A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Your Career

Brought to you by Career and Employment Services Schenectady County Community College 222 Elston Hall (518)381-1365 Table of Contents 1) Career Development Theories and it s Impact on 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Education and Career Choices Getting to Know Yourself Career Exploration Getting to Your Destination Becoming a Professional Networking Written Communication Searching for Opportunities The Interview Keeping the Job The road to success is always under construction ~
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  Brought to you by Career and Employment ServicesSchenectady County Community College222 Elston Hall(518)  Table of Contents 1) Career Development Theories and its Impact onEducation and Career Choices 2) Getting to Know Yourself  3) Career Exploration 4) Getting to Your Destination 5) Becoming a Professional 6) Networking 7)  Written Communication 8) Searching for Opportunities 9) The Interview 10) Keeping the Job  The road tosuccess is alwaysunder construction ~L ily Tomlin  Career Development:A lifelong process  A  lthough there are many theories on Career Development and howdifferent factors impact our decisions regarding career and education,most will agree that the overall goal of career counseling and planningis to work toward a career goal that you will get some sort of satisfactionfrom.  A  t this point in life, most of us have some idea of the things we aregood at, the things we enjoy, and the type of environment we like to bein. We seek these out and continue to develop not only our personalidentities, but our work identities as well. The work environmentsthat will suit us the best are those that intertwine the two and allow usto develop personally and professionally. Therefore, it is important forus to know how our identities will impact our reaction to ourenvironments.
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