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A vision on how to contribute to Organizations

      2009    A vision on how to contribute to  Organizations Personal Statement for the  Admission Process to CSU MB       Executive MBA       Edgar Pena Sanabria       Caracas, Venezuela         3/1/2009    Personal Statement Edgar Peña Sanabria – March 2009 2 A vision on how to contribute to Organizations The world we live has been described by some sociologists, as a vast congregation of human organizations with different principles and visions, which agree on the fundamental objecti
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    2009   A   vision   on   how   to   contribute   to   Organizations   Personal   Statement   for   the   Admission   Process   to   CSU   MB   Executive   MBA   Edgar   Pena   Sanabria   Caracas,   Venezuela   3/1/2009      2 Personal Statement Edgar Peña Sanabria – March 2009  A vision on how to contribute to Organizations The world we live has been described by some sociologists, as a vastcongregation of human organizations with different principles and visions,which agree on the fundamental objective of achieving the satisfaction ofcollective needs and ultimately achieve individual welfare.These organizations have been defined and classified according to theirnature as social, political, cultural, economic, and others, which intersect eachother, forming what we today know as Society.In this sense, I personally believe that our society remains in constantevolution thanks to the impetus, efforts and ability of its members inunderstanding their own dynamics, creating and transmitting knowledge andits wise application in different areas where it is require. The creation andtransmission of knowledge in itself, generates a value that has resulted, in abroad sense, in cultural, social and economic growth of countries and finallyhumanity's progress.Based on these principles and as member of this society, I am motivated tooptimize my personal and professional development, in order to successfullyface current and future challenges and contribute to our societyadvancement, which ultimately will result in our nation progress.    3 Personal Statement Edgar Peña Sanabria – March 2009  For these reasons, I earned my degree at Simon Rodriguez NationalUniversity in Business Administration, Major in Marketing (UniversidadNacional Experimental Simon Rodríguez), and received education in suchsubjects as General Administration, Economics, Accounting, Budgeting,Human Resources, Planning, Finance, among others, that cementedfoundations for understanding business philosophy in public and privateorganizations.Consecutively, I studied specialized marketing subjects, such as MarketingFundamentals, Market Research, Consumer Psycho-sociology, ProductAnalysis, Strategic Marketing Planning, Advertising & Promotion, BusinessLogistics, Corporate Law, Market Productivity analysis, Sales Management,International Commerce , Marketing Management and the development of aProject with focus on Social Marketing as thesis which consolidated myeducation and allowed me earn my degreeAdditionally, the gained knowledge and experiences in the CertificateProgram in Marketing and Business Management at Center for Corporate andExecutive Development   (Centro de Desarrollo Ejecutivo y ConsultoriaOrganizacional -CENDECO) at Metropolitan University (UniversidadMetropolitana -UNIMET) were really useful, not only for founding myacademic and working expertise but also my professional growth in themarketing management arena.    4 Personal Statement Edgar Peña Sanabria – March 2009  I have participated in several organizations that belong to the Pharmaceuticalindustry, in companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Bristol Myers Squibb,Roche Pharmaceutical and Sanofi Aventis, played different roles and earnedpromotions to higher levels, starting from Sales Representative, DistrictManager, and moved forward to Senior Product Manager. This professionalgrowth has enabled me to obtained knowledge in Business Management anda distinct expertise in the Marketing field.These personal experiences, has been based on the performance of thesemanagement positions with diverse responsibilities including management ofhuman talent with application of leadership skills, coaching and effectivecommunication, managing this important resource with a positive impact inthe results of the goals set by the organizations.Likewise, the Marketing Management in which the support tools such asMarket Research, Strategic Planning, Marketing Communications, supplychain management and Corporate Finance, have been essential part of myexpertise in the position of Senior Product Manager, allowing me toimplement a systemic approach, business environment analysis, establishingthe product position competitiveness, based on market research and analysisof historical data, establishment of strategies and tactical plans, budgetingestimates and financial investment and finally the presentation andimplementation of marketing plans.


Aug 28, 2017
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