A Roadmap for Branding in Industrial Markets

A ROADMAP FOR BRANDING IN INDUSTRIAL MARKETS Written by: FREDERICK E.WEBSTER,Jr KEVIN LANE KELLER Henry Steward publications 1409-1803 brand management vol. 11, NO.5, 388-402 may 2004 Presented by: ENKHJIN.B 100183049 Nguyen Thi Le Huyen 100183050 CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. The contexts from the lessons were applied in this research journal. 3. The research objectives. 4. Evidences supporting the research questions. 5. The findings. 6. Conclusion. 7. The further research innovations. 1
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  Written by:FREDERICK E.WEBSTER,JrKEVIN LANE KELLERPresented by:ENKHJIN.B100183049Nguyen Thi Le Huyen100183050 Henry Stewardpublications 1409-1803brand management vol.11, NO.5, 388-402 may2004 A ROADMAP FOR BRANDING ININDUSTRIAL MARKETS   CONTENT 1.Introduction2.The contexts from the lessons were applied in thisresearch journal.3.The research objectives.4.Evidences supporting the research questions.5.The findings.6.Conclusion.7.The further research innovations.  1.INTRODUCTION Most of discussions of branding are put on consumermarketing. In fact that consumer brands dominate themass media to which people are showed on a daily basis.However, it is wrong to suppose that branding is not asimportant and valuable to industrial marketers as it is toconsumer marketers. Through this journal “A roadmapfor branding in industrial markets”, the authors:Frederick and Kevin already have illustrated this.  2.THE CONTEXTS FROM THE LESSONS WEREAPPLIED IN THIS RESEARCH JOURNAL. The lessons from  Chapter 7: “Analyzing business markets” : what isorganizational buying and participants in the buyingprocess; types of buying situation.  Chapter 8: “Identifying market segments and targets” :the steps in segmentation process.  Chapter 9: “Creating brand equity” : the role of brand.
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