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In this research proposal, the methodology for design an e-sports club is presented. The introduced e-sports club is a solution to fill the space between traditional sports and e-sports. The e- sports club goes beyond virtual games with solving some
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  1 A RESEARCH PROPOSAL FOR DESIGN AN E-SPORTS CLUB INCLUDING TRADITIONAL SPORTS AS E-SPORTS W.D.M.G.M. DISSANAYAKE   2 CONTENS PAGE  INTRODUCTION …………………….. 3 LITERATURE REVIEW ……………………… 5 PROPOSED METHODOLOGY ……………………… 7 REFERENCES ……………………… 8  3 1.   INTRODUCTION All most all sports help to develop human values. There is no matter what is the sport. Its help to improve happiness, mind relaxing and also a confluence of different societies. Disciplines of a society are made by sports. Sport is providing better physical and psychological health. According to psychologists we all are sporty mankind in innermost mind. The history of sports goes thousands of years back. Sport was a very important attribute of their civilization. However, most of people left sports with development of civilization and industrialization. But,  people are attended to sports back by the development of computer science. In development of computer science e-sports have come instead of traditional sports. In modern sports, there are no  physical activities. There is no physical play ground too. There are no reliable data about exactly how many people are playing e-sports; computer games. But, we can say hundreds of millions  people are playing computer games. All most all e-sports are very competitive. The history of e-sports goes to early of 90s. In early of 90s e-sports were born and became more and more popular during last decades. The competitive of e-sports also became more and more day by day. In present the popularity of e-sports has grown up to international e-sports tournaments such as Electronics Sports World Cup (ESWC), World Cyber Games (WCG), the League of Legends (LoL) championship, The International. There are also e-sports clubs in world. The best example is CNB e-Sports Club. CNB e-Sports Club is a large e-sports organization, started in 2001. It is located in Brazil, South America. First, they made a team for Counter-Strike events. Now they have many teams in multiple different titles.   On the other hand we have a question, e-sports have fulfilled the space of traditional sports? The answer is “not yet”. Some of very popular e-sports are very dangerous. Its generate animus instead of a peaceful mind. This case can generate a provoking society. Every e-game designer has a responsible to put right this error and make a righteous world. This research work is a try to make a tolerant society using well organized e-sports club. The difference between the introducing e-sports club and other e-sports clubs is, the introducing e-sports club is designing to  play traditional sports such as chess, golf, tennis and soccer in online. There is a one e-ground for many worldwide players. The ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network)  president John Skipper said “e-sports are not a sport. They are a competition”. But, now we are going to change e-sports as a sport through this research project.   We want to play a game in every evening or at least, few days of a week. But, all of us have not much time to go to a ground. If we can with some difficulties, but, our friends or others can’t join with us. Then, the aim of this research is to design an e-sports club as traditional sports club to fulfill the space of traditional sports and also to improve the relationship with our friends or others. There is no problem where they live. They can play a game together through the introducing e-sports club. The e-sports club has e-chess game, e-billiard game, e-cards game and following games. 1.   E-tennis game 2.   E-golf game  4 3.   E- soccer game 4.   E- base ball game 5.   E-basket ball game There are 8 e-games with above 5 games in the club as a beginning. We can add other games such as cricket, table tennis, car races, etc… in later. If someone wants to play one of these e-games, first, he or she must be a member of the club. Then he or she has to look for another player/s that is in online. After that they can make a team and can play a game online. The more details that how can play a game are included in the methodology section. PROBLEM It is true that e-sports became more and more popular during last decades. But present e-sports not fulfill following needs of people yet. 1   There is no feel as live. 2   The feeling of loneliness is not decreased more by present e-sports. 3   There is an artificial feeling because of the low speed in vying. 4   E-sports do not support to increase inter-personal collaboration as traditional sports yet. 5   Do not support to develop inner continence of human .  Now this is the time to go beyond virtual games with solving above problems. People need a live experience as a traditional sport. They need to see live sportsmen through the e-play ground. The aim of this research proposal is designing e-sports club to fulfill the space of traditional sport. OBJECTIVE To do a thorough study of e-sports in order to design an e-sports club which can be solve above  problems.  5 2.   LITERATURE REVIEW This section discusses about e-sports further more. According to Korean e-Sports Association (KeSPA), e-Sport is a leisure activity within cyberspace in which participants matched their electronic game skills against each other for win or loss. Rambusch, J., Jakobsson, P., & Pargman, D. (2007), Exploring E-sports: A Case Study of Gameplay in Counter-Strike, In Proceedings of DiGRA 2007, September 24–28. Tokyo, Japan: DiGRA, 157-164. A case study of Counter Strike is discussed. They say Counter Strike as an e-sport competitive game play which borrows forms from traditional sports. As a summary, they say that competitive game play which borrows forms from traditional sports. Hutchins, B. (2008), Signs of Meta-Change in Second Modernity: The Growth of e-Sport and the World Cyber Games, New Media & Society, 10(6), 851–869. The transformation of the relationship between computer gaming, media and sport in the global age of second modernity is analyzed through a critical case study of the World Cyber Games (WCG). He says; an interesting analytical perspective is “The pliability of the term ‘sport’ appears to negate the need for a new term such as e-sport. To think in these terms misreads the subject matter and ignores the distinctive and defining feature of the WCG and competitive gaming, which is something no sport shares: the material interpenetration of media content, sport and networked computing”. Karhulahti, V. M (2017), Reconsidering E-sports: Economics and Executive Ownership, Physical Culture and Sport: Studies and Research, Vol. LXXIV, 43-53. In this, it is shown that how the concept of “electronic” has been taken as the core term for labeling e-sport, often accompanied by a strong emphasis on “professionalism”. The author concludes with a reframed look at the history of e-sports and suggests commercial analog gaming (Especially Magic: The Gathering) as its point of srcin. Lokhman, N., Karashchuk, O., Kornilova, O. (2018), Analysis of E-Sports as a Commercial Activity, Problems and Perspectives in Management, Vol.16, Issue 1, 207-213. In this, the authors deal with e-sports as a perspective kind of commercial activity. They show that the largest number of income sources in e-sports is at the stage of cyber-tournaments, which can be explained by a large consumer audience at this stage. Kane, D., Spradley, B. D. (2017), Recognizing E-sports as a sport,, 1-9. According to the authors, e-sports should be considered as a sport. They say that after analyzing the definition of sports .With the advance of technology, competitive video game players are starting to demonstrate the same athletic properties as traditional sports athlete. People are
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