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1. FEATURES:) A Breakthrough of a Semestral Break By Gracel R. Gujilde “Vacation is a big deal for the students that they can rest, enjoy and be happy go lucky.” As I…
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  • 1. FEATURES:) A Breakthrough of a Semestral Break By Gracel R. Gujilde “Vacation is a big deal for the students that they can rest, enjoy and be happy go lucky.” As I woke upin the morningIsee the beauty of the nature that sunrise touches the heart of everypeople.Astime goesbyasI lookaround inthe sidesof everycornerpeople wear sando’sandthey always wipe their sweat in their head and the other side they find some ways just to produce an air because of the heatof the sun thatcan cookan egg, some of them will enter to the air condition room. NowI can say that summerisfastapproaching,vacationisnearand thisschool year will end, and this is the time that students are very happy and they can feel being free. But wait! There are students can’t feel the essence of summer,especially to the College of Teacher Education because according to them theydon’t have vacation due to their summer classes, where summer vacation was the only time that theycan use to shortenthe course that a certainstudents choose. The school year will not end, but we need to accept that this is part of our life as an education student. Yes, it is! Because I am also an Educationstudent,sowhateverothereducatorsfeel,Ialsofeel it! But for me, I did not take it seriously but I putit intoheartdirectly.Thismeansthatdespite of the stress, worryand pressure thatI take every majorexam,longquizzesandoral recitationIhave thispowerful weapon that I stand still for my future it is all about faiths and believes in yourself and especially have an optimistic ability that you can do everything whatever fails you’ve acquires and gains in passage of your life. For all the educators, just alwaysbearinyour mindsandalso inyourheart that everythingcomesonyourway, you must be ready that there is circumstances follows because it is plan by God and this is the real essence of life, let us open our senses so that we can adapt to the world were we belong. “Everything happens for a reason, there is a solution for all the problems and especially God sees everythingwhat you’ve done for his world as a creature. For the good thing you’ve done there will be good things that follows in return.”
  • 2. NEWS:) Lady of Lourdes: A Celebration for peace and harmony By Gracel R. Gujilde “Barangay Bongtud celebrates the 96 years fiesta celebration of our Lady of Lourdes on February 11, 2016 held at Purok Santan,Serra Street, BongtudTandagCity in one ofthe pilgrimagesitewhichis the Grotto” On February 11, 2016, Barangay Bongtud celebrates a fiesta celebration in honor to our Lady of Lourdesto bringa peace and harmonyto all of the devotees andespeciallytothe peopleof Bongtud. At exactly1:00 inthe afternoon,theybeginwitha novena starting in the Barangay Santa Cruz going to the Grotto and whentheycame there theyoffer a novena prayer to our Lady of Lourdes, this will end until 5:30 inthe late afternoon.Inorderto accessto the topof the Grotto devoteesclimbupforthe 78 steps. Many people go to the top of the Grotto usually pray and light up a candle below to the image of our Lady of Lourdes.Thiseventwassuccessfullydone for the cordial support of Ex-Mayor Ayek T. Pimentel and Mayor Roxanne T.Pimentel andtoall the officialsof BarangayBongtudandespeciallytothe officers of the saideventwhichisalsoone of the devoteesof ourLady of Lourdes. AccordingtoMrs. MelbaSolis one of the devoteesthereissolicited moneyforthe drinksandfood,soin the onset of this event, there was a lotof people bringflowersandcandle especiallysnacks toall of the devoteesandthe people who go up in the Grotto.
  • 3. Those Memories Fake By Gracel R. Gujilde Time begins to fade away But the memories remain in me Those happy moments we shared all day I hope it will take me along the way But one time, I felt so sad When I never see anyone in my side I want to be alone that needs some companion But no one comes to comfort me As I look back in past I realize that it was on my mind Imagining that I had mine But hallucination was just a crime I wonder if it makes me feel fine Behind those excitement that I had one time The truth will come up and say what’s in my life But thanks to God he let me see the hidden side
  • 4. Felt Embrace By Gracel R. Gujilde As time goes by I step for a while And made everything’s right I thank God for having a wonderful life He turns hatred to loved He captured false over truth He spread his love That measures his care for everything When god holds my hands, he lifts me up He swept away my tears and fears That made me strong to hold on And he put me to the world where I belong God never left me Instead lifted me, is his priority For all the trials I’ve me in He never gets tired of comforting me That’s what God may give If you are happy for what he made Blessings may come fast For those who keep in his hands
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