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A Short Story - ''General Forrest's Raid'' by Eugene L. Benton (upload) - 39 pages.doc

A detailed expose on General Forrest's (CSA) on Memphis, Tennessee.
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  "General Forrest’s Raid" By Eugene L. BentonIntroduction When I was a teenager in the 195s in !e#his$ I li%ed in south !e#his that was re&erred to as Long%iew 'eights and had (een (uilt a&ter World War II. In the iediate locale$ there was Long%iew Eleentary )chool and Long%iew *unior 'igh )chool$ which went to the ninth grade. +he ru((er,tired electric coaches ser%icing the area were the 1- Lauderdale and the 1- Lauderdale , Waldor&$ which turned around at the southern end o& Lauderdale )treet where the Federal otton o#ress/ warehouses stood. East o& the turnaround was the clu(house &or +roo# 0 o& the Boy )couts s#onsored (y the 2erican Finishing o#any$ which was ne3t door. +here were soe sho##ing centers near the Lauderdale )treet and !allory 2%enue intersection as well as the sho##ing area at Lauderdale and Rosewood streets. +he Rosewood sho##ing center was where I s#ent uch o& y tie when I was not roaing the streets and a%enues o& #re,war and #ost,war south !e#his. +he #re,war south !e#his was &urther north on Lauderdale (eyond )outh 4arway where the old$ e%en at that tie$ )outh )ide 'igh )chool 6(uilt in 19778 was located at corner o& Richond and rleans streets. :n&ortunately$ the school was ra;ed in 77 a&ter graduating 0 classes and (eing renaed Lincoln *unior 'igh )chool in 19<7 during the integration o& the #u(lic schools. +he students &ro the #re,war south !e#his hung out at the sho##ing center at )outh 4arway and Lauderdale$ where there was a (aery$ drugstore$ grocery store$ and Boule%ard Ba#tist hurch. +he new south !e#his students hung out at the Rosewood sho##ing center where there was a +e3aco Gasoline station$ Wena Grocery )tore$ Re3all =rugstore$(aery$ candy store$ hurch/s 'ardware )tore$ &urniture store$ grill$ (ar(ersho#$ ladies salon$ and the Rosewood !o%ie +heater. I saw soe o& y scariest o%ies there &ro 1957 to 19< when I graduated &ro )outh )ide 'igh )chool and o%ed in with y grand#arents in southeast !e#his near Laar 2%enue 6old 4igeon Roost Road8 while I attended college at hristian Brothers ollege located on East 4arway (y the !id,south Fairgrounds. !y roaing days were o%er. I can %i%idly ree(er seeing the The Leopard Man $  King Kong  $ The Day the    Earth Stood Still  $  Invasion of the Body Snatchers $ War of the Worlds $ The Thing  $ The Creature from the Blac Lagoon $ Them $ and  ! "ight to #emem$er  . In addition$ I sawsoe classy o%ies lie  David and Bathshe$a $ %riendly &ersuasion $  'igh "oon $ Treasure of Sierra Madre $ and The !frican (ueen . !ost o& o%ies were shown on the weeends as #art o& a dou(le &eature when a ticet cost 75 cents$ (o3 o& #o#corn 5 cents$ drin 5 cents$ candy (ar 5 cents$ and an ice crea drustic rolled in crushed #ecans &or 1 cents. I was addicted to o%ies and would e%en go during theweenights with y #arent/s #erission and all y hoewor was co#leted. I saw any draas and usicals whose #lot and action did not co#are to the 1  horror o%ies. +hey were in (lac and white and the usicals were in color and didnot see to ha%e uch o& a #lot or action at least not enough &or a teenager. +hey were ore o& curiosity to e. When suer %acation cae &ro *une to )e#te(er$ there were any ad%entures and e3#lorations to e3#erience in south !e#his. +he 4ine 'ill )wiing 4ool o#ened during %acation and was located on the edge o& the 7 #lus acres 4ine 'ill Gol& ourse$ which I iaged to (e y )ierra !adre or )ull Island. +he other areas to roa in were Forest 'ill eetery$ which (ordered on !ississi##i Boule%ard and #re%iously nown as the old 'ernando Road and earlier as >onconnah Road. Roaing around the ceetery$ I noticed that there were soe (urials reaching (ac to the 109s. E%en the old iron and stonewall &ence was unusual with its Gothic design o& a tie #ast. I had read in a cha#ter in y +ennessee 'istory class o& the old 'ernando Road (eing the route that !a?. Gen. >athan Bed&ord Forrest 6)28 too to raid !e#hisduring the War (etween the )tates. & course$ that was in 10<$ which was 9 years ago when I was a 1-,year,old teenager in 195. +o e that seeed to e3ist only in the te3t I read in the class. >e%ertheless$ the history was not