A Seminar on Bioassayprinciples of Bioassay

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  A SEMINAR ON BIOASSAY:PRINCIPLES OF BIOASSAY AAFTAB ANWAR LUQMAN COLLEGE OF PHARMACY DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY GULBARGA  Selection of Method:-   Quantitative estimation can be done by.. . ã PHYSICAL PROPERTY LIKE COLOUR , FLOURESCENCE PHYSICAL ã PHYSICAL PROPERTY & CHEMICAL REACTION PHYSIO-CHEMICAL ã BIOLOGICAL PROPERTY USED TO ESTIMATE  ACTIVITY BIOLOGICAL  BIOASSAY:   Estimation of concentration or potency of a   substance by measurement of biological   response it produces.      i.e. Observation of pharmacological effects on      [1] living tissues, or cells      [2] microorganisms    [3] animals    Also known as   BioStandardization    .  Bioassay generally employed on..  Chemical assay is not available.  Quantity of sample too small.  Estimate concentration of active principle in tissue extract.e.g..insulin.  Estimate pharmacological activity of unidentified substance,  Measure drug toxicity,  Diagnosis & research.  Dose of drug required to produce therapeutic effect.


Jul 25, 2017
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