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English Project- Introduction Team Members: Michael Kanchuker and Alon Krause. Topic: The Political conflict between the USA and the USSR in the cold war We chose this subject because it was very interesting for both of us. We still live in a world scared by the Cold war which lasted about a half of a century. In the west there is great fear of communism, and in the east there is fear of the west and its culture in some parts. We still see as the World is separated to two main blocks the west an
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  English Project- Introduction Team Members: Michael Kanchuker and Alon Krause. Topic: The Political conflict between the USA and the USSR in the cold war We chose this subject because it was er! interesting or both o us. We still lie in a world scared  b! the #old war which lasted about a hal o a centur!. In the west there is great ear o communism$ and in the east there is ear o the west and its culture in some %arts. We still see as the World is se%arated to two main blocks the west and the e&-communist countries. We wanted to see what were the other im%acts o the war$ which changed our world or hal a centur!$ not just  %olitical e ects but also other ones which we will be inestigating in our work.  Main Question:the impact of the cold war on the economy of the USA In this research 'uestion we want to ind out how did the cold war in luenced the econom! o the ()$ We will ind out how did the need to inest mone! and other resources has changed the economic state o the ().We will inestigate this to%ic b!:*+ ,inding online essa!s and resources regarding this to%ic.+ (sing books that discuss the to%ic.+ Anal!/ing documents that describe economic eents in the ().We chose this to%ic because it is something we are both interested in. and we want to ind out about the major eents that had sha%ed our histor!. Sub Question 1: The impact of the cold war on technological and scientific progress 0! this I1Michael+ am tr!ing to ind out the e ect on the cold war on technological adancement$ its aailabilit! to the market and to which market-the ciilian or the militar! ones$ in both countries-in the ()A and in the ())2.I will be inestigating this to%ic b! inding in ormation about it in two methods:*+An interiew with m! grandmother and other %eo%le which were born in the ())2 about technolog! in their da!-to-da! li e.+Articles about scienti ic %rogression in both countries.I 1Michael+ chose this to%ic because o m! great interest o the cold war and its in luences on li e$ es%eciall! science. This caused the s%ace race$ arms race and man! other races between the two countries$ re%resented b! 3AT4 and the west rom one side and the Warsaw %act countries and the communists rom the other. Sub Question !: The change the cold war has caused in Si #i #iction written in the US In this to%ic$ I 1Alon+ will tr! to see how the cold war had in luenced the science iction writers wholied in America$ and how does the themes o those stories were in luenced b! it. I will inestigate this to%ic b!:*+Anal!/ing science iction stories rom the %eriod$ and noting the in luace the cold war has had on their writing +(sing researches and essa!s that deal with this to%ic.I 1Alon+ chose this to%ic because I am a big an o )i-,i stories$ and I want to learn more about the real- li e circumstances that had in luence on them.  $ow do we di%ide the wor&: 0oth o us are going to inestigate the main to%ic. Alon is going to ocus more on the anal!sis whileMichael is going the ocus in the historical acts 0oth o us had chosen a sub-'uestion to ocus on. While we will hel% one another$ we will ocus on our on sub-'uestion. Michael is going to answer the irst )ub-5uestion$ and Alon is going to answer the second  Main Question: The impact of the cold war on the economy of the USA 0etween *678-*66* The cold war e ected the () economics signi icantl!- 3ational 9e ense 1Militar!$ ,0I- counter es%ionage$ #IA- es%ionage$ 3)A$ etc.+ budgets were signi icantl! increased   ; o the <9P 1The market alue o all o iciall! recogni/ed inal goods and serices %roduced within a countr! in a !ear + in *66 to *=; in *6>?. As a result o this budgets like )ocial securit! were decreased. 0ut there was a reason or that man! liberals argue that when le t to their own deices %eo%les rom around the world will orm interconnections based mainl! on trade and this will lead to %eace- the econom! turned into a ca%italist one$ so side e ects like that ha%%en. Also the liberals %oint to the much more e icient ca%italist econom! which was able to generate the ast amounts o mone! needed or the inestment in wea%onr! and technolog!.In the wake o the #old War$ Americans elt it was their %atriotic dut! to bu! consumer goods to hel% the econom! grow. In turn$ the (.). became the world@s dominant economic su%er %ower. This #onsumer culture demonstrated the su%eriorit! o the American wa! o li e to communism and irtuall! rede ined the nation@s historic mission to e&tend reedom to other countriesB 1,oner ?C?