A suspicious object

It was her first ever time to go out with a ‘ben’, that’s how those hairy creatures were called during her youthful years; and in spite of that romantic recollection, she did not let him have her for another passionate round this morning, but sent him away quite rudely.
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  Summer tempest – an excerptHaving completed packing her personal effects, Erella descended to the hotel’srestaurant for a light late breakfast, and a cup or two of black coffee. She couldhave called room service and ordered them to bring it straight to her suite, butshe preferred to get down to the restaurant at this late hour; to teach thosemiserable provincials how to behave, push around a bit the entire restuarantstaff, make them sweat round her table.Anyway they deserve it! She has descended this very morning at six am after all,to the swimming pool; to learn to her regret that it opens up to hotel’s guestsonly when the lifeguard arrives, at about nine am. Nothing helped her this time,all her demands for a VIP treatment, which was unquestionably due to her wererejected. With no other choice she went out to the beach to bathe in the sea’scold water a few moments, instead of her early morning habitual half an hourswimming.While drinking her black coffee she thought of Yoske again, chuckling softly.Although she had to bathe in the sea this morning it did not remind her the firstdateShe had with Yoske, when they went toThe sea shore together. It was her first ever time to go out with a ‘ben’, that’show those hairy creatures were called during her youthful years; and in spite ofthat romantic recollection, she did not let him have her for another passionateround this morning, but sent him away quite rudely.Her cell phone was ringing, barging into her thoughts, it was her sister Vivi.‘Erella have you checked out already, I’ve phoned your suite…’‘I’m in the restaurant, what about you? Are you on your way or at home still?’‘I’ll be with you in five mintutes at the most.’‘Vivid beauty!’ Erella muttered, expressing a kind of improvised happiness, usingan archaic Hebrew term, drawn from the depth of her memory; the absolute rightterm at the times when she and her sister were teenagers, a term that reminded herthe happy days of her youth. ‘Fine, we’ll have enough time to sit together a fewmoments and have a nice cup of coffee.’ Erella added and switched off.Hardly two minutes passed and her young sister stood at the hotel’s restaurantthreshold, looking for her. As soon as she located Erella a rather easy task, asErella was the only guest at that late hour, she rushed to her excited withblushed cheeks.Erella bothered herself this time to leave her seat, and embrace warmly her youngsister, she exchanged kisses on both cheeks and affable smiles with her youngsister.‘Sit down Vivi, sit down,’ she said pushing her sister gently toward the nearestchair. ‘How’s Itsik and the kids?’‘They’re fine… You’re coming to us now, aren’t you?’ Vivi asked with a suddensense of alarm.‘Sure just as we’ve agreed, I’ll stay the weekend with you, and you’ll see me tothe airport.’‘It’s such a pity that you’re already flying back, I wanted you so much to staywith us at least two more weeks.’‘Maybe next time Vivi.’ Erella replied raising her arm, to summon the lone waiterthat was left to serve them. The latter rushed to their table, causing Erella tosmile with much satisfaction.‘More coffee and what pastry do you have? What would you like Vivi?’ She turned toher sister before the waiter managed to answer her.‘With your permission I would recommend our…‘Okay, okay fetch us your full assortment.’Erella ordered him briskly, sending him off.‘Have you bought some presents for our kids, you promised them, remember?’ Viviasked her as soon as the waiter left their table.‘Oh com’on Vivi do you think that I’ve got time for such things? Besides, I don’t  know what to buy them. Alright don’t put on that Yom Kippur face of yours, we’llbuy it on our way, okay?’‘Okay,’ Vivi agreed relieved, watching the approaching waiter.They were silent while the waiter unloaded his tea cart and placed a steamy coffeepot, cups, the assortment of cakes on the table, made a polite slight bow towardsthem and left.‘I’ve bought tickets to the Safari for Saturday morning.’ Vivi said while Erellawas pouring the hot coffee into their cups.‘What Safari what are you talking about? What kind of a Safari one can do here?’‘We’ve got an open zoo over here some years already, where visitors may enter itriding their cars.’ Vivi remarked quite offended. ‘Do me a favor Erella, don’ttreat us like some third world country. It isn’t maybe the level that you’re usedto in America, but we aren’t lagging behind you in this country.’‘Okay don’t get excited, what can one see over there?’‘It’s a large and a fine zoo, with numerous kinds of animals, lions, elephants,even giraffes, and for the kids it will be an exceptional experience.’‘They haven’t visited there yet?’‘No they haven’t, and it will be a wonderful opportunity to be together and itwould surely make the kids happy.’‘Sure thing, where is that zoo exactly located?’‘Near Ramat-Gan not far from Mesubim junction, you know along the Geha road…’‘Don’t talk to me in riddles Vivi, how long does it take to get there?’‘About half an hour, or a few more moments.’‘How do you expect us to get there? You’ve sold your car some three months ago,haven’t you? That’s what you’ve told me.’‘Well, that’s no problem at all, we’ll take a cab.’‘Oh com’on Vivi, a cab with a driver, we won’t be able to talk freely. We’ll hirea van with enough comfortable space. You’ve got a license as far as I know, sowill load my luggage and drive straight to your home. We’ll hire it for a fullweek, thus you’ll see me to the airport on Saturday and enjoy it a few more days –What do you say Vivi?’ There’s a solution to every trivial problem, and that kindof a solution would surely be the right one. Erella thought watching her kidsister’s worried face.‘But I can’t drive a van, I’ve got a B license.’‘How about Itsik?’‘He’s got such license but he’s at work, and they’re so strict on working hoursover there…’‘Call him, I’ll talk with his boss.’About an hour passed and Itsik arrived. During that time Erella checked out, hireda van at the car hire agency next to the hotel, and supervised the loading of herluggage in it. Itsik found them waiting for him in the hotel’s lobby.To leave the town on their way to her sister and her brother in law new apartmentin Herzelia, wasn’t too difficult; but as soon as they hit the highroad they haveencountered a traffic jam, at first they were crawling in first gear hardly half amile, and then in a rather short while they had to stop, bumper to bumper – withno possibility to move ahead or retreat back.Erella lost her patience. ‘What’s going on here for God’s sake?’‘It must be a suspicious object, if it was just a security check we would havebeen driving on…’ Itsik told her clearing his throat with embarrassment. ‘Yes thatmust be it, they’ve stopped the traffic in the other direction too.’ He addedcoughing lightly.‘I should have hired a caravan with a shower and a lavatory, how can you live insuch conditions?’
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