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  A Sustainability Guide for Everyday Folk  ~1 Year Edition~  Over 200 Topics and Suestions !overin ealt#$ Food$ yiene$ Art$ and %ore &edistribute and Alter Freely'ritten (ece)ber 2010 *y Sae$ +pdated (ece)ber 2,$ 2011   *Note that this guide was srcinally written for a single person as a quick brain dump of my collective knowledge of sustainable living in the city, though most information applies to those living in rural areas as well. Citations and comprehensive research were neglected, thus some information may be outdated, uncertain, or incomplete. Further research should be done on any given area. The beginnings of my environmental knowledge began years ago at the website Tree ugger and many individual web searches for specific pieces of data.     T  a   b   l  e   O   f   !  o  n   t  e  n   t  s 0 - True Sustainability . /ersonal !#anes and (irect Action - Transportation - Free T#ins -/urc#asin - yiene and !leanin - Food - 'aste - /#ysical and %ental 'ell-*ein- False Advertisin - deoloical -Enery Savin - 'ater - &elations#ips and /arentin - !o))unity 3ivin - 4on- u)ans and /ets - Arts and !raftin -/articipatin 0- T   rue S   ustainability5 /   ersonal !   #anes and (   irect A   ction   6t#e )ost i)portant part to read7 There are several reasons why a person might want to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. For the  person desiring harmony with nature and knowledge of living off the land, personal changes are at the core of their needs. !eyond personal fulfillment, persons pursuing this pathway will be great teachers as changing climates and environmental catastrophe force a larger portion of humanity to adopt sustainability into their lifestyles. This ine largely covers these personal changes. For a person striving to create a sustainable society, emphasis must be placed beyond individual habits and instead rising up for and against various institutions. The individual is not the primary blame for the environmental catastrophes which have taken place in years past. #nfortunately, a vast ma$ority of people in industriali ed countries have grown up within an economic or cultural situation which prevents them from pursuing sustainable pathways. %hile what you buy and how you consume resources can be a powerful statement and marginally help the environment, a comple& system of governments and corporations desiring wealth and power result in the ma$ority of environmental destruction, and thus should be the target of those desiring a sustainable planet. These institutions like individuals blaming themselves because it leaves the institutions free to continue destroying. 'o not blame yourself or your peers. T#e )ost i)portant step to a sustainable future ri#t no8 is c#anin #o8 corporations and overn)ents are run rat#er t#an #o8 you act9  (ersons desiring this pathway must still be aware of the problems abound, and so ) still urge them to read this ine, or at least the section on participating.  -- T   ransportation   *et a conversion kit to make your car run on bio-diesel or veie oil . +ou can also convert a bicycle to run very efficiently on gasoline or electricity and other forms of fuel. * ncreasin your %/G   +ou can increase your miles per gallon by driving certain ways. )-ve even heard people doubling their ( rating/ Turn off the engine while going downhill. +ou can draft behind other vehicles to cut down on wind resistance. 0ehicles have speeds at which they run most efficiently which people commonly say is 11 (, but it changes depending on the vehicle. #sually the low end of the 2( power band is most efficient. 3bove 45 ( you should use the fan or air conditioner 6if you must7 instead of having a window open to reduce drag. The radio, cd player, and lights do not take up that much energy, but still consume some e&tra fuel. 8top an accelerate slowly to conserve your  brakes and conserve a little more fuel. Carry less in your vehicle. *#se car rental services  when you need a vehicle or a bigger vehicle instead of buying one. *'rive a smaller car 9 These generally get better fuel mileage and need less raw materials to make.*!uy a used car 9 the energy and money costs of a used vehicle generally are far less than buying a new vehicle. 