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   A STUDY ON FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES(FUTURES & OPTIONS)  Under the Esteemed guidance of   Lecturer of Business Management Project Report submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of Degree of  Master of Business Administration DECLARATION I hereby declare that this project titled “ A   STUDY ON FINANCIALDERIVATIVES (FUTURES & OPTIONS) ” submitted by me to thedepartment of Business Management !!!! is a bonafide wor" underta"en by me and it is not submitted to any other uni#ersity or institution for theaward of any degree $certificate or published any time before%  ABSTRACT &he emergence of the mar"et for deri#ati#es products most notablyforwards futures and options can be trac"ed bac" to the willingness of ris"'a#erse economic agents to guard themsel#es against uncertainties arising outof fluctuations in asset prices% Deri#ati#es are ris" management instrumentswhich deri#e their #alue from an underlying asset% &he following are three broad categories of participants in the deri#ati#es mar"et (edgers)peculators and *rbitragers% Prices in an organi+ed deri#ati#es mar"etreflect the perception of mar"et participants about the future and lead the price of underlying to the percei#ed future le#el% In recent times theDeri#ati#e mar"ets ha#e gained importance in terms of their #ital role in theeconomy% &he increasing in#estments in stoc"s ,domestic as well aso#erseas- ha#e attracted my interest in this area% .umerous studies on theeffects of futures and options listing on the underlying cash mar"et #olatility  ha#e been done in the de#eloped mar"ets% &he deri#ati#e mar"et is newlystarted in India and it is not "nown by e#ery in#estor so )/BI has to ta"esteps to create awareness among the in#estors about the deri#ati#e segment%In cash mar"et the profit$loss of the in#estor depends on the mar"et price of the underlying asset% &he in#estor may incur huge profit or he may incur huge loss% But in deri#ati#es segment the in#estor enjoys huge profits withlimited downside% Deri#ati#es are mostly used for hedging purpose% In order to increase the deri#ati#es mar"et in India )/BI should re#ise some of their regulations li"e contract si+e participation of 0II in the deri#ati#es mar"et%In a nutshell the study throws a light on the deri#ati#es mar"et%  *12.34L/D5/M/.&4ith the deep sense of gratitude I wish to ac"nowledge the support and helpe6tended by all the people in successful completion of this project wor"%I e6press my gratitude to our Principal XXX for his consistent support (eadof the Department XXX   for his encouragement% I would li"e to than" allthe faculty members who ha#e been a strong source of inspiration throughout the project directly or indirectly%  XXXX  &*BL/ 30 13.&/.&)13.&/.&)P*5/ .7MB/R)List of tables IList of charts and figures II1hapter 89Introduction8 .eed of the study :3bjecti#es;)cope < Limitations=Research methodology>1hapter :9Literature re#iew?1hapter ;9Deri#ati#es8:1hapter =9Data analysis < Interpretations=@1hapter >9
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