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A Seminar Report on memristers
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  A SEMINAR REPORT ON MEMRISTOR     CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Ms. Aswathykutty.K.Pof E.C. Final Year have submitted her seminar report on Memristor under the guidance of Electronics Engineering Department. This seminar report is partial fulfillment of herB.Tech course from Kerala University . Mr.Santhanu.S (SEMINAR GUIDE  ABSTRACT   Typically electronics has been defined in terms of three fundamental elements such as resistors, capacitors and inductors. These three elements are used to define the four fundamental circuit variables which are electric current, voltage, charge and magnetic flux. Resistors are used to relate current to voltage, capacitors to relate voltage to charge, and inductors to relate current to magnetic flux, but there was no element which could relate charge to magnetic flux.To overcome this missing link, scientists came up with a new element called Memristor . It has the properties of both a memory element and a resistor (hence wisely named as Memristor). These properties lead to a number of unique applications which cannot be realized with RLC networks alone.Memristor is being called as the fourth fundamental component, hence increasing the importance of its innovation. Although a physical device without active power supply is still under development, experimental results are presented to demonstrate the properties and potential applications of memristers. Its innovators say “memrisrors are so significant that it would be mandatory to re-write the existing electronics engineering textbooks.”   CONTENTS
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