'o a cost comparison with gas mileage in the picture for a 1 year period. * &ide a bicycle . There are folding bicycles that can be easily transported in a car or  bus too. *For transporting materials, a rack can be attached to the bicycle with panniers 6saddle  bags7, or a bicycle trailer can be used for hauling larger things. )-ve even seen people hauling a trailer shelter for sleeping in/* itc##ike  9 ake a sign with a sharpie and some cardboard and get on the highway or an offramp/ 2ead up on hitchhiking laws before going out. The west coast is one of the best  places to hitchhike. *(ick up hitchhikers or offer rideshares.* &ides#are  6:istings on Craigslist and other bulletins7. This is more e&pensive than hitchhiking but much less than taking the bus. )t-s safer and less time intensive than hitchhiking too.*2ide a motorcycle if you don-t need to transport much. They are very efficient. *#tili e public transportation/ Trains, buses, subways, trolleys and the like.* !arpool  with people at your work or announce you-re starting one yourself/ *Try to avoid traveling long distances. :ocali e your social groups and cultural interests/ -- F   ree T   #ins   * (u)pster (ivin   'umpsters are usually not as dirty as  people will lead you to believe. ;specially in college towns after fall and spring terms, dumpsters are laden with goodies. These include furniture, clothing, appliances, even laptops and hard drives. +ou can also find dumpsters with unblemished food behind grocers and bakeries. * %ake it yourself  / enerally for very cheap or free you can  build furniture, make tools, or sew together clothing. 8tudy the way native peoples use6d7 tools and ethnobotany, the way  native peoples use6d7 plants. *#se paper from recycling bins for creating a daily planner 6$ust take a bunch of sheets and fold them in half to create a  booklet7, take notes on, or scribble on. * Free !ycle  6website7 9 (eople  post -for free- and -wanted for free- ads in various locales. * !raislist  6website7 9 any different sections, including free stuff in various locales. * *ackpae  6website7 9 8imilar to Craigslist. * Free *o:es  9 3 bo& left out ne&t to the sidewalk with assorted goods generally means it-s a  bo& full of free things. * &eally &eally Free %arkets 622F7 9 No money, trade, or  barter allowed. (eople  bring<take things like services, food, clothing and appliances,  but no taking or bringing is necessary. enerally there-s music and workshops and they are held in public spaces such as  parks. * Food 4ot *o)bs  6FN!7 9 3 group that collects donated or dumpstered food and cooks vegan meals for anyone who shows up. enerally they serve in public spaces. #nlike many free food services, the food is healthy and has no requirements attached. +ou can look up if a FN! chapter is in your town online. * Go ca)pin;  +ou can legally set up a camp for two weeks in any national forest, and then change that location to reset the = week limit. +ou can also camp in state forests. -- /   urc#asin   *ost things are easy to fi& 9 +ou can patch or mend old clothes, wood glue back together an instrument, cold weld metal ob$ects, etc. *!uy things used from places like Craigslist 6website7, e!ay 6website7, and thrift shops. *!uy local, think global  8up port local and independent  businesses and avoid buying from corporations. ;ven if  products are slightly more e& pensive, more money goes to your community. Corporations have a very dynamic character, which generally speaks to making money and gaining power no matter what the social or environmental costs. They will often have smear campaigns to  portray their actions as beneficial to a community or person. 2esearch, research, research. There are so many layers of  propaganda in our society. 3 good starting point is to watch the documentary, The Corporation, which can be watched online for free.*(urchase products independently certified sustainable under the following names> reen, sweatshop free labor, not tested on animals, sustainably harvested wood 6wood that isn-t from a clear cut or old growth forest for furniture, paper, and construction materials7. *8ome printer ink cartridges can be refilled, thus cutting out a lot of waste. * *orro8 or rent  instead of  buying new. There are car rentals, book rentals and e&changes, ebook versions of te&t books, and tool rentals. *8top wrapping your gifts. )f you still want to wrap gifts, try  paper bags with drawings over them and string to avoid the tape. --   yiene and   !   leanin   'as#in Yourself5 * Sink s#o8ers  9 The primary  part of your body that smells are your armpits, so $ust wash those each morning and avoid doing the rest for at least a few days, if not weeks. +ou can fill a bowl with a few cups of water then soap up and rinse down.    air can also be washed in a


Sep 10, 2017
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