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   This is a featured article. Click here for more information.Carnivle � From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchFor other uses, see Carnival (disambiguation).Carnivle � Carnivale title.pg!enre ark fantasy rama#ysteryCreated by aniel $nauf%tarring#ichael J. &nderson&drienne 'arbeauatrick 'auchauClancy 'ron ebra ChristoffersonTim e$ayClea u*allCynthia +ttingerJohn FleckCarla !alloToby uss&my #adigan iane %alinger-ick %tahl$aryne %teben%arah %teben'rian Turkalph WaiteTheme music composerWendy #elvoin/isa ColemanComposer(s)Jeff 'ealCountry of srcin0nited %tates1riginal language(s)+nglish-o. of seasons2-o. of episodes23 (list of episodes)roduction+4ecutive producer(s)oard $lein aniel $naufonald . #ooreroduction location(s)CaliforniaCamera setup%ingle5cameraunning time3678 minutes � roduction company(s)9 &rts +ntertainmentelease1riginal netork'11riginal release%eptember :, 2889 #arch 2:, 2886 � Carnivle ;k<<rn<=vl;>?@ is an &merican television series set in the 0nited %tates � � during the !reat epression and ust 'ol. An tracing the lives of to disparate groups of people, its story depicts the battle beteen good and evil and the struggle beteen free ill and destinyB the storyline mi4es Christian theology ithgnosticism and #asonic lore, particularly that of the $nights Templar. At as filmed in %anta Clarita, California, and other %outhern California locations.Carnivle as produced by '1 and ran for to seasons beteen %eptember ?3, 2889 � and #arch 2:, 2886. At as created by aniel $nauf, ho also served as e4ecutive producer ith onald . #oore and oard $lein. Jeff 'eal composed the incidental music. -ick %tahl and Clancy 'ron starred as 'en akins and 'rother Justin Croe,  respectively.+arly revies praised the style of Carnivle but uestioned the approach and � e4ecution of the story. Ats first episode set a ne audience record for an '1 srcinal series,>2@ but as unable to retain its ratings in its second season. At as canceled after 23 episodes, cutting its intended si45season run short by four seasons. At on five +mmys out of fifteen nominations in 2883, and received numerous other nominations and aards beteen 2883 and 2887.>9@Contents?+pisodes2roduction2.?Conception2.2Format2.9istorical production design2.3Filming locations2.61pening title seuence2.7#usic9Cast9.?Casting3#ythology6Cancellation and future7#arketing and merchandise7.?re5broadcast marketing7.2!ames7.9 * s:eception:.?atings:.2Critical revies:.9Fandom:.3&ards:.6Anternational reception and broadcastersD/asuitEeferences?8+4ternal links+pisodes#ain article /ist of Carnivle episodes � %eason+pisodes1riginally aired&verage vieership(in millions)First aired/ast aired??2%eptember ?3, 2889-ovember 98, 28899.63>3@2?2January E, 2886#arch 2:, 2886?.:8>6@The to seasons of Carnivle take place in the epression5era ust 'ol beteen � ?E93 and ?E96, and consist of to main plotlines that sloly converge. The first involves a young man ith strange healing poers named 'en akins (-ick %tahl), ho oins a traveling carnival hen it passes near his home in #ilfay, 1klahoma. %oon thereafter, 'en begins having surrealistic dreams and visions, hich set him on the trail of a man named enry %cudder, a drifter ho crossed paths ith the carnival many years before, and ho apparently possessed unusual abilities similar to 'en=s on.The second plotline revolves around a Father Coughlin5esue #ethodist preacher, 'rother Justin Croe (Clancy 'ron), ho lives ith his sister Aris in California. e shares 'en=s prophetic dreams and sloly discovers the e4tent of his on unearthly poers, hich include bending human beings to his ill and making their sins and greatest evils manifest as terrifying visions. Certain that he is doing !od=s ork, 'rother Justin fully devotes himself to his religious duties, not realiGing that his ultimate nemesis 'en akins and the carnival are ine4orably  draing closer.roductionConception%ho creator aniel $nauf aniel $nauf conceived the initial script for the sho beteen ?EE8 and ?EE2 hen he as unsatisfied ith his ob as a Californian health insurance broker and hoped to become a screenriter. e had alays been interested in carnivals and noted thatthis subect had rarely been dramatiGed on film. $nauf=s e4periences of groing up ith a disabled father ho as not commonly accepted as a normal human strongly informed the story and its treatment of freaks.>7@>:@>D@$nauf named the intended feature film script Carnivle, using an unusual spelling � for a more outlandish look. $nauf had plotted the story=s broad strokes as ell as several plot details from early on and kne the story destination until the final scene. oever, the resulting ?D85page long script as tice the length of a typical feature film script, and $nauf still felt that it as too short to do his story ustice. e therefore shelved the screenplay as a learning e4perience. An themeantime, ollyood studios reected all but one of $nauf=s other scripts, often for being Htoo eird.H>7@>D@An the mid5?EE8s, $nauf met a fe Writers !uild T* riters ho encouraged him to revise Carnivle as a T* series. $nauf turned the script=s first act into a pilot � episode, but, having no contacts in the television business, he as forced to shelve the proect again and return to his regular ob. & fe years later, after realiGing that his insurance career as not orking out, he decided to give his screenriting efforts a last chance by offering the Carnivle pilot on his ebsite. � The script as subseuently forarded to oard $lein by %cott Winant, a mutual friend of the to men. &fter several meetings and conversations, $lein felt confident that Carnivle ould make a good episodic television series that could � last for many years. $lein brought it to the attention of Chris &lbrecht and Carolyn %trauss of '1, ho ere immediately receptive.