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  The Allegro ™  A1202 and A1203 Hall-effect bipolar switches are next-generation replacements and extension of the popular Allegro A3133 and A3132 bipolar switch product line. Overall, the A120x family, produced with BiCMOS technology, consists of continuous-time devices that feature fast power-on time and low-noise operation. Device programming is performed after packaging, to ensure increased switchpoint accuracy  by eliminating offsets that can be induced by package stress. Unique Hall element geometries and low-offset amplifiers help to minimize noise and to reduce the residual offset voltage normally caused by device overmolding, temperature excursions, and thermal stress.The A120x Hall-effect bipolar switches include the following on a single silicon chip: voltage regulator, Hall-voltage generator, small-signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and NMOS output transistor. The integrated voltage regulator permits operation from 3.8 to 24 V. The extensive on-board protection circuitry makes possible a ±30 V absolute maximum voltage rating for superior protection in automotive and motor commutation applications, without adding external components. All devices in the family are identical, except for magnetic switchpoints.The small geometries of the BiCMOS process allow these devices to be provided in ultrasmall packages. The package styles available provide magnetically optimized solutions for most applications. Package LH is a SOT23W, a miniature low- profile surface-mount package, while package UA is a three-lead ultramini SIP for through-hole mounting. Each package is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin plated leadframes.  A1202-DS, Rev. 18 ã Continuous-time operation  □ Fast power-on time  □ Low noiseã Stable operation over full operating temperature rangeã Reverse battery protectionã Solid-state reliabilityã Factory-programmed at end-of-line for optimum  performanceã Robust EMC performance ã High ESD rating ã Regulator stability without a bypass capacitor Continuous-Time Bipolar Switch Family Packages: Functional Block Diagram  Not to scale A1202 and A1203 FEATURES AND BENEFITSDESCRIPTION 3-Pin SOT23W (suffix LH)  AmpRegulator GNDVCCVOUTOffsetGainTrimControlTo all subcircuits 3-Pin SIP (suffix UA)  Continuous-Time Bipolar Switch Family A1202 and A1203 2  Allegro MicroSystems, LLC115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036Worcester, Massachusetts 01615-0036 (508) SPECIFICATIONS Selection Guide Part NumberPacking * MountingAmbient, T A B RP  (Min)B OP  (Max)  A1202LUA-TBulk, 500 pieces/bag3-pin SIP through hole–40ºC to 150ºC–7575 A1203EUA-TBulk, 500 pieces/bag3-pin SIP through hole–40ºC to 85ºC –9595 A1203LLHLT-T7-in. reel, 3000 pieces/reel3-pin SOT23W surface mount –40ºC to 150ºC A1203LLHLX-T13-in. reel, 10000 pieces/reel3-pin SOT23W surface mount A1203LUA-TBulk, 500 pieces/bag3-pin SIP through hole *Contact Allegro for additional packing options. Absolute Maximum Ratings CharacteristicSymbolNotesRatingUnits Supply Voltage V CC 30VReverse Supply VoltageV RCC  –30VOutput Off VoltageV OUT 30VReverse Output VoltageV ROUT  –0.5VOutput Current Sink I OUTSINK 25mAMagnetic Flux DensityBUnlimitedGOperating Ambient TemperatureT  A Range E–40 to 85ºCRange L–40 to 150ºCMaximum Junction TemperatureT J (max)165ºCStorage TemperatureT stg  –65 to 170ºC Terminal List Number NameDescriptionPackage LHPackage UA 11VCCConnects power supply to chip23VOUTOutput from circuit32GNDGround 1 32       G     N     D     V      O     U     T     V      C      C Package UAPackage LH 1 23       G     N     D     V      O     U     T     V      C      C  Continuous-Time Bipolar Switch Family A1202 and