A venture of children - opening a kiosk at the school

Students in grades three, four and five from the Israeli primary school "Mordei HaGeta’ot" set up a kiosk at the school. The project was carried out with the guidance of the teacher, who taught them the "Entrepreneurship for Kids" program. More info on:
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  • 1. “Kiosk Mordei” Venture From the Young Entrepreneurial Leadership Group At “Mordei HaGeta’ot” School in Israel Participants of the “Entrepreneurship for Kids” program www.tomorrowsuccess.comhttp://
  • 2. Who Are We? We are a group of students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades at “Mordei HaGeta’ot” school in Israel, which teaches leadership, entrepreneurship and business management. This year we chose the “entrepreneurial leadership” track, led by Michal Mamman, who taught us the “Entrepreneurship for Kids" program.
  • 3. Our Venture Opening a kiosk in the school, in a way that fits with the spirit and morals of the school. In the kiosk we sold popsicles, sandwiches and drinks. Instead of money, students paid us in bottles that can be refunded for a deposit.
  • 4. The Idea How did the idea come about? In the brainstorming stage, we had many ideas, and one which three young entrepreneurs in the group had was: opening a kiosk in the school, where we can sell snacks to students.
  • 5. Getting Feedback The young entrepreneurs, who had the idea for the kiosk, presented the idea to the other members of the entrepreneurial leadership group, and the latter asked some questions. The entrepreneurs came to the next meeting with the answers to these questions: How will we build the Kiosk? Where will we get the food? Who will prepare the food? Who will man the Kiosk? When will the Kiosk be open?
  • 6. Initial formulation of the idea We conducted a survey among a sample of students and saw that there was a demand for a kiosk We drew a blueprint of the kiosk:
  • 7. Receiving Approval From the Principal We asked the school principal, Ronni Shasha, for her approval to execute the kiosk idea. It is a nice idea, but selling candy is not allowed in the school, and also the parent’s committee does not allow the sale of products for money. Ronni responded:
  • 8. Ronni’s response challenged the young entrepreneurs, who were determined to implement the venture, and in light of the constraints, they decided to add the following changes: The kiosk will only sell popsicles, sandwiches and drinks. Since they cannot sell food for money, students will purchase products using bottles that can be refunded for a deposit. We showed the principal the new plan, and received her approval and support. Determined to Implement the Venture
  • 9. Setting a Team Up At this point each one of the entrepreneurial leadership team members was able to choose to join the kiosk venture, and indeed 11 young entrepreneurs made up the team behind the venture.
  • 10. Choosing a Name As soon as we received the principal’s approval to implement the venture, we began to think of a fitting name. Many names were suggested, and finally we agreed on a name:
  • 11. Pricing the Products Pricing our merchandise in bottles taught us a lesson in smart consumerism. Each bottle has a 0.30 Agorot refund, so we calculated the price of popsicles, drinks and sandwiches, and priced them accordingly.
  • 12. Marketing the Venture, Preparations So that all school students would collect bottles and make purchases at “kiosk Mordei”, the young entrepreneurs embarked on a marketing activity: They began to make large and colorful signs.
  • 13. Marketing the Venture in Classrooms Every morning for about two weeks, the young entrepreneurs stopped by classrooms with flamboyant signs and encouraged students to collect bottles so they could buy things at “Kiosk Mordei”
  • 14. Marketing the Venture in Classrooms
  • 15. Marketing the Venture We recruited all the school teachers for the success of the kiosk project
  • 16. Logistical Preparation, Part 1 Collecting bottles took place during the two weeks following the announcement day and until the implementation of the venture. The young entrepreneurs waited for school students in the courtyard during the long break, received the bottles, and gave them coupons for the product that they wanted to buy at the kiosk. PopsicleSandwichCold Drink
  • 17. Implementation Students arrived with bags full of bottles that can be refunded.
  • 18. Logistical Preparation, Part 2 Every day, the bottles collected were stored in a special room that was given to the group to help with the venture.
  • 19. Success The young entrepreneurs’ ventures’ success was measurable through all of the bottles that were collected, and the number of coupons given out. One of the teachers wrote:
  • 20. Final Marketing Activity We remind all students to hurry and bring bottles as we prepare to open the Kiosk, and most importantly, don’t forget to arrive with your coupons on sale day.
  • 21. Logistical Planning, Part 3 Many bottles were collected, and we had to drive to the ELA recycling plant twice. Each time we sorted the bottles into large bags with 180 bottles each, as requested by ELA. You can learn about the large amount that was collected from Michal Maman’s words, as she was counting the bottles, “I have over 1,000 bottles here! Help!” In total, 1,777 bottles were collected and were refunded.
  • 22. Branding the Kiosk In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the “Kiosk Mordei”, the young entrepreneurs made signs for the stand where the sales took place.
  • 23. Preparations on the Day Before Based on the amount of coupons purchased by students, we knew how many popsicles, sandwiches, and drinks we need to prepare for the kiosk day, and so we ordered the popsicles ahead of time, and bought drinks, bread and spreads.
  • 24. The Morning of the Activity The young entrepreneurs got to school early, Michal made sure to buy fresh bread and bring the spreads, and so the young entrepreneurs began, with the help of Sara Bachar, Ronni’s vice principal, to make the sandwiches:
  • 25. Final Preparations The sale stands were set up early in the school courtyard, the young entrepreneurs wore name tags and the excitement was visible on their faces.
  • 26. Final Preparations Until the long break, during which sales took place, the popsicles were delivered as well
  • 27. Pictures from the Kiosk
  • 28. Pictures from the Kiosk
  • 29. Pictures from the Kiosk
  • 30. Summarizing the Venture At the end of the “Kiosk Mordei” the young entrepreneurs gathered in the teacher's lounge, received a sandwich, a drink, and a popsicle, and sat down to discuss their impressions and conclusions from the venture. Amichai: “The venture was successful, almost everyone showed up” Mika: It was fun, but also difficult because some people wanted things for free” Ido: “If we do this next year as well we should donate the money to buy computers” Geffen: “The venture is a good idea, we get money from refunding the bottles, and the kids have fun” Shir: “Maybe next year we can open the kiosk once a week?” Shira and Maia: “It was fun, but also a little difficult.” Shelly: “Next year we should add another popsicle stand”
  • 31. Teacher’s Summary Teacher Michal concluded the project "kiosk Mordei" as follows:
  • 32. “Entrepreneurship for Kids” More ventures by kids at school on: By Galit Zamler
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