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A Short Story for a Long Life 2010

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   From: yavimato_28@hotmail.comTo: ma-lureyes@hotmail.comSubject: tarea de ingles(cuento)Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 19:29:19 -0500The king toadin an enormous and fantastic castle lived a beautiful prince the one who because of hissolitude found in search of manacleThis in his despair goes out in search of manacle, i in the forest to find something during alot of days walk by the forest until it found in a caballa in which habitab A beautiful princethat was called sad moon, pues never saw him smile ,the prince Arturo captivated by the of the doncella decides to call to the door and remain to sleepThe doncella does explain because this in this alone place ,and because never smiles buteven so it decides to be fellow of the princewhen happening some months Prince and sad moon there be enamorado and the proposeshim marriage to her desconociendo the consequences of this actmarry and in the night of wedding she declares him the reality explains him that it was leftin the forest by that this hechizada and all the nights convert in a big frog the cual wouldinvolve that Arturo also was itThe The prince with a bit of tristeza accepts this condition ,and therefore it is that all thenights in the reino of costasol is governed by a toadEnd…integrantes:Yuly Andrea JerezJeferson HernandezYaneth Martinez10-3Técnico comercial   RE: tarea de ingles(cuento)   ‏  De: Martha Reyes Gómez (ércoles, 21 de abril de 2010 10:09:56 p.m.Para: Martha Reyes Gómez ( king toadIn an enormous and fantastic castle lived a beautiful prince wholived in a greatsolitude. For this reason he wentin search of a wife.  The princein his despair goes outtothe forest to find someone. During a lot of dayshe  walk edby the forest untilhefounda hut inwhichhe found abeautiful princess who lived there. Shewas called sad moonbecause shenever smiled, the prince Arturo captivated by thebeauty of the lady decides to call on the door andask for a place tosleep The girlcan’texplainwhy she isin this lonelyplace andwhy shenever smiles but even so,shedecides to be fellow of the prince.Aftersome months the Prince and sad moongot in loveand he proposes marriage to her not knowingthe consequences of this act.They got marriedand on thewedding nightshe told him thetruth: Shewas left in theforest by a witch who enchanted her and every night she converted herself in a big frog.This enchantmentwould involve Arturotoo.  The prince with a bit of sadnessaccepts this condition andthat’s why every nightthe kingdomof Costasol is governed by a toadEnd…integrantes:yuly andrea jerez jeferson hernandezyaneth martinez10-3tecnico comercial   Explore the seven wonders of the world Learn more!  From: chicodiez_21@hotmail.comTo: ma-lureyes@hotmail.comSubject: cuentoDate: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 17:15:46 -0500profesora martha yo soy paola andrea jaimes rueda del grado 10-2 aqui me puede enviar lostrabajos o lo q sea necesario. el cuento es el siguiente.shipwreck to the upon a time there wos a very lonelyman since he was a very nice man the womanburedfore divancer to bewth him to inspire love of anyone of the young day thet man took the descition of sailing in his ship, but he did not consider thecondition of the climate because he took descition with despair.already in the holf of the ocean a strong storm began wich damaged completely the holm of the ship leaving his east adrift and when the man had aiven for defeated his ship he was a very beatiful island with abundant trees and diverse fruits and animals, all thatcould be foundim the island, there was a dazzling woman who helped him and since thegreeting they fell in love.and it was there, in the desolation of an island where this man found his real love.en español esnaufrago del amorhabia una vez un hombre el cual se centia muy solo. ya q el era un hombre muy apuesto, lasmujeres lo perseguian pero en realidad nunca se lleg a enaorar de alguna de las jovenes. undia aquel hombre tomo la decision de sarpar en su barco pero no tomo la decision en la cualse encontraba el clima pues tomo su decision con desespero.ya en la mitad del oceano se desato una fuerte tormenta la cual daño por completo el timondel braco dejando su oriente aladeriva y cuando el hombre ya se avia dado por vencido su barco toco tierra era una muybella isla con abundantes arboles y diversos frutos y animales cuando pudo encajar en laisla vio a una deslumbrante mujer q al verlo moribundo decidio ir a ayudarle y he hay q consolo el saludo lo dejo sin habla y fue hay donde en la desolacion de una isla este hombreencontro su verdadero amor.    RE: cuento   ‏  De:  Enviado:domingo, 09 de mayo de 2010 01:30:53   HELLO PAOLA.Remember to give me the story sequence chart and the correction written by hand.ShipwreckED BY love.Once upon a time there was a very lonelyman. Since he was a very nice man the womEnWENT AFTER THIS GOOD GUY TRYING to be wIth him to inspire HIS love BY one of the young women.SOME day the man took the deCISItion of sailing in his ship, but he did not consider thecondition of the climate because he deCIDED TO TRAVEL IN A MOMENT OF despair.Already in the MIDDLE of the ocean, a strong storm began wHich damaged completely theHULL of the ship, leaving IT adrift BUT when the man had Given UP his ship found theSHORE.It was a very beaUtiful island with abundant trees and diverse fruits and animals.All thatcould be found iN the island, there was a dazzling woman who helped him and since thegreeting they fell in love.And it was there, in the desolation of an island where this man found his real love.
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