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Georgetown - Round Rock JarrellDog Days Gardening TipsOur State Dog, The Blue LacyWorking The Wedge Bill EasterlyDog Photo Contest at “Tail Waggins Dog…
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Georgetown - Round Rock JarrellDog Days Gardening TipsOur State Dog, The Blue LacyWorking The Wedge Bill EasterlyDog Photo Contest at “Tail Waggins Dog Bakery”AUGUST 2017S HOP S MALL • SHO P LO CAL10%OffEntire PurchaseExp 8/31/17 Excludes all sale, previous purchases or gift certificates.or20$for Seniors Seniors i 60 years youngOFF15% off$100 Regular priced merchandiseentire purchase (no combined offers, not valid on previous purchases) Valid every MondayEXCLUSIVE DEALER FOR BRIGHTON ~ CONSUELA ~ VERA BRADLEYAmma Mesh, Vera Bradley LeathersLyssé Wearables & Brighton JewelryAmma Poncho, Brighton JewelryWashable LinenVera Bradley LuggageConsuela Totes and Denim ValenciaISLE, Brighton & Sleevely WondersJag Jeans & Local Artisans Jewelry20 14SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS TO BUY MADE IN THE USA PRODUCTS & BUY FROM SOCIALLY CONSCIENCE COMPANIES & FROM COMPANIES THAT GIVE BACK.BEST BOUTIQUE114 W. 8th, On the Square in Georgetown512-943-8252www.pinkpoppyboutiquetx.com512-943-TREE (8733) “THIS “THISGUY GUYMIGHT MIGHT BE BE AA PROBLEM, PROBLEM, BUT BUTWE WECAN CANWORK WORK AROUND AROUND HIM”CERTIFIED ARBORISTS TREE TRIMMING & REMOVAL FERTILIZATION VIEW CLEARING www.dolevaelitetree.comOur TeamNote from the editors This month we celebrate mans best friend in a big way. Tail Waggins Dog Bakery, Woods Cycle Country in New Braunfels and Grizzly, made in the USA coolers have teamed up with A Shot of Texas Magazine to bring you the biggest and ‘bestest’ Dog Photo Contest in Texas. Thanks to all of you who took the time to email us about July issue. We also appreciate all the shares and likes on Social Media. A big thank you also to the bird ladies were instrumental in putting it all together. Next month we will introduce a rewards program for all of our readers who shop at our advertisers. Every time you spend money at one of our advertisers you will earn points for great prizes. ALSO, next month we will be available at all HEB stores in Georgetown and Round Rock.Robert & Teffany Kahn Founders & Co EditorsKendall Rae Kahn Jr Editor Event PlannerShane & Kathy Ragsdale Shane-Pit Master of Events Kathy-Co Editor/ WriterCaptain Nathan Beabout Fishing EditorMusic & Entertainment Editor Lois Jenison Publicist, Poet, Lyricist, & “Promotress” of local Singers, Songwriters, & MusiciansOver the last few years I have built a career that allows me to be present for things that matter most, like my family. I am driven to help people capture their most fleeting moments and deliver memories that you can treasure for a lifetime. Weddings, portraits, and events are my business, but I got my start in landscape photography while studying abroad in Europe and it is still a hobby of mine today. Check out more of my work at www.kpphotographydesigns.comLife’s a song! Sing it! Georgetown - Round Rock JarrellDog Days Gardening TipsOur State Dog, The Blue LacyRichard Parker Ranch Mascott and MC of Events 4 Shot of Texas Magazine™Working The Wedge Bill EasterlyDog Photo Contest at “Tail Waggins Dog Bakery”AUGUST 2017Kayla Prasek PHOTOGRAPHYABOUT THE COVER: This months cover features the Blue Lacy which was recently made the official state dog by Governor Rick Perry. Dogs are of such importance to us and our community that we will have a monthly section dedicated just for your dog. We are kicking things off with a dog photo contest. Just email us a photo to enter. Great prizes by Grizzly Made in America Coolers and local vendors will be given away monthly.Features AUGUST 2017 6. Wedge Tips by Bill Easterly18. What You Don’t Know About Lake Calaveras by Kathy Ragsdale10. TEFFANY’S GARDEN by Tef12. Mr. Bluebird’s On My Shoulder! by The Bird Ladies14. Fishing In August by Captain Nathan Beabout16. WINGSHOOTING by Anna McDermott22. Summer Style Corn Waffle Fritter by Chef Daisy26. Official State Dog Breed Of Texas StaffC 2014 A Shot of Texas Magazine. All Rights Reserved. Printed in the USA. For current Media Kit, advertising or questions about our Traveling Trade Show contact Rob Kahn.28. A Christmas MiracleEmail rob@ashotoftexas.netby Lindsey SharpOffice 512-746-272932. Ed Klimanor Cell 832-922-1508by Lois JenisonA Shot of Texas Magazine™ 5Wedge Tips If you are having trouble with your wedges, here are some tips: Thin Shots: First check your ball position. For any of your full shots with your wedges, play the ball in the center of your stance. Too many players will play the ball too far forward in their stance. This will cause you to catch the ball on the upswing instead of the downswing causing you to catch it thin. Fat Shots: Again check your ball position. You can also make a fat shot with the ball too far forward in your stance. A lot of people do not understand that both of these shots can be caused from the same problem. What you want