A Study On The Financial Performance Of Big Bazaar Organization Study At BIG BAZAAR

A Study On The Financial Performance Of Big Bazaar Organization Study At BIG BAZAAR
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    A Study On The Financial Performance Of Big Bazaar Organization Study At BIG BAZAAR MALLESWARAM BANGALORE Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements of Bangalore University for the Award of the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION   By BIPROJIT DEY REG No: 13SKCMA161 Under the Guidance of Prof. VENKATRAMAN SUBRAMANIAN   AIMS (ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND SCIENCES) Peenya, Bangalore 2013 - 2015    DECLARATION I, BIPROJIT DEY, hereby declare that this Organisation Study Report titled   A Study On The Financial Performance Of Big Bazaar is based on the srcinal study conducted by me under the guidance of Prof. Venkatraman Subramanian.   This report has not been submitted earlier for the award of any other degree / diploma by Bangalore University or any other University. Place : Bangalore Date :  BIPROJIT DEY    CERTIFICATE Certified that this organization Study Report titled “ A STUDY ON THE FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF BIG BAZAAR ”    based on an srcinal study conducted by BIPROJIT DEY of IIIrd Semester MBA under the guidance of Prof. VENKATRAMAN SUBRAMANIAN Professor MBA department. This report is based on the srcinal study undergone and has not formed the basis for the award of any other degree/diploma by Bangalore University or any other University. Prof. Venkatraman Subramanian Dr. Kerron G Reddy Professor MBA department CEO and Principal Place: Bangalore Place: Bangalore Date: Date:    Acknowledgement An undertaking of work life - this is never an outcome of a single person; rather it bears the imprints of a number of people who directly or indirectly helped me in completing the  present study. I would be failing in my duties if I don't say a word of thanks to all those who made my training period educative and pleasurable one. I am thankful to B   ig Bazaar, Malleshwaram for giving me an opportunity to do the internship in the company. First of all, I am extremely grateful to Mr. Tarun Saha (Store Karta) for his guidance, encouragement and tutelage during the course of the internship despite his extremely busy schedule. My very special thanks to him for giving me the opportunity to do this project and for his support throughout as a mentor. I must also thank my faculty guide Prof.   Venkatraman Subramanian  (Faculty, Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences) for his continuous support, mellow criticism and able directional guidance during the project. I would also like to thank all the respondents for giving their precious time and relevant information and experience, I required, without which the Project would have been incomplete. Finally I would like to thank all lecturers, friends and my family for their kind support and to all who have directly or indirectly helped me in preparing this project report. And at last I am thankful to all divine light and my parents, who kept my motivation and zest for knowledge always high through the tides of time.   Biprojit Dey Date:    Contents : CHAPTER CONTENTS Page No. CHAPTER 1 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Industry Profile 1.3 Company profile 1.4 Products Profile 1.5 Competitors Profile 1 8 21 33 34 CHAPTER 2 Organization Structure   36 CHAPTER 3 Functional Departments 3.1 Human Resource Dpmt 3.2 Customer Service Desk 3.3 Administration 3.4 Logistics 3.5 Marketing Department 3.6 Sales Department 39 40 40 41 42 43 43 CHATPER 4 Ethical / Best Policies / Policies in the organisation 45 CHAPTER 5 SWOT Analysis 48 CHAPTER 6 McKinsay 7 Model Discussion 51 CHAPTER 7 Research Problem Study 57 CHAPTER 8 Findings, Suggestions & Conclusion   70 CHAPTER 9 Bibliography & Annexure 74
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