A statuette of Sobkhotep I from Kerma Tumulus X

Publication d'une statuette de Sobekhotep Ier, l'une des deux sculptures égyptiennes royales de la Xme dynastie qui ont ete trouvees a Kerma par Reisner pendant les campagnes de 1913-1916.
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  A statuette of Sobkhotep I from Kera Tuulus X* KMYLT Dring Resners evions  erm 193-916, nmeros gypin sptres nd  frgmens thereof were fond mny of whh hve never been fy pbshed Among the  frgmens of spre fond  ms X  were prs of sever roy stetes wo of  whih preserve he nmes of ings of he hirteenth Dynsty ne of hese ws represented ony by he wo fron orners of is se  whih onin he foowing insrpon:  he Good God Khhotepre eoved of Sis Ldy *  wld lik  hank D. Ria Fd  pmissin  pblish his bjc and D P d anlian  pvding h xcln phgaphs. 1 hs king was pvisl blivd  b h immdia sccss  Sbkhp IV (han) and hs nmbd « Sbhp V "  In m The Political Situation in Eypt during te Second ntermediate Period (Casn Nibh nsi Pblicains 20, 1997  is agd ha h was ah h scnd sccss  Sbkhp  and ha h shld b nmbd « Sbkhp    . F asains  his kng s ibid, Caalg l 3/3 2 Fhcming aicl in h Jarbuc  h Egpian sm in lin. 3 Plimina xcavan p A Risn Accssins  h Egpian Cllcns dng 1914", BMAXIII 1915 p 74 (cald Ra·kuw-tauwi) Fna xcavain ps id., Excavations at Kma, IIII Havad  Acan Sdis, V, 92, p 276277 id., xcavations at of ephnine  he ng n qeston s Sobhoep hhoepre who is reorded in he rn Kng-s VII/2 he remnng prt of he sete hs sbseqeny been idenied n the gyptn Msem in ern to whih he wo fron orners hve now been rnsferred  from he oston Msem of Fine Ars his stette nd i histori impitions wi be desribed esewhere he oher stee whih hs often een menioned in he ertre s here mde vibe for he rs time Pl 6-83 Kea I-V Havad Aican Sdis , 192 p 3 1 [6], p. 56517 g 343 [33 c h 220 Fh mnn  h sa inclds A Scha «Di Asgabng vn Ka", OLZ29 926 p.  9  SvSdbgh pten und Nubien, 941 p 1117118; P VII, 1952, p 178 Sck Studien zur Gescicte und Arceoloe d 3 bis 7 Dynastieptens, A 12, lcksad 955, p  48  AJ Akll,  A Hito of te Sudan, 1955, p 71-72 ;J vn cah, Di Knig mi dm hnnamn Smr' wt3wj S 84 959, p 8 ; id, Untesucungen ur poitiscen Gescicte dr  Zweiten Zwiscenzeit in pten  2 3 , 1965 p.  47, 7 [5  W Hck, «gpisch San im Asland Ein Chnlgischs Pblm  , U 8, 1976, p 101115   c 567 (s v Knigspasik);   V, cl 108 (s v Sbkhp  II ;  V, cl 1260, n  (s. v. San im  Asland  D. Fank «Z Chnlg ds iln Richs, Tl  II Orientaia 57 1988, p 254 I  is h ncdd and dscibd in WV Davis caalg  al 3  M RYOL The satuete is now in the Boson Museum of Fine Arts, accession n014.726 According o he Object Rester (ed nOl41521 and 143-1465) the statuete was found January th, 114 in a pace recorded respecivey as «Tumuus X-16» and Tumuus X-B debris »  The ater enry informs us ha i was found in the debrs of Corridor B he sacrica corridor of Tumuus X This corresponds wih the exca vaion report where i is said o have been  found near he oor of sacrcia corrdor. I  is however, aso said t was found  about six meters south of the burial ch mber»  which seems  impossibe since ths area es ouside the corridor, the buria chamber being bui aganst he southern wa of the corridor. A aready mentioned, the sauete is very damaged and a that remans is a roughy square bock consistng of he throne and base with he king's highs, hands, and egs. The upper haf of the sauete from above the thighs is ost as we as he fron of the base with he front par of the fee. The stauee represens he king seated on a throne with his ef hand at on his knee and the right hand gripping he foded coh He is wearing he -kit which has been carefuy paited The ceremonia ions ai is hanging down he front of the throne be ween his egs The ef and right sides of he throne are decoraed wih the unicaion (sm3) motive Two symmerica coumns on he fron of the hrone aong eher side of the egs conain he foowng nscrpions (Fig. 1:  The Good God, he Lord of the Two ands, King Sekhemrekhuawy he Son of Re of His Body A[menemhaSobkhoep  ] . Three kings hed the prenomen Sekhemrekhuawy sculpture of the Seond Intermediate Period in  A  royal st-tuereattributed, BMO28 198 p. 23 [9]   The statuette was acidently gven wo eldnumbers one o the day when it wa ound (n'4--52) and another 32 y /-"1'  • j !  ,  i Fig 1 : Let olumn o inscritio scale   2) on the da when it was removed to the resthouse (n-3-465) The later was later ancelled  5 Reisner Exvatin at Kerma, I p. 276  Reisner, Excavatin at Kerma IV-V p 56  A SATUEE F KHTEP I FR K UUS X duing the eond Ineediae Peiod he yodh  within he aouhe onaining the noen of he king P 8 B)  i heefoe an  iotant deai ine it eea the king o e enehetSokhote ie Sokhoe I, he   king of the hiteenh Dynay he inition on the ae ha eiouy een unnoied and i ony iie wih a ideigh. he  iatie noen whih houd e undeood a Sokhote, on of enehe" oai he Sokhoe I to e a on of enehet Is It wa euay foowed y the uua eihet d c  o c  ft and a  dediaion » my DN It  i unfotunate ha he dediation i ot ine it ight hae enaed u to deeine whee he tatuete ae fo ne oiii i tha it ae fo Eehanine ike he atuete of Sokhote hahoee entioned aoe, and that it wa taken a ooty duing a Nuian aid againt the iand he two oun hae etia ode ine whih ae owned y he kyhieogyh pt he aing now ha he aeaane of aeage wokanhi, u he diouion of the ufae ay in a e eonie  fo hi  Th da  h king i dal wih i Rh The Plitical Sitatin  Andix . Aai  h ing can  nd ibid, Caalg  3 Th w h kig  wih h nmn Shmkhaw a haa  h Thinh na (d ibid Caag l 36) and Pann  h Sixh na c ibid Caag l 6Ab) he een height of the tauee i 4   whih ugge ha he oigina height wa 65-7  he widh of the ae i intat and eaue 218  It een engh i 5  and  woud oiginay hae een aout 4  he tauette i ade of ietone, not aaate a taed eewhee. By exoue o wate the tauete ha uffeed fo extenie aking and dioution of the ufae, and i ha otained a  yeowih oo n a ino aea (c. 1  of the eft ide of the hone, he oigina ufae ay  e eeed he aea i a any ate, aied aoe he daaged ufae and i ooth. he ufae of thi aea i ak ut whehe thi i aint o due to e i no ea. N   P I PN   X   Puiaion dune tauete de Soekhoe I,  une de deux uue gyienne oyae de a  dynaie qui ont t toue a ea a Reine endant e aagne de 19196 S. Th liai nmina d ding h a hnh na a dicd in K.S. Rhl A Rcdain  m Ral Nmn  h Thh na  in GM , 0,  03 id The Plitical Sitatin Cha 3  c al id, «  A ad  ing Ranib and a N n ig Qnaw" GM 567 . 500 33     PLC 6  A B PLHE 7 16
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