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Suppliers of Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Plate Heat Exchangers(PHE), Inter-Coolers, After Coolers, Steam Heaters, Air Pre-Heaters, Finned Tube Coolers, Fin Tube Heaters, Cooling Towers, Oil Chillers, Chilling Plants, Condensers, Air Receivers, Air Blast Oil coolers, Hot Air Generators, Industrial Recuperators, Evaporators, Heat Transfer Coