A Study of the Buddhist Architectural Works1

Buddhist Architecture
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  A Study of the Buddhist Architectural Works of Bagan Period (AD 1084-1113 1. Introduction2. Spread of Buddhism in Myanmar 3. Introduction of Buddhism to Bagan4. A Brief Account of Buddhist Architectural Works in Bagan. !ing !yansittha his #ife and Works for Buddhism$. A Study of the Buddhist Architectural Works from !ing !yansittha%s &ime'. Significance of the Buddhist Architectural Works from !ing !yansittha%s &ime(. )onclusion an *+er+ie,-. eferences  A Study of the Buddhist Architectural Works of Bagan Period (AD 1084-1113 &he study of the spread of Buddhism in Myanmar usually includes the cultural aspects of Buddhism such as Buddhist literature/ Buddhist artefacts and Buddhist architectural designs. &his 0eing so/ the aim of this dissertation is to study the monumental Buddhist architectural ,orks in Myanmar. But e+en the pilgrimage of all  pagodas throughout the country is +irtually impossi0le/ let alone the study of them. So the scope of this dissertation has 0een narro,ed do,n to the Buddhist architectural ,orks of Bagan eriod A 1113 centuries5/ in ,hich !ing !yansittha/ Thiluin Man as usually referred to 0y historians/ 0uilt religious edifices throughout his administration A 16(411135.uring his t,entynine yearlong reign/ !ing !yansittha is 0elie+ed to ha+e  0uilt the follo,ing ten Buddhist edifices the Sh,e7igon agoda/ the !yaukgu )a+e/ the 0uilding near Mya !an the 8merald #ake5 at the foot of Mt. &uy,in/ the ahtothamya agoda/ the 9atlaungkyaung &emple antheon5/ the hyatsash,egu/ the 9agayon/ the A0eyadana/ the :u0yaukkyi and the famous Ananda &emple. &he other pagodas and stupas associated ,ith his lifestories include the 9andange in Sonkon/ Bagan5/ the Minohchantha/ the Sh,esedi on the eastern ,alk,ay of the Sh,e7igon5/ the &hetta,ya/ the &hetta,shay/ the Myinmimyintha, ;5/ the Minmya,ya7a/ the Sh,eyinmethan/ the Saungtangyi/ the <imana in &aung0i +illage5/ the Wutle pagoda ;5/ the asittouk pagoda/ the :u0yat/ the :u0isat/ the Sh,ehtisaung/ the :u0yaukkyi near Wetkyi lake5/ the :uni on a hillock east of  9yaungu5/ and the yankyi pagoda. But scholars claim that the architectural designs of the :u0yaukkyi near Wetkyi lake5/ the Alopyay/ the Myinpyagu Bagan =ill5 and the &hiripyissaya Small )a+e 9o. 162$>41( 5 also 0elong to the time of !ing !yansittha. &his dissertation ,ill study the architectural designs of the a0o+ementioned religious edifices in se+en parts. &he first part is concerned ,ith the introduction of Buddhism to Myanmar/ relating the religious 0ackground of the time.  &he second part ,ill descri0e the spread of Buddhism in Bagan/ dra,ing on the archeological sur+eys and the ,orks of historians.&he third part ,ill discuss Buddhist architectural designs in general according to their specific types. In the fourth part/ !ing !yansittha%s life and religious achie+ements ,ill 0e  presented. In the fifth part/ !ing !yansittha%s religious edifices ,ill 0e discussed according to their architectural designs such as temples/ pagodas and ca+es. &he si?th part aims to gauge and e+aluate the de+elopment of Buddhism in !ing !yansittha%s time 0y looking at the distincti+e features of his religious edifices against the ,orks of his predecessors. &he dissertation concludes ,ith an o+er+ie, of the ,hole study in the se+enth  part.
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