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A WORLDWIDE SUPPLIER OF ICE CREAM EQUIPMENT THINK WHAT YOU COULD DO... Your ice cream, Our equipment At WCB Ice Cream we produce equipment to match any type of ice cream production Cone Sticks Sandwich
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A WORLDWIDE SUPPLIER OF ICE CREAM EQUIPMENT THINK WHAT YOU COULD DO... Your ice cream, Our equipment At WCB Ice Cream we produce equipment to match any type of ice cream production Cone Sticks Sandwich Bulk&Cup Desserts Worldwide supplier of ice cream equipment WCB Ice Cream is one of the world s leading manufacturers and suppliers of flexible and efficient ice cream manufacturing solutions and equipment for producing ice cream. We are committed to providing the most efficient and flexible ice cream production and packaging equipment available on today s market. We are backed by a highly motivated, talented and sincere people, and we have local sales offices and partners worldwide. WCB s ice cream equipment includes filling, extrusion, molding, and wrapping of products, like molded sticks, cones, bulk/cups, sticked slices, cakes and sandwiches. Whether your need is new, remanufactured or used equipment, service of your existing equipment or genuine spare parts, WCB Ice Cream can help you. Think what you could do when combining your ideas with our expertise. When you face the task of starting new or upgrading your old equipment, you need the very best in your corner. WCB Ice Cream has been a global player within the ice cream equipment industry for over 30 years. We always strive to come up with new solutions that will make your production run even smoother. Our offices in Philadelphia, Northvale, Denmark and Milan are backed by representatives all across the globe. This ensures that whatever or wherever the task might by, WCB Ice Cream will always be there for you. 2 History of WCB Ice Cream The WCB Ice Cream you know of today was formed in 97/98 when United Dominion Industries formed Waukehesa Cherry- Burell ice cream and acquired prestigious, respected and well know companies and branch within the ice cream - such as Glacier Excel, Ranieri, Cherry-Burrell and Vitaline. This was all merged under the name of Waukesha/Cherry- Burrell ice cream division and became a major world player within the industry more or less from day one. Ownership of Waukehesa/Cherry-Burrell was transferred to SPX a multinational production company in 91 and continued to grow as one of the global players within the ice cream industry. In 94 the present management organized a management buyout and took over the company to preserve the global reputation and position in the industry. The company was renamed WCB Ice Cream. As an independent company, we at WCB Ice Cream have managed to keep our position as a world-class equipment supplier to the ice cream industry. And looking at our progress over the past 10 years, we have in fact managed to improve our position worldwide. WCB Ice Cream has over 100 years of experience in the ice cream industry Experience is a key factor for success in any business. At WCB Ice Cream we have more than 100 years of experience within the ice cream industry. This means that we always provide our customers with the best solution and guidance for any project no matter the scale. 3 Molding Equipment Extrusion Equipment WCB Ice Cream is a worldwide leader in equipment for the molded frozen stick confectionary industry. You can produce top quality ice cream with an Extrusion System from WCB Ice Cream. Freshly-extruded ice cream can produce a variety of items with a wide range of appealing tastes and textures, from sandwiches and cones, to coated slices and many more. We offer a superior line of extrusion and hardening systems, each backed by advanced and innovative engineering. We produce molds made of stainless steel for all in-line systems, in-line and rotary bar freezers. With molds from WCB Ice Cream you are able to produce an endless range of products, of many different shapes, sizes and combinations. Ingredient Feeders Laboratory Equipment Our Ingredient Feeders are designed to provide controlled insertion of any ingredient in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and forms into a continuous flowing stream of base product such as ice cream, peanut butter or pancake batter. Positive, accurate metering is accomplished by means of an agitator and auger feeder combination, which transfers the ingredients from the main hopper into an enrobing rotor at a controlled rate. The fully pre-assembled Universal Pilot Plant simulates production processes and allows for research and development testing for new products and formulas. Ideal to experiment with small batches and simulate full-scale production testing. A variety of optional equipment is available, including laboratory equipment, brine freezing system, cut and extruding system, fruit and ingredient feeder and ripple pump assembly. 4 Filling Equipment For some ice cream products, the shape is distinctive; for others, it is traditional; for others again, it is practical. WCB Ice Cream offers the ice cream filling equipment you need. Whether the form is cones, cups or cartons, WCB Ice Cream offers a wide range of filling equipment to help you getting your ice cream products from your freezers to the consumers. Freezers The continuous ice cream freezer is the very heart of every ice cream production system. Choosing the right ice cream freezer is the key to both product and production goals. Consistent, repeatable ice cream production is the ultimate goal of any ice cream operation. To achieve it, we help you to explore all issues that influence your equipment choice and the ultimate system success. Wrapping Equipment WCB Ice Cream s wrappers are suitable for a great variety of wrapping materials. They accommodate fully-synchronized production from any type of extrusion line. The systems are designed to meet the highest standards of sanitation required by the food industry. Remanufacturing and Upgrades WCB Ice Cream offers a wide range of upgrade solutions for our equipment to ensure that you always have the equipment for your production. We are always working on new solutions to make sure that our machines stay at the very top of the industry when it comes to quality. 5 Worldwide Service Customer Service: Your Success is Our Success. WCB Ice Cream customer service, from initial engineering analysis to system design, to equipment selection, to project proposal, continues from installation, through start-up, supervision and training. We continue to provide guidance on proper operation and maintenance procedures at regularly scheduled seminars. Updates or modifications for your equipment are shared with you as they are developed, so you have upgrade options. We are prepared to support your ice cream processing requirements on a global scale. Need Service or Spare Parts? Europe: Tlf: US, South America & Asia: Tlf: WCB Ice Cream offers visits by well-trained and experienced service engineers, to minimize downtime with regular inspection and service checks. We also offer a wide variety of original spare parts and upgrade kits for your ice cream equipment. By acquiring genuine parts from the start, you avoid the problems which go with broken-down machinery and after-service checks. 6 Innovation, New Ideas and Knowledge Combined At WCB Ice Cream we must do more than meet today s equipment and systems demand. To best serve our customers, we must also anticipate the needs tomorrow will bring. Our on-going research and product development investigate areas of potential for higher performance, longer equipment life, lower production costs. 7 When you choose WCB Ice Cream you choose more than 100 years of knowledge and knowhow in the ice cream industry. At WCB Ice Cream we have always understood the importance of quality combined with innovative thinking. THINK WHAT YOU COULD DO... WCB Ice Cream USA 267 Livingston Street Northvale, NJ USA Tel.: Fax: WCB Ice Cream Denmark Graham Bells Vej 6 DK-8200 Aarhus N Denmark Tel: Fax: WCB Ice Cream Italy Via Jenner Mulazzano Lo Italy Tel.: Fax: WCB Ice Cream - All content in this brochure, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons and images is the property of WCB Ice Cream
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