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M O M U S S P E A K S A s ce ndo tuum REFLECTIONS ON INTERNAL TREACHERY The Traitors Within The Nest of Vipers What we must understand when looking at the developments of the past week is that America is no longer a nation where left is left and right is right. Nomenclatures which once seemed clear have now been overturned until up is down and down is up. We can no longer simply trust someone because he or she claims to be of the right; we must instead seek to glean from their acti
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  REFLECTIONS ON INTERNAL TREACHERY MOMUS SPEAKS  Ascendo tuum  The Traitors Within The Nest of Vipers What we must understand when looking at the developments of the past week is thatAmerica is no longer a nation where left is left and right is right. Nomenclatures whichonce seemed clear have now been overturned until up is down and down is up. We canno longer simply trust someone because he or she claims to be of the right; we must in-stead seek to glean from their actions whether or not they are a committed advocate of individual liberty and an opponent of government power.The great success of the leftist has been to appropriate nomenclatures which are at oncereassuring and misleading. We have our neoconservatives, who are neither new norconservative, but rather are the same liberal leftists who believe in the ultimate efficacyof government action to erect social utopias and democracies the world over. Whereasthe traditional leftist believes in a soft coercion of government legislation, the neocon-servatives believe in hard coercion by military power to achieve their goals. Either way,the two camps believe as all leftist do that increased government action and power arethe answer to whatever ails society.They must be deracinated from our society and exposed for what they are: advocates of  big government who will trample individual liberty with nary a moment of hesitationas they stampede towards their grand solution. This can be achieved through either the ballot or the bullet. It is an absurdity in our society that this government expects to re-serve for itself the protection of democratic legitimacy even as it tramples the very prin-ciples of limited democracy our republic was founded upon.In America, the rights of individuals trump the majority sentiment. This is the advan-tage of existing in a republic as opposed to a democracy. As we have seen with the waron terrorism, and global warming, and offshore drilling, majoritarian sentiment can bemanipulated and coerced through fearmongering and alarmism. We do not allow oursacred liberties to be so easily negotiated away as to subject them to a majority vote Momus Speaks  Internal Treachery1  where 51% can deny 49% the right to speak a certain way or be secure in their homesagainst unreasonable searches and seizures.It is a lamentable fact that many Americans desire democracy, even in spite of the evi-dence that democracies are often corruptible and easily evolve into tyrannies. In theUnited States we have a republic, and that republic with its guarantees is superior todemocracy in every way imaginable. It limits the reach and authority of the federalgovernment to those areas which the Constitution specifically enumerates as appropri-ate for federal oversight and authority. Not surprisingly, the greatest movement for as-saulting and overturning the republican ideals our nation was founded upon emanatesfrom the very nest of vipers in Congress who seek daily to loosen the chains of the Con-stitution which bind them and limit their ability to sally forth and “fix” this problem orthat problem. It is time to renew the chains which bind our federal government, forthey have become corroded and inadequate to the task of holding servants in theirplace. Today, we have a government of servants who conduct themselves as masters.This is inappropriate and unconstitutional. It is abusive, and it runs counter to thetraditions of the republic. Enemy Belligerents Over the past week, we saw acts of treachery against the Constitution and individualliberties emerge as a collusion between those who are obviously of the Left, such as JoeLieberman, and those who have previously been considered on the right such as JohnMcCain and Lindsey Graham. We must learn to judge individuals not by their profes-sions, but by their actions. Any act which suggests increased government action is thepanacea for society’s ills must be viewed with suspicion no matter what the purportedgoal of its advocates happens to be. Any individual who justifies increased governmentauthority, oversight, and power as a justifiable means to an end must be classified as aLeftist and therefore targeted for removal from office. They must be thoroughly de-stroyed from a political standpoint to ensure that their future influence is limited to thefringe. Momus Speaks  Internal Treachery2   John McCain and Joe Lieberman have conspired together to introduce an odious pieceof legislation entitled “The Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecu-tion Act of 2010,” which would effectively criminalize dissent against the government of the United States and provide a legal framework for the government to quash any op-position to its policies under the guise of national security. For their temerity in bother-ing to introduce such a vile bill, which so obviously conflicts with the Constitution, Lie- berman and McCain must be seen and classified as traitors to the Constitution and asenemies of individual liberty. We cannot refer to these two in terms invidious enoughto represent the true extent of their deep seated opposition to individual liberty. John McCain should have been viewed with deep suspicion long ago, as he introducedMcCain-Feingold, a piece of legislation which sought to effectively limit free speech bylimiting certain types of monetary contributions known as soft money. Despite the os-tensible goal of law being the limiting of corporate influence in elections, the reality wasthe in subsequent election cycles, corporate money was more present than ever beforedue to the proliferation of 527 organizations. Moreover, the issues ads banned byMcCain-Feingold did not merely come from what many of us would consider to be big business interest groups, but rather issues groups like Right to Life and the Environ-mental Defense Fund. What were these groups other than organizations of concernedindividuals contending for one issue or another by pooling their resources? Neverthe-less, McCain and those who supported this bill showed themselves to be enemies of freespeech and individual political association.The end does not justify the means. Leftists are incapable of understanding this basicreality, nor can they understand that their end cannot be achieved through governmentaction. At every juncture in our nation’s history, radical government intervention hasfailed to achieve its initially stated goals. The emphasis on rehabilitating criminals un-der the Johnson Administration led to an increase in violent crime as opposed to its ex-pected result of less crime. The War on Poverty? It failed to reduce poverty. The Waron Drugs? Again, failure. The two New Deals? At the beginning of World War II, wehad 15% unemployment. At the end of the war, what was the unemployment rate?15%. In short, there is no empirical evidence whatsoever that increased government in- Momus Speaks  Internal Treachery3

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Sep 17, 2017


Sep 17, 2017
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