A short introduction to metadata

A talk at the Wellcome Institute's Digitisation Doctor event for organisations in the digitisation process. What is metadata? why do you need it? what does it look like? How do you create it? Putting it on the web Full talk notes are at
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  • 2. SummaryWhat metadata isWhat it is forWhat it looks likeHow to create itPutting it on the web Research & Development
  • 3. What ismetadata? Research & Development
  • 4. Information about something, usuallystructuredIn this case, information about the thingyou’re digitisingFor humans or computers Research & Development
  • 5. A bookTitleAuthorDate of publicationISBN identifierDewey Decimal Number (on a library) Research & Development
  • 6. And more...EditionPublisherPublisher’s descriptionReviewsCover picturePrice Research & Development
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  • 8. To find thingsTo identify thingsTo list thingsTo link things to other things Research & Development
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  • 10. Unique ID Creator Date Location ViewsTitle anddescription Tags Camera info Licensing
  • 11. Unique IDThe brand titleSeries andepisodeDuration When and whereWhat it’saboutWho madeit and whowas in it
  • 12.
  • 13. Standards are goodSomeone’s already defined itSoftware probably supports itIt’s interoperable Research & Development
  • 14. Dublin CoreTitle FormatCreator IdentifierSubject SourceDescription LanguagePublisher RelationContributor CoverageDate RightsType Research & Development
  • 15. Where is the metadata? In the digital file In a database, linked to the digital file And online? Research & Development
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  • 17. Three waysExperts, archivists, librarians, you!VolunteersComputers Research & Development
  • 18. CrowdsourcingAsking volunteers to help solve problemsOnline toolsDesigned to encourage contributions Research & Development
  • 19. ComputersImages to text (OCR)Keyword and topic extraction from textMachine translationSpeech-to-text from audioSpeaker identification and diarisation HarderFace detection in images or videoObject and scene recognition Research & Development
  • 20. Putting it onthe web Research & Development
  • 21. the web =the internet + links + documents/data Research & Development
  • 22. Topics EventsMusic ProgrammesNews Gardening Archive Food Michael Smethurst © BBC MMVIII
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