+. The (nited )tates used its economic might as a wea%on against the )oiets in the #old War$ which  %aid o - the ())2 tried to match its e&%enses to the Americans on national de ense budgetD but the!were so massie that the caused the corru%tion o ())2 economics and the colla%se o the ())2 and the eastern bloc.)ince the su%er%owers carried much o the con rontational burden$ both 2ussia and the (nited )tates ended u% with substantial economic liabilities. )o until now can be noticed in the () economics as the Economic %roblems toda! in the ()A. The (nited )tates essentiall! out-%roducedits enemies. It basicall! su%%orted its allies in a recoer!$ deelo%ment and growth %rocess that out-consumed the ())2 and #hina. To win the #old War$ the (nited )tates became a low-saings 1the goernment saed almost no mone! or the ne&t iscal !ear+$ high-consum%tion econom!. This causes toda! an unstable budget and the ragilit! o American household inances. The majorit! o those households hae gone rom inancial strength to weakness. ast !ear well oer 8=; o (.). households could not maintain their liing standard without going dee%er into debt. These same households do not hae enough read! cash to carr! them through the loss o just two %a! oF=*=F=CF*8Fthe-us-ictor!-in-the-cold-war-economic-strength- oreign-%olic! oF=*=F=CF*8Fthe-us-ictor!-in-the-cold-war-economic-strength- oreign-%olic!-trium%h-or-bothFhtt%:FFwww.theglobalist.comFcold-war-roots-o -u-s-economic-%roblemsF  Sub Question ' what is the change the (old )ar has caused in Sci #i fiction* In his article The #old War in )cience ,ictionB *  Andrew i%tak e&%lains that the #old War caused the birth o new ideas in the )cience ,iction literature. ,or e&am%le$ The Peo%le o the () elt %aranoia and ear rom communism- which translated into igures o aliens and monsters who in iltrated into the American societ! and wanted to destro! it.The website ,ilm)iteB   demonstrates some o the changes that the #old War made in )ci-,i ilms:-The alien inasion ilms$ such as war o the worlds b! G.<.Wells$ showed the ear o the Americansociet! rom an inasion o the ())2.-The Monster ,ilmsB$ such as <od/ila$ were an e&%ression o the ear rom the e ects o nuclear wea%ons$ and radiation. This ear was also shown in other genres such as /ombie ilms and ilms that deal with wars. M.Keith 0ookerDs book    also anal!/es this sort o ilms and the e ect arious social %rocesses had on them. In his book American #old War #ultureB 7  9ouglas ,ield discusses man! subjects relating the #old War. Ge )%eci icit! e&amines the works o the 0ritish author <eorge 4rwell$ who wrote the amous book *6?7B1 written in *676+ in which he describes a disto%ian societ! that makes the li e o humans miserable.,ield shows that the stor! is heail! in luenced b! the #old War and the wa! the ())2 treated its citi/ens.As those articles show$ the #old War had a great e ect on the minds o writers$ and sha%ed the )cience iction genreDs orm as we know it toda!. It created ears and ho%es$ as well as e&%osed man! ideas such as the threat o nuclear wea%ons$ all o those hel%ed to create new kinds o stories.The #old War hel%ed to create all o the ollowing in )ci-,i:- )tories about s%ace- the com%etition between the () and the ())2 on this ront ins%ired man! anthers.-World War  and Post A%ocal!%tic )tories- the ear rom an all-out war between the () and the ())2 led writers to write about the %ossible conse'uences o such a war.-Alien )tories- the ear rom the oreign communists led man! American writers to write stories in which the heroes dealt with creatures who were di erent and intimidating.-Anti-#ommunist )tories- in man! western )cience ,iction )tories$ as well as man! other t!%es o media$ the communism was described as a menace$ that came directl! rom the tension in the western societ! that deelo%ed as a result o the #old War.-Monster )tories- the ear rom the use o nuclear wea%ons started in the end o the second world war$ a ter Ha%an was bombed b! the (). 0ut the ,ear rom them got am%li ied because the Americans elt that the ())2 might use it against them. The ear rom nuclear wea%ons had man! e&%ressions$ the most known is the Monster stories and ilms$ in which someone uses a nuclear we%on and as a result o the radiation a monster is created and destro!ed all that is in its wa!. * A.i%tak htt%:FFio6.comF87=*?C7Fthe-cold-war-in-science- iction  htt%:FFwww. ilmsite.orgFsci- i ilms.html 7 9.,ield ==8
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