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1. A Vision Board - A Case Of <br />Getting What You See!<br />by Steve Charles<br />Heard of that saying 'seeing is believing'? Well…
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  • 1. A Vision Board - A Case Of <br />Getting What You See!<br />by Steve Charles<br />Heard of that saying 'seeing is believing'? Well that's exactly what happens when you use a vision board.<br />Consider this: To put it simply a vision board is no more than a collection of carefully selected photos and positive affirmations that make a statement of what you want from life. You are creating an outline or blue print of all your dreams and wishes.<br />Everyone who trusts and believes the Law of Attraction should understand that when you look at a vision board it's simply a matter of 'what you see is what you get'. That's all there is to it.<br />Creative visualization is the first step of the journey when manifesting destiny and vision boards make that journey possible. Even though there are some important steps in between, let's discover and nail down all we need to know about the very first leg of the journey before moving any further.<br />Creative visualization can be described as having a long list of hopes, wishes, wants and desires for ourselves, friends and our family. It comes naturally to all of us, even when we were little children, so it's nothing new and we do not have to be shown how to do it. It's just like daydreaming and no one needs to be taught how to do that, do they?<br />When you make a vision board, what you are doing is transferring all your thoughts, wants and daydreams onto a board. You are putting your thoughts into images that reflect everything you want from life. But it's a process that requires careful thought and planning; you need to really think of exactly what you want and that applies when asking for wealth and prosperity, good health or happy relationships.<br />This beginning stage is where most people actually make a mistake, right at the planning stage. Concentrating on all that is bad in life is wrong; you should be asking for what you do want, not what you don't want. If you wanted to run in a local marathon you would say 'I want to be fit and healthy', not 'I don't want back ache'.<br />Asking for something 'not to happen' is the wrong approach. If you understand the Law of Attraction you will know that it provides what you ask for. So in the case of asking for 'no more back ache' the Law of Attraction will not see the 'no ' part as it does not recognise negatives, and keep on giving you 'more back ache'. Now this basic error is a problem some people have with their vision boards as well. They are far too focused on what they do not want instead of asking for what they do want.<br />To be absolutely clear that you are asking the Universal law for what you do want rather than what you 'don't want' be careful to have a vision board that reflects your desires and hopes and things you really want from life, not all the stuff you are fed up with and trying to rid yourself of.<br />A vision board is the simplest tool to work with to get you in that place in life you long to be, but like anything, you need to know the basics and the rights and the wrongs in using one, otherwise your end success may be limited, difficult to achieve or simply take far longer than is necessary.<br />Imagine all your dreams being possible just by asking. Find out exactly how this works by using a vision board right here. Steve Charles is an expert on the Law of Attraction. Discover how to get it working with you instead of against you in his FREE report at Click the link now<br />
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