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  APROJECT REPORT ON“A STUDY ON FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS”(TRADITIONAL APPROACH)SUBMITTED TOMAHAKAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, UJJAINTOWARDSPARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE AWARD OF DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA)OFVIKRAM UNIVERSITY, UJJAIN (M.P.)June-July 2010 DECLARATIONI, the undersigned, Rini Jacob hereby declare that the present, summer project title “A Study on Financial instrument” (traditional approach) is based on my srcinal work and my indebtedness to other works, publication, has been duly acknowledged at relevant places.Signature of the Student:Rini JacobACKNOWLEDGEMENTI take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude towards all the persons who helped me through their guidance and cooperation to complete the project successfully. It is great privilege and honor to have an opportunity of doingproject at Karvy stock broking limited Ujjain.First of all I would like to give my sincere thanks to Mr. Bunty Kumar (branch manager) for granting me permission to do my training on FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS (TRADITIONAL APPROACH). I m very grateful to my project guide for his generous guidance and giving full co-operation to me despite their hectic schedule. .  I express my sincere gratitude to all persons who gave me guidance and help forconducting this study.CONTENTSA.General training:IntroductionHistory of the organisationMission and vision of KarvyOrganisational structureKarvy groupServices offered by Karvy groupAchievements of Karvy groupSWOT analysisB.Special project undertaken:Chapter 1: introductionChapter 2: Research methodologyIntroduction to the projecta)The study and objectivesb)Samplec)ToolsãData collectionãData analysisChapter 3: results and interpretation of resultsChapter 4: suggestion and conclusionAppendicesBibliographyINTRODUCTIONKarvy is a premier integrated financial services provider and ranked among the top five in the country in all its business segments. It services over 16 millionindividual investors in various capacities and provides investor services to over 300 corporate, comprising who is who of Corporate India.It is a member of all three:-  National Stock Exchange (NSE)  Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)   Hyderabad Stock Exchange (HSE)Karvy utilized its experience and superlative expertise to capitalize on its strengths and better its services, innovate and provide new ones. It’s diversified inthe process and thus evolved as India’s premier integrated financial services enterprise.Karvy has been a customer centric company since its inception. It offers a single platform servicing multiple financial instruments in its bid to offer completefinancial solution to the varying needs of both corporate and retail investors,where and extensive range of services are provided with great volume- management capability.Karvy covers the entire spectrum of financial services such as stock broking, depository, participants, distribution of financial product- mutual funds, bonds,fixed deposit, equities, insurance broking, commodities broking, personal finance advisory services, merchant banking & corporate finance, placement of equity,IPOs, among others.HISTORY OF ORGANIZATIONKarvy was started by a group of five chartered accountants in 1979. The partnersdecided to offer, other than the audit services, value added services like corporate advisory services to their clients. The first firm in the group, Karvy Consultants Limited was incorporated on 23rd July, 1983. In a very short period, itbecame the largest Registrar and Transfer Agent in India. This business was spun off to form a separate joint venture with Computershare of Australia, in 2005.Karvy’s foray into stock broking began with marketing IPOs, in 1993. Within a fewyears, Karvy began topping the IPO procurement league tables and it has consistently maintained its position among the top 5. Karvy was among the first few members of National Stock Exchange, in 1994 and became a member of The Stock Exchange, Mumbai in 2001. Dematerialization of shares gathered pace in mid-90s and Karvy was in the forefront educating investors on the advantages of dematerializingtheir shares. Today Karvy is among the top 5 Depositary Participant in India.While the registry business is a 50:50 Joint Venture with Computershare of Australia, we have equity participation by ICICI Ventures Limited and Barings Asia Limited, in Karvy Stock Broking Limited. For a snapshot of our organization structure, please click here.Karvy has always believed in adding value to services it offers to clients. A top-notch research team based in Mumbai and Hyderabad supports its employees to advise clients on their investment needs. With the information overload today, Karvy’s team of analysts help investors make the right calls, be it equities, mf, insurance. On a typical working day Karvy:ãHas more than 25,000 investors visiting our 575 offices.ãPublishes / broadcasts at least 50 buy / sell callsãAttends to 10,000+ telephone callsãMails 25,000 envelopes, containing Annual Reports, dividend cheques / advises, allotment / refund advisesãExecutes 150,000+ trades on NSE / BSEãExecutes 50,000 debit / credit in the depositary accountsMISSION AND VISION OF KARVY  MISSION STATEMENT OF KARVY:An organization exists to accomplish something or achieve something. The missionstatement indicates what an organization wants to achieve .Karvy’s mission statement is “TO BRING INDUSTRY, FINANCE AND PEOPLE TOGETHER”Karvy act as an intermediary between industry and people. It work as an investment advisor and helps people to invest their money ,same way Karvy helps industryin achieving finance from people by issuing shares,debentures,bonds,mutual funds, fixed deposits.VISION OF KARVY:Company’s vision is crystal clear and mind frame very directed.”To be pioneering financial services company and continue to grow at a healthy pace, year after year,decade after decade. Company foray into IT- enabled services and internet business has provided an opportunity to explore new frontiers and business solution;to build a corporate that sets benchmark for others to follow.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREKARVY GROUPKarvy has travelled the success route, towards building a reputation as an integrated financial service provider, offering a wide spectrum of services for over20 years.Karvy, a name long committed to service at its best. A fame acquired through therange of corporate and retail services including merchant banking, mutual funds, fixed income, equity investments, insurance, commodities to name a few. Our values and vision of attaining total competence in our servicing has served as abuilding block for creating a large financial enterprise.The Karvy group of companies are:Karvy stock broking ltd.:A member of National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Hy

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