A Road from Binary to Complex Thinking

Ventesol 2015 plenary presentation
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  A Road from Binary to Complex Thinking Lic. Marina Gonzalez- Venteol !"#$  Our Path Today We will:Defne: binary thinking in our personal lives and in the classroomcomplexity perspectives in the same areasthrough a discussion o both perspectives rom a pedagogical perspective  %hat do &e mean 'y 'inary thinking(  Characteritic and example • )t i a game of complementation. • *hade+ if exitent+ ha,e little importance. • *trictly linear • Clear ct langage expreed in pair a  – GoodBad+  – Beatifl- /gly  – )ntelligent-*tpid • 0r phrae like1  – )2,e already explained thi topic.  – *tdent don2t learn  –    3lacing the concept in context Reaon a 4myth2 common 'elief that serve a purpose They are not right or wrong but useul !isk: when they ree"e our thinking#Direct $ausality%&ole responsibility 'Donald (reeman) *+T,(- %.#/0
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