A Ritual Bath at Seau d'eau

A Ritual Bath at Seau d'eau
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   A Ritual bath at Seau d’eau by Pierre GillesHaiti my beautiful country has so many rituals like Africa our mother land, those rituals has their srcin from voodoo approximately 75% Haitian practice voodoo or more, those rituals are very important foran Haitian!very year from "uly #$ to "uly # Haitians and some others nations came from every&here to take their bath in saut d'eau, (aut)d*!au+reole- (odo. is a commune in the /irebalais Arrondissement, in the entre 0epartment of Haiti in the the #1th century, it is believed that the 2irgin /ary of /ount armel +or theclosely associated 2odou 3&a, !r4ulie 0antor. appeared on a palm tree there, since people said &hen they get their bath in seau d'eau they are freefrom any problems according to them they are cleaning their soul, he &ater is also sacred to the l&a 0amballah and Ayida 6edo, the book he (erpent and the ainbo& is named for their appearance at this site 6hen they come to take the bath they bring all kind present for the 8l&a9also candle to do their demand, plants, oil, :lorida &ater, perfume, etc in the  videos belo& you can see a fe& &&&youtubecom;&atch<v=H>s?uP0k6o&&&youtubecom;&atch<v=@/y"Hi"noBituals usually appear like something cra4y but for the person &ho practice  it, it's a so crucial that*s &hy a lot Haitians still believe in this ritual but if  you ask me if C do believe C &ould say no because C never tried it before, andC think in those rituals if you do receive something you ask that*s may be theattraction la&
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