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A-Z Dos Commands

A-Z Dos Commands, BATCH file Commands
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  To find information about a command, on the A-Z button menu at the top of this page, click the letter that the command starts with,and then click the command name.In addition to the tools installed with WindowsXP, there are over 40 support tools included on the WindowsXP CD. You can use thesetools to diagnose and resolve computer problems. For more information about these support tools, seeWindows Support ToolsForinformation about installing support tools, seeInstall Windows Support Tools For more information about changes to the functionality of MS-DOS commands, new command-line tools, command shell functionality,configuring the command prompt, and automating commmand-line tasks, seeCommand-line reference Command-line tools must be run at the prompt of the Cmd.exe command interpreter. To open Command Prompt, click Start , click Run , type cmd , and then click OK . To view help at the command-line, at the command prompt, type the following: CommandName    /?   ArpAssocAtAtmadmAttribBatch filesBootcfgBreakCaclsCallCertreqCertutilChangeChcpChdirChkdskChkntfsCipherClsCluadminClusterCmd Command-line reference A-Z ABC   DOS Commands (DOS Prompt)  CmstpColorCommand shell overviewCompCompactConvertConvlogCopyCprofileCScript overview CSVDEDateDCGPOFixDefragDelDfscmdDirDiskcompDiskcopyDiskPartDoskeyDriverqueryDs (directory service)DsaddDsgetDsmodDsmoveDsqueryDsrmEchoEndlocalEventcreateEventqueryEventtriggers DE  EvntcmdExitExpandFcFilter commandsFindFindstrFingerFlattempForFormatFsutilFtpFtp subcommandsFtypeGetmacGotoGpresultGpupdateGraftablHelpHelpctrHostnameIf IisappIisbackIiscnfgIisftpIisftpdrIisresetIisvdir FGHI  IiswebIpconfigIpxrouteIrftpLabelLdifdeLodctrLogmanLpqLprMacfileMkdir (md)MmcModeMoreMountvolMoveMrinfo MS-DOS subsystem configuration commandsMsiexecMsinfo32NbtstatNet services overview Net services commandsNetshNetsh commands for AAAANetsh commands for DHCPNetsh diagnostic (diag) commandsNetsh commands for IPNetsh commands for RASNetsh commands for RoutingNetsh commands for WINS LMN
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