A1203 3  Allegro MicroSystems, LLC115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036Worcester, Massachusetts 01615-0036 (508) OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS over full operating voltage and ambient temperature ranges, unless otherwise noted CharacteristicSymbolTest ConditionsMin.Typ.Max.UnitsElectrical Characteristics Supply Voltage 1 V CC Operating, T J  < 165°C3.8–24VOutput Leakage CurrentI OUTOFF V OUT  = 24 V, B < B RP  ––10µAOutput On VoltageV OUT(SAT) I OUT  = 20 mA, B > B OP  –215400mVPower-On Time 2 t PO Slew rate (dV CC /dt) < 2.5 V/μs, B > B OP (max) + 5 G or B < B RP (min) – 5 G ––4µsOutput Rise Time 3 t r  V CC  = 12 V, R LOAD  = 820 Ω, C S  = 12 pF––2µsOutput Fall Time 3 t f  V CC  = 12 V, R LOAD  = 820 Ω, C S  = 12 pF––2µsSupply CurrentI CCON B > B OP  –3.87.5mAI CCOFF B < B RP  –3.57.5mAReverse Battery CurrentI RCC V RCC  = –30 V–––10mASupply Zener Clamp VoltageV Z I CC  = 30 mA; T  A  = 25°C32––VSupply Zener Current 4 I Z V Z  = 32 V; T  A  = 25°C  ––30mA Magnetic Characteristics 5 Operate PointB OP  A1202–2675G A1203–2695GRelease PointB RP  A1202–75–26–G A1203–95–26–GHysteresisB HYS  A12023052–G A12033052–G 1  Maximum voltage must be adjusted for power dissipation and junction temperature, see Power Derating   section. 2  For V CC  slew rates greater than 250 V/μs, and T  A  = 150°C, the Power-On Time can reach its maximum value. 3  C S  =oscilloscope probe capacitance. 4  Maximum current limit is equal to the maximum I CC(max)  + 22 mA. 5  Magnetic ux density, B, is indicated as a negative value for north-polarity magnetic elds, and as a positive value for south-polarity magnetic elds. This so-called alge - braic convention supports arithmetic comparison of north and south polarity values, where the relative strength of the eld is indicated by the absolute value of B, and the sign indicates the polarity of the eld (for example, a –100 G eld and a 100 G eld have equivalent strength, but opposite polarity). DEVICE QUALIFICATION PROGRAM Contact Allegro for information. EMC (ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATABILITY) REQUIREMENTS Contact Allegro for information.  Continuous-Time Bipolar Switch Family A1202 and A1203 4  Allegro MicroSystems, LLC115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036Worcester, Massachusetts 01615-0036 (508) THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS may require derating at maximum conditions, see application information CharacteristicSymbolTest ConditionsValueUnits Package Thermal ResistanceR θJA Package LH, 1-layer PCB with copper limited to solder pads228ºC/WPackage LH, 2-layer PCB with 0.463 in. 2  of copper area each side connected by thermal vias 110ºC/WPackage UA, 1-layer PCB with copper limited to solder pads165ºC/W 678923451011121314151617181920212223242520406080100120140160180      M  a  x   i  m  u  m    A   l   l  o  w  a   b   l  e   V    C   C    (   V   ) T J(max) = 165ºC; I CC   = I CC(max) Power Derating Curve (R θ JA  = 228 ºC/W)Package LH, 1-layer PCB (R θ JA  = 110 ºC/W)Package LH, 2-layer PCB (R θ JA  = 165 ºC/W)Package UA, 1-layer PCBV CC(min) V CC(max)   0100200300400500600700800900100011001200130014001500160017001800190020 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180Temperature (°C)    P  o  w  e  r   D   i  s  s   i  p  a   t   i  o  n ,   P    D    (  m   W   ) Power Dissipation versus Ambient Temperature (  R  θ   J  A   =  1 6 5  º C  /  W   ) P a c k a g e  U  A , 1 - l a  y e r  P C B  ( R  θ  J  A  =  2 2 8  º C  / W  ) P a c k a g e  LH , 1 - l a  y e r  P C B  (  R   θ   J   A   =   1  1  0   º  C   /  W   )  P  a c k  a  g  e  L H  , 2  - l  a  y  e r   P  C  B  

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