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WEEK 1st week MATERIAL Welcome lesson GRAMMAR FUNCTION VOCABULARY COMMENTS lesson done without the books SB, p. 4/5; Unit 1A :Nice to verb be (positives); meet you pronouns: I, you,etc. introducing yourself and asking questions about others; greeting people; meeting people numbers 1-20, days of the week 2nd week SB,p. 6/7; Unit 1B:I'm not English, I'm Scottish! verb be (negatives and questions) introducing yourself and asking questions about others numbers 20-1000, countries and nat
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  WEEKMATERIALGRAMMARFUNCTIONVOCABULARYCOMMENTS1st weekWelcome lesson2nd weekpersonal information3rd weektell SS to revise Unit 14th weekpresent simple (questions)common verb phrases5th weeka/an + jobsjobslesson done without thebooksSB, p. 4/5; Unit 1A :Nice tomeet youverb be (positives);pronouns: I, you,etc.introducing yourself andasking questions aboutothers; greeting people;meeting peoplenumbers 1-20, days of theweekSB,p. 6/7; Unit 1B:I'm notEnglish, I'm Scottish!verb be (negatives andquestions)introducing yourself andasking questions aboutothersnumbers 20-1000, countriesand nationalitiesSB, p. 8/9, Unit 1C:Hisname, her namepossessive adjectives:my,your, etc.asking for and givingpersonal detailsSB, p. 10/11, Unit 1D:Turnoff your mobiles!a/an, plurals,this/that/these/those,imperativesdescribing everyday objects,recognition andinterpretation of simpleinstructions and noticesthe classroom, commonobjects, classroomlanguage, alphabetSB, 12-15, Revision, PE1:On a plane, completing aformRevision of grammar fromunit 1asking for a drink, filling in of simple forms, e.g boardingcardsRevision of vocabulary fromunit 1, names of drinks,personal informationSB, p.16/17, Unit2A:Cappuccino and chipspresent simple (positivesand negatives)talking about routineactivitiesverb phrases, irregular pluralsSB, p. 18/19, Unit 2B:WhenNatasha meets Darren...talking about likes anddislikesSB, p. 20/21, Unit 2C:anartist and a musicianasking and saying whatpeople do  possessive sfamily memberstell SS to revise Unit 26th weekadjectivesadjectives, quite/very7th weekdaily routineadverbs of frequencytime words and expressions8th weekprepositions of timetell SS to revise Unit 39th weekcan/can'tverb phraseslike + (verb+-ing)expressing preferencesfree time activitiesSB, p. 22/23, Unit2D:Relatively famousSB, p.24-27,Revision, PE2:At a hotel, an informal e-mail/letter Revision of grammar fromunit 2checking in/out a hotel,writing an informal e-mail/letter, making areservationRevision of vocabulary fromunit 2, hotel wordsSB, p. 96/97, PE: Goinghome, making a reservationSB, p. 28/29, Unit 3A:Prettywomandescribing people'sappearance, describingobjects, asking and sayinghow you feelSB, p. 30/31, Unit 3B: Wakeup, get out of bed…telling the time, presentsimpleasking for and telling thetime, talking about routineactiviriesSB, p. 32/33, Unit 3C:Theisland with a secretasking and saying howoftenSB, p. 34/35, Unit 3D:Onthe last Wednesday inAugustasking and telling theday/datethe date, months andseasonsSB, p. 36-39, Revision,PE3:In a coffee shop, amagazine articleRevision of grammar fromunit 3, and/ but/ or buying a coffee, writing amagazine article, askingand saying how much thingsareRevision of vocabulary fromunit 3, names of coffee andsnacksSB, p. 40/41, Unit 4A:I can'tdancetalking about ability andskills, asking for permissionSB, p. 42/43, Unit4B:Shopping-men love it!  10th weekgiving opnions: I think, story phrasestalking about possessionmusictell SS to revise Unit 4 WEDNESDAY 20.00-21.30FRIDAY 20.00-21.30TEACHERS: Sam Boughey / Daria Dyba SB, p. 44/45, Unit 4C:Fatalattraction?object pronouns:me, you,him,etc.SB, p. 46/47, Unit 4D:Areyou still mine?possessive pronouns:mine,yours,etc.
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