to do is take a practice swing, and find out where the club comes into the ground. Remember you want the divot (or contact with the ground) in front of the ball – not behind it. Now youBy Bill Easterlycan make sure you will contact the ball at the correct point in your swing. One of the most important things to remember is to keep your weight centered with your wedges. Do not set up with your weight leaning forward or backward, and always follow through. These tips are for full wedge shots only, not your partial shots. And also remember to not get your feet so wide that you sway instead of making a nice turn through the hitting area. Note: Another thing to check today is your pitching wedge loft so that you can fit your other wedges correctly. A lot of the newer clubs will have a stronger loft on the pitching wedge than previous clubs.GOLF RANCH FIT ME WITH THIS COOL TUX, IMAGINE HOW WELL THEY CAN CUSTOM FIT YOUR NEW CLUBSFood-Music-Family Texas Beer Garden Home of the “WALBURGER”Karaoke Thursdays Live Music Friday & Saturday Evenings Banquet Hall 3900 FM 972 in Walburg, Tx.512-819-9175 6 Shot of Texas Magazine™Gumbos North 512-943-4214 Gumbosrr@sbcglobal.netGeorgetown, Texas Steaks & Seafoodlocated on the square!Express Menu available now for lunch!Served in 20 minutes or less!A Shot of Texas Magazineâ&#x201E;˘ 7NETWORKING AROUND GEORGETOWNAShot of Texas Magazine local networking group started out meeting at local businesses on the first Tuesday of each month after hours. The response from the community and local business was so good that starting in August we will add begin a morning meeting for coffee and pastries one morning a month. The community is invited to come by and listen to our guest speakers. Subjects will include gardening, health, music , motivation and self help, home improvement and more. You can find the location of our meetings on our website or face book page. We hope to see you there. The winners at the July networking group were Eric & Suzie Grimes with Legend Lawn & Handy Man Services. Eric and Georgetown and maintain the property here at Suzie are new to They are a true family owned business with Eric A Shot of Texas Ranch. doing Suzie the weed eating. How’s that for a family the cutting and business?mer appreciation night. Loralee St John at Golf Ranch at here monthly custo was really great. Contact Golf It was our first visit and the home made lasagna t this monthly event. abou info more for Ranch here in Georgetownand Hugo Clemente living Editor-Rob Kahn with Ken Partian /Website Mojo public is invited to our The s. hour after g orkin it up at Mas Fajitas netw dates and more info. ing meet networking events. See our website for Www .8 Shot of Texas Magazine™Having fun at Georgetown Chamber’ s BNL whic h was held at Dales in Walburg.A Shot of Texas Magazineâ&#x201E;¢ 9As we near the end of summer and head into the early fall – we will notice our summer crop of vegetables begin to slowly die off and the excitement of “picking” is coming to an end. But before you pack it in for the year – make sure you give one last bit of attention to the garden for a fall clean-up. Pull out all of the plants that have stopped producing and toss them in the compost pile or feed them to the chickens. If you don’t already have one or the other it’s time to kick your gardening up a notch! Composting just makes sense and chickens can be therapeutic as well as a productive member of your gardening strategy.10 Shot of Texas Magazine™WHAT TO PLANT NOW (started plants) Okra Spinach Summer and Winter Squash Mint Oregano Rosemary Sage And Thyme (Just Kidding) Then Mulch Mulch and more Mulch 4 inches thick From Seeds: Beans, Corn, Cucumber, Garlic, Potatoe, Shallots, Spinach and Winter SquashGood Gardening TefWe’re all about FAMILY primary careSERVING GEORGETOWN AREA FOR 50 YEARSAMAZING SELECTION 2100 N AUSTIN AVENUE512-863-2867WWW.TOWNSQUAREFLOORS.COMDr. Chau Nguyen-Family Medicine Your WAY Membership Self Pay or Insurance For more info schedule on-line or visit our website OCHNAHEALTH.COM512-348-6399 4749 Williams DRIVE #304 Georgetown, TxHELPING NAVIGATE TURBULENT FINANCIAL WATERS! ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS & WEALTH MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSTOLL FREE 855.463.8848 / OFFICE: 512.900.7887 ®®Scott C. Olson, AIF , AAMS Private Wealth Manager One Financial Centre 1717 N. IH 35, Suite 150 Round Rock, TX 78664For 20 years, Scott Olson served in the U.S. Army. Throughout his 10 years as a Financial Wealth Manager, Scott has applied his Officer training and military integrity as he focuses on his clients’ financial future. Securities offered through Sigma Financial Corporation. Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through Sigma Planning Corporation. Upstream Investment Partners is independent of Sigma Financial Corporation & SPC.A Shot of Texas Magazine™ 11Mr. Blubird’sOn My Shoulder!Who wouldn’t want to catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds! Not to be confused with the Blue Jay, the Bluebird is actually a cousin of the American Robin and shares some of the same coloring; the male sports a rusty red breast, white belly and a brilliant blue head, back and tail. The female is grayer but is adorned with blue tinges on her wings and tail giving her a softer elegant look. These stunning birds are native to Texas and year-round residents. Bluebirds will nest in tree cavities and they readily set up home in Bluebird houses. Put your nesting box up well before breeding season to attract a breeding pair and attach a guard to keep predators from raiding the eggs. Face the entrance hole east and towards open habitat. The female will build the nest typically having two broods (sometimes as many as four) a year of 4-5 pale blue eggs. The eggs hatch in 12-14 12 Shot of Texas Magazine™days and both mama and papa will feed the fledglings. Interestingly, the young from the first brood will help feed the second-brood babies – it’s a family affair! Bluebirds like open fields and meadows to scan the ground for prey; they feed on insects and berries. They love mealworms! If you put the mealworms out at the same time each day, eventually the bluebirds will be perching around the feeder waiting for you. As they become more trusting you can even place mealworms in the palm of your hand, holding it very still, and they will eat out of your hand! Use dried mealworms in a mealworm feeder and enjoy the show! The Bird Ladies 1103 Williams Dr. Bldg 4 Georgetown, TX 78628 512-688-5278 10-5:30 Tues– Friday Saturday 10-2:00NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR HEALTH - Georgetown’s only compounding pharmacy. 2QO\WKHóQHVWTXDOLW\9LWDPLQV 6XSSOHPHQWVDYDLODEOH$1<:+(5( &RPHWU\RXU9LWDPLQ&IDFHVHUXP)UHHVDPSOHVZKLOHWKH\ODVW$29.00 Initial Visit Consultation, Exam & Adjustment We accept FSA/HSAA Shot of Texas Magazine™ 13FISHING in August The easiest way to explain what fishing has been like this year is phenomenal. With the amount of rainfall we have seen in the spring, the Guadalupe River flooding four times, and the early arrival of a tropical storm, no doubt, it is a wet year and could potentially continue to be. But this rain has not hindered our fishing one bit. Sure, we have had to move off of areas that would produce in the spring and early summer, but I think these adjustments have provided bigger fish for many anglers. Many folks get scared when they hear the bays are flooding and I have even had a few try to cancel. After some reassurance and explaining about how this freshwater helps our bays tremendously, I know they are happy they didn’t cancel, because most of them walked away with a personal best. 14 Shot of Texas Magazine™As for August, even if the rain continues to be steady, I know we will continue to see some of our best fishing yet. Redfish have already started moving back into our bays, and on the August days when it is a slick off, there is nothing better than chasing pods of redfish down the shorelines. Everybody knows the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Each day I am on the water, I have watching and paying attention and believe I may have unlocked a key to one of San Antonio Bay’s secrets. Obviously,I am not going to give it away in this article, but for the last couple months it has proven itself, and I cannot wait to prove my theory again in August. This year has been one of my best years for trophy trout on the Middle Coast, and it is due to fishing certain areas during certain times. In doing this, we have set many personal bests and even upgraded a few clients on trout of a lifetime. For the month of August, if we can keep similar conditions in weather and water, I believe we can put this new key into motion again. With the help from the return-ing pods of redfish it may be even better, because I am a firm believer to catch a trophy trout, you must surround yourself with redfish. In saying that, you will be able to find me on the water many days an hour or so before daylight if need be, or staying out well past when the weekend traffic has decided to call it a day. I will be positioning myself on particular stretches of shoreline, making sure we are jumping out of the boat at the correct time armed with topwaters and soft plastics. Remember, do not be scared of freshwater flow into a bay system. Yes, it might mean you have to change your game plan a little, but that is one of the most exciting parts of my days, trying to figure out the pattern on these fish. Water depth, bait fish, bottom structure, ect. If you want to improve yourself, get away from spot fishing, and start learning how to read the water, pay attention at each location of the day. Try to answer the why’s or why nots, and learn from it. Whatever outdoor activity draws you in during the winter months, N&M Sportsman’s Adventures has something for every enthusiast. I have dedicated myself to running a full time guiding operation since 2007, and willdo my best to meet the needs and standards of any customer. Much of this wouldn’t be possible without great companies and fine folks standing beside me. I am thankful I get to make my living sharing my saltwater/hunting experience with people. I would like to thank Kresta’s Boats and Motors in Edna, Texas, for always keeping me on the water. Majek boats for building a dependable and smooth ride. Waterloo Rods in Victoria, Texas, for an awesome product that allows me the best sensitivity in a rod. Fins Braid for making line I can depend on to never fail when fighting fish, and Hookset Marine Gear for great wading products. Their wading belts offer so much back support, I do not ache at the end of a long day. Thanks to Down South Lures for providing my customers and I with durable soft plastics with a great action. Port O’Connor Rod and Gun team, they have a great selection of tackle, clothing, and waterfowl needs for all levels of outdoorsmen. Also, Buggs T. Fishing lures, baits that redfish can’t resist. Thank y’all! Captain Nathan Beabout Cell; (210) 452-9680 N&M Sportsman’s Adventures “Like” us on Facebook512-608-38034402 02 w. w morrow morrow st st GGEORGETOWN, EORGETOWN TTXXTUESDAY-SATURDAY 11AM-8PM fullhousebbqgt@att.netFULL HOUSEBBQ A Shot of Texas Magazine™ 15WingShooting16 Shot of Texas Magazineâ&#x201E;¢or more than thirty years, the Orvis Company, Inc. has been recognizing excellence in providing world-class fly-fishing and wingshooting experiences through its Endorsed Lodges, Outfitters and Guides program. This designation also speaks to an operation’s environmental commitment, stewardship of their associated natural resource, and partnership with Orvis in providing the finest fly-fishing and wingshooting experience possible for the Orvis customer. The winners of these coveted awards were announced during the 2017 Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula, Montana, on April 28 and the winner of the 2017 Orvis Wingshooting Guide of the Year award was Eric Harrison, a guide at Orvis-endorsed wingshooting lodge, Joshua Creek Ranch, outside of San Antonio, Texas. Located in the beautiful Texas hill country, the lodge is nestled on an isolated stretch of land, surrounded by pristine rivers and mesquite and oak trees that offer shade. Here you can find Eric, the ranch’s top wingshooting guide, his dogs at his side, hunting with his clients.The Orvis Wingshooting Guide of Year award is Eric’s first. When you meet him, his passion for wingshooting and the experience provided at the lodge is clear within seconds. “The owners of this ranch have given me every opportunity to succeed and have provided the tools to get where I am now—at the best hunting ranch in the country, with the best dogs to train and run with. They deserve a lot of thanks.” Eric is the ranch’s lead hunting guide, sporting clays manager, gamebird keeper and dog trainer. Like all Orvis-endorsed lodges, this lodge provides a spectacular experience. Gourmet dining and lodging with gorgeous views completes the ultimate outdoor experience in uniquely diverse terrain. In addition to packages for lodging, hunting and dining, guests are also outfitted with appropriate fishing and hunting gear and rentals, including shotguns and fly-fishing rods, if needed. Guest harvests are cleaned and freezer packed for convenience and taxidermy services are available as well. There are nearly 500 five-star reviews from clients who purchased the ranch’s Orvis wingshooting package. Eric has been at the ranch for 11 years, but started hunting at the ripe old age of four. Growing up in Kentucky along the Ohio River, his first targets were bumblebees he’d take out with a .22, under the watchful eye of his father. “Soon I was hunting squirrel, then ducks and then deer. Hunting is a journey—my dad and I have gone bear hunting in Saskatchewan and dove-shooting in Argentina.” His love of hunting has been his driving focus his whole life. After earning a degree in game preserve management from Southeastern Illinois College, he came to the ranch. Continued on page 31A Shot of Texas Magazine™ 17What You Don’t Know About Lake CalaverasKathy Ragsdale“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.” Dr. Seuss could have been at Lake Calaveras when he wrote those immortal words.ake Calaveras is a reservoir located in Bexar (pronounced Bear) County, about 15 miles southeast of San Antonio on Calaveras Creek, a tributary of the San Antonio River. The reservoir was created by the construction of Calaveras Creek Dam in 1969, and was built specifically to deliver cooling water to the power plants that provide electricity to San Antonio. So, it makes perfect sense that this dam and lake, along with the smaller Braunig Lake, areL 18 Shot of Texas Magazine™owned and operated by City Public Service (CPS,) the energy provider for the City of San Antonio. You gain access to these lakes by way of the Lakes Calaveras and Braunig Parks, also owned by CPS. To the average man (or woman) on the street, these may just seem to be Fun Facts to Know and Tell. But to the serious angler, especially those that a
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