e%en #ast. It was #resent in the old 'ernando Road &ro 'ernando$ !ississi##i$ to !e#his. 2s Willia Faulner once o(ser%ed that the #ast is not e%en #ast$ (ut is still with us. 2ll we ha%e to do is loo around us. ne o& y any suer ad%entures was roaing around inside the de#artent stores on ain )treet downtown !e#his in the suer onths. I would tae 7 cents (us tri# on the 1- Lauderdale to !ain at *e&&erson )treet where I would start y ad%enture. First$ I would go to the ourt )@uare 4ar and (uy soe roasted #eanuts to &eed the s@uirrels and the #igeons that seeed to (e e%erywhere when you tore o#en the sall$ war (rown (ag. >e3t$ I would wal south on !ain )treeton the east side until I cae to the 4lanters 4eanut !an who was dressed u# in a &ull (ody #eanut out&it. 'e would (e handing out cu#s o& &resh roasted i3ed nuts to the #asser(y. Gra((ing a hand&ul$ I would cross o%er !ain to the &irst de#artent store. )ince the (ig de#artent stores were recently air,conditioned$ the ad%enture was e%en re&reshing when the outside te#eratures were in the u##er 9s and the huidity was alost 1A. +he a?or de#artent stores were Ger(ers$ Lowenstein$ and Goldsiths. Each one had soething di&&erent to o&&er in e3#loration. In #articular$ Goldsith had an escalator connecting the &irst three &loors and had the ost noos and grannies. In 197 Goldsith #urchased the (uilding on south !ain (etween Gayoso )treet on the north and !call )treet on the south$ and the Gayoso 'otel on the west side &acing Front )treet and the !ississi##i Ri%er. In 190$ Goldsith #urchased the hotel$ which was gradually incor#orated into the de#artent store. +he hotel closedits doors in 19<7$ (ut the history o& the Gayoso 'ouse and Gayoso 'otel reained a #art o& the city/s history. ne o& y e3#lorations in the 195s was to enter Goldsith %ia the Gayoso )treet entrance and #roceed to the (ac o& the (uilding co#le3 to the ad?oining Gayoso 'otel structure. Goldsith had connected the (uildings so that the hotel could (e used &or o&&ices and storage. +he srcinal hotel nown as the Gayoso 'ouse had (urned down in 1099. In 191$ a new Gayoso 'otel was constructed on the s#ot o& 2  the srcinal hotel. When the new hotel o#ened in 19$ it &eatured an ela(orate grand #iano (earing the Gayoso crest. +he new hotel also &eatured a series o& urals (y 2lonso Wells$ which de#icted the cross,county e3#loration and death o& 'ernando =e )oto. +he new hotel was a :,sha#ed construction$ which surrounded a courtyard unseen&ro Front )treet (y a row o& coluns$ which are no longer e3tant. In 1990$ it was restored &or use as downtown a#artents$ residences$ restaurants$ and o&&ices. ncea historic hotel$ the reno%ations o& the %intage 19s (uilding &eatured one and two (edroo a#artents$ lo&ts and townhouses. With 7 distinct &loor #lans$ there is soething &or e%eryone at the 2#artent at 4ea(ody 4lace$ as it is re&erred today. !y e3#loration o& Goldsith and new Gayoso hotel (e&ore restoration in the 195stoo e through all the interconnecting &our &loors as well as the narrow stairwells (etween the &loors. Fro the west side o& the hotel you could #eer out the old glass #ane windows at the (arge tra&&ic on the !ississi##i Ri%er. I can ree(er distinctly on the &irst &loor at the northwest corner the #reser%ed srcinal &ront des area o& the srcinal Gayoso 'ouse (uilt in 107 with its old hardwood &looring. n the &loor were the i#rints o& horseshoes o& a#t. Bill Forrest/s 6)28 horse$ which he had ridden into the Gayoso 'ouse on that early )unday orning on the 71 2ugust 10<. 2ll the &looring$ walls$ and &ront des counterto# were #ainted in on&ederate gray. +he &loor ust ha%e (een constructed o& oa (ecause o& the tight grain o& the wood. +he walls were (uilt in the old cla#(oard &inish #eculiar to the construction techni@ues o& the early 10s. I could alost hear the whinnying o& Bill/s horse and the ta##ing o& the hoo%es on the &loor. In addition$ there was the yelling o& a#t. Bill Forrest 6)28 as to the wherea(outs o& !a?. Gen. 'url(ut 6:)28. ou could hear the con&ederate soldiers running down the halls yelling &or 'url(ut and #roceeding to the ne3t &loor. +here ust ha%e (een soe screas and crying &ro the adeoiselles which were #unctuated (y the sound o& 10< 2ry and 1051 >a%y re%ol%ers. 3  Goldsith =e#artent )tore on !ain )treet 6ca. 1918 4  Gayoso 'ouse 6ca. 10<8 5
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