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A Short History of Nigeria

A Short History of Nigeria
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  125 138  A Short History ofNigeria by MICHAEL CROWDER Nigeria, the largest single statein Africa, has a known history stretching back nearly two thousand years. Much of it has only been presented in the last two decades, the result of intensive research by Nigerian and European scholars, and much remains to be done. Michael Crowder's book is an up-to-date attempt to bringtogether thehistory in the light of this most recent research: to give the background of one of the most in- fluential statesin Africa. Though Nigeria was only officially created in 1914 when the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria were amalgamated, there was much more contact between the various groups that today make up the federation than has generally been supposed. Mr. Crowder traces the history of Nigeria from the Nok culture, through the famous Bornu Empireand Habe Hausa kingdoms to the forest kingdoms of Oyo and Benin. He shows how the Delta states grew up in response to European trade demands, how the Northern kingdoms prospered on trade with North Africa. He outlines the various 'factors that finally persuaded Britain to occupy Nigeria and Nigerians' resistance to this move. In the first decade of this century the common factor is British rule. The last fifty years arethose of the Nigerians* struggle for independence, restricted at first to Lagos, but growing in the forties into a nation-wide movement that secured independence for the country on October 19, 1960. Mr. Crowder has for the past two and a half years edited Nigeria Magazine in Lagos, which has placed him in a specially advantageous position for writing this book.
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