A Trust-Based Approach to Control Privacy Exposure In

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  A trust-based Approach to Control Privacy Exposure in UbiquitousComputing Environments By: Bahirdar/Ethiopia  Executive Summery ã  A tradeoffexists in these systems: the more sources of data andthe higher fidelity in those sources which can improve  people’s decision, the more privacy reduction. ã there is generally no a priori trustrelationship ã we first show how trust evaluationprocess of the user’s system can be based on previousinteractions and peer recommendations. ã  A solutionthen relied on trust to control privacy disclosure isproposed that depends on pre-defined privacy policy.  Background ã Defined as 'present everywhere’ ã is also described as Pervasive Computing; ã appear everywhere and anywhere in contrast to that of desktop computing ã Ubiquitous Computing devices are tiny, invisible microprocessors embedded in any type of objects like clothes,home,cars,watchesetc., ã How it differ from traditional computing?Limited BW and Geographical positions will changes  Introductions  Manage information quickly, efficiently  Removes complexity of new technologies.  Convenient access  High Security risk i.e. exposure personal informatios  Vulnerability


Apr 9, 2018
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