>7@>E@>?8@>??@ The netork deemed $nauf too ine4perienced in the television business to give him full control over the budget, and appointed onald . #oore as shorunner. ($nauf replaced #ooreafter one season hen #oore left for the reimagined 'attlestar !alactica.)>?2@The pilot episode, hich as filmed over a period of 2? days, served as the basis for additional teaking of intended story lines. /ong creative discussions took place among the riters and the netork, leading to the postponement of the filmingof the second episode for fourteen months.>?9@ 1ne maor change as the addition ofe4tra material for 'rother Justin=s side of the story. 'rother Justin as srcinally conceived as a ell5established preacher, and as a recurring character rather than a regular one. oever, after perusing the preliminary version of the pilot, $nauf and the producers realiGed that there as no room for Justin to gro in a television series. ence, it as decided to make 'rother Justin an ordinary #ethodist minister in a small ton, setting him back in his career by about one or to years. +4panding 'rother Justin=s role opened ne possibilities, and his sisterAris as created as a supporting character. /ittle as changed on 'en akins= sidee4cept for the addition of the cootch (striptease) familyB a Carnivle consultant � had elated the producers by calling attention to his research about families managing cootch shos in the ?E98s.>?3@>?6@FormatThe Carnivle story as originally intended to be a trilogy of HbooksH, consisting � of to seasons each.>?2@ This plan did not come to fruition, as '1 canceled the sho after the first to seasons.>?7@ +ach season consists of telve episodes.&iring on '1 benefited Carnivle in several ays. 'ecause '1 does not rely on �  commercial breaks, Carnivle had the artistic freedom to vary in episode length. � &lthough the episodes averaged a runtime of 63 minutes, the episodes HAnsomniaH andH1ld Cherry 'lossom oadH ere 37 minutes and 6E minutes, respectively. '1 budgeted appro4imately 0%I3 million for each episode, considerably more than most television series receive.>?:@>?D@istorical production designCarnivle=s ?E98s= ust 'ol setting reuired significant research and historical � consultants to be convincing, hich as made possible ith '1=s strong financial backing. &s a result, revies praised the look and production design of the sho asHimpeccable,H>?E@ HspectacularH>28@ and as Han absolute visual stunner.H>2?@ An 2883, Carnivle on four +mmys for art direction, cinematography, costumes, and � hairstyling.>22@To give a sense of the dry and dusty environment of the ust 'ol, smoke and dirt ere constantly blon through tubes onto the set. The actors= clothes ere ragged and drenched in dirt, and Carnivle had appro4imately 6,888 people costumed in the � sho=s first season alone. The creative team listened to ?E98s= music and radio andread old ollyood magaGines to get the period=s sound, language, and slang right. The art department had an e4tensive research library of old catalogs, among them ansrcinal ?E93 %ears Catalog, hich ere purchased at flea markets and antiue stores. The +ast +uropean background of some characters and &sian themes in 'rotherJustin=s story ere incorporated into the sho. &side from the sho=s supernatural elements, a historical consultant deemed Carnivle=s historic accuracy to be � e4cellent regarding the characters= lives and clothes, their food and accommodations, their cars and all the material culture.>:@>29@>23@Filming locationsCarnivle=s interiors ere filmed at %anta Clarita %tudios in %anta Clarita, � California, hile the sho=s many e4terior scenes ere filmed on %outhern California locations. The scenes of fictional California ton of #intern, here thestories about 'rother Justin and Aris in %eason ? ere based, ere shot at aramount anch in &goura ills. The carnival set itself as moved around the greater %outhern California area, to movie ranches and to /ancaster, hich ere to replicate the states of 1klahoma, Te4as, and -e #e4ico. The permanent filming location of the carnival in %eason 2 as 'ig %ky anch, hich as also used for 'rother Justin=s ne home in fictional -e Canaan.>26@1pening title seuenceFurther information #ythology of Carnivle Tarot divination � � Carnivle=s opening title seuence as created by &62, a visual effects and design � company based in /os &ngeles, and featured music composed by Wendy #elvoin and /isaColeman.>27@ The opening title seuence on an +mmy for H1utstanding #ain Title esignH in 2883.>22@1ne frame of Carnivle=s opening title seuence � The production team of &62 had intended to Hcreate a title seuence that grounded vieers in the mid5?E98s, but that also alloed people to feel a larger presence ofgood and evil over all of time.H>27@ &62 then pitched their idea to Carnivle � e4ecutives in early 2889, ho felt that the company=s proposal as the most creative for the series= concept. The actual production included scanned transparencies of famous pieces of artork, each scanned transparency being up to 988 #' in siGe. The resulting images ere photoshopped and digitally rendered. & last step involved stock footage clips being compiled and digitally incorporated into the seuence.>27@The opening title seuence itself begins ith a deck of Tarot cards falling into the sand, hile the camera moves in and enters one card into a separate orld
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