1. A SLIDESHOW THROUGH TIME 2. In the beginning…. July 1 st 1947 Trustees of the Steubenville District of the North-East Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church, signed…
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  • 2. In the beginning…. July 1 st 1947 Trustees of the Steubenville District of the North-East Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church, signed the first lease for the original 17 acres of Camp Aldersgate. The lease was signed by: Charles Fellows, Trustee President S.M. Floyd, Secretary / Treasure M.L. Pugh Clayton Tope Norman Detwiler Dr. Paul Carter, District Superintendent
  • 3. The next slide is: Camp Aldersgate in September 1947 Currently, the first known pictures of Aldersgate. The people in the picture are standing about where our current cabin 5 is located. They are looking out over what is now our waterfront.
  • 4. September 1947 pic overlooking waterfront
  • 5. These next several slides show some of the building on camp. One picture is from our past and the other picture shows the building as it looked in 2006.
  • 6. The Dining Hall of Today The Dining Hall of Yesteryear,
  • 7. The Indoor Chapel of Today The Indoor Chapel of Yesteryear.
  • 8. Cabin One of Today Cabin One of Yesteryear
  • 9. Guys who built Aldersgate. Seated at the location of our current maintenance shop.
  • 10. Youth Musical, Directing Marie Ray
  • 11. Dee Horstman
  • 12. Looking at the Kitchen from a bedroom window from Horstman lodge. This is late 1950’s.
  • 13. The Basketball court, before there was a basketball court….cool.
  • 14. Harry Horstman and some people. Notice the old Arts and Crafts shed behind them…yep…it no longer is there.
  • 15. Harry Horstman driving the boat, and Pearl Johnson seated to the right of the picture.
  • 16. The swimming area in the early 1960’s
  • 17. We will now show some other slides from our past. After each slide, you will find a copy of the slide with boxes and labels to show were things are today; hopefully you will be able to see how things have changed. Enjoy
  • 18. This is were cabin eight is today. This is were cabin five is today. This is were the canoe launch is today
  • 19. Were Cabin eight is Were Cabin five is today today Waterfront steps
  • 20. Waterfront Steps Canoe Launch
  • 21. Activity Center, us to be named the Dorm Indoor Chapel Not really sure who they are, if you do, please let us know
  • 22. The Dining Hall.
  • 23. Activity Cabin 5 Center Cabin 8 Canoe Launch
  • 24. In this picture, you would be standing at the bottom of our waterfront steps today looking out over the lake.
  • 25. WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE SLIDES, LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS. IF YOU HAVE PICTURES OF CAMP TO SHARE, PLEASE CONTACT US. Camp Aldersgate 3276 Dyewood Road, Carrollton Ohio 44615 Email info@campaldersgate.org Website www.campaldersgate.org Blog www.campaldersgate.typepad.com
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