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A05 Wuestenhagen Wolsink Buerer EnPol 2007

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  DINOSAURS  –  A PATCHWORK PRESENTATION This Photoby Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC  OVERVIEW ã Main elements of concept ã Why important ã Main criticisms ã How concept has helped me understand  K-T LAYER  –  WHAT ARE THE MAIN ELEMENTS? ã Moment in sedimentary record: ã Cretaceous to Tertiary ã Evidence for the CME ã Discovered by Dale Russel ã Gubbio, Italy ã Denmark, New Zealand  WHY ARE THE DECCAN TRAPS INTERESTING? ã Main piece of evidence for volcanic theory ã Responsible of CME ã Substantial size ã Timeframes coincided with the formation of the KT Layer ã Fits with Gradualism ã Ash and climate chance ã Iridium and shocked quartz
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