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A wrinkle in time

A wrinkle in time
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    By: Claudia OPresented to: Monica VarEnglish Clainkle in   Time isntastic !ook o line "#Engle thatyou eel the storyyou $ere there.    Meg Murry: The oldest child of the Murry´s family. She is unpopular and defensive and she is unhappy with her physical appearance. She is a bad student.Charles Wallace: is the youngest Murry child. He is etremely intelligent five year old child. He can empathically or telepathically !read! certain people"s thoughts and feelings# and has an etraordinary vocabulary. Calvin $´%eefe: Meg´s friend. He´s in the bas&etball team of her school.Mrs. Whatsit:Charles Wallace found her in a haunted house in the woods# where she has been living with her two friends# Mrs Who and Mrs Which Mrs Whatsit is the  youngest of the Mrs W"s 'over (.) billion  years old*# and the best of the three at interacting with the children. Mrs Which  is the oldest of the Mrs W"s# and the most authoritative# although she interacts less with the children than do Mrs Whatsit and Mrs Who. She spee&s very slow. IT   is the bodiless telepathic brain that dominates the planet of Cama+ot+. Mr Murry: He is a physicist. He is also the father of Meg# Sandy# ,ennys and Charles Wallace. He is captive in another planet.Mrs Murry: She-s a biologist# wife of Mr. Murry# and mother of Meg# Charles# Sandy and ,ennys. She is beautiful and intelligent. Sandy Murry  and his twin brother ,ennys are the middle children in the Murry family# older than Charles Wallace but  younger than Meg. Sandy and his twin are considered the !normal! children in the family: good students# good at sports# and well able to fit in with their peers.,ennys Murry: is the twin of Sandy Murry. lso a good student# and good at sports.The Happy Medium  lives in a cavern on a planet in $rion"s /elt. Human in appearance# she is described as wearing a satin gown and a sil& turban# and uses a crystal ball to loo& at distant places and people. Aunt Beast  is a character who ta&es care of Meg on the planet 0chel after Meg is !fro+en! by the /lac& Thing.   "ocations: Camazotz  1  planet of etreme# enforced conformity# ruled by a disembodied brain called 0T. Ixchel  1  planet of muted colors# inhabited by tall# sightless creatures with tentacles. 0t orbits the same sun as Cama+ot+. Uriel  1  planet with etremely tall mountains# named after the rchangel 2riel. 0t is inhabited by creatures that resemble winged centaurs.
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