A Study on Impact of Visual Merchandising on Sales at BB-Vizag

Impact of Visual Merchandising on sales in a retail store
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  A Study on Impact of Visual Merchandising on Sales at Big Bazaar, Visakhapatnam Guide/Mentor: Mr. Mandeep Sing Hayer, Assistant Professor Mr. Babji, Visual Merchandiser Presented By: K. Syam Sundar, MBA, Q1302  Contents ã Introduction ã Need for the Study ã Objective of the Study ã Retail Industry ã Company Profile ã Research Methodology ã Data Analysis & Interpretation ã Findings & Recommendations ã Conclusion      It is the art of displaying merchandise in a store, in a manner that is appealing to the eyes of the customer.  This helps in presenting the products/services in a way that would convert the window shoppers into prospective customers and ultimately buyers of the product.  Visual merchandising will include store layout, window displays, signages, cosmetic promotions and any other sales promotions taking place in the store.  Retailer has roughly seven seconds to capture the attention of a passing customer.   Introduction  Need For The Study  Visual merchandising today forms a critical element of retailing.  Besides the facade & windows, which are clearly done up with an objective to attract passer-bys and induce walk-ins, there is also in-store decor that is designed to enhance the customer‟s  comfort and convenience while shopping & overall, offer a superior shopping experience.  Especially in today‟s  challenging economy, people may avoid designers/ visual merchandisers because they fear unmanageable costs. But in reality, visual merchandisers can help economize by avoiding costly mistakes.  With guidance of a professional, retailer can eliminate errors, saving time & money.


Jul 23, 2017
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