ith.2'. +hat the petitioner, there!ore, prays that -=a)  ecree !or the restitution o! con?uga: rights $e passe against the responent, an she $e irecte to resu*e coha$itation ;ith this  petitioner, an=$) ny other orers in the interest o! ?ustice $e 3in:y passe.Pune,S/- YES4ate < __..PE+5+5(NE   S/- CFC c 4(+E 6( PE+5+5(NE   VERIFICATION 5, Shri YES, the present petitioner, o here$y state on so:e*n a!!ir*ation thatthe contents o! this petition in paras ' to 2' are true an correct to the $est o! *y 3no;:ege an $e:ie!, an so 5 have signe hereuner.S/- YES PE+5+5(NE  Su$?ect to the per*ission o! the ourt, as the parties sha:: not $e a::o;e to $e represente $y :ega:  practitioners, vie the 6a*i:y ourt ct ' &.  Note < (ne *ore ra!t is provie !or the convenience o! the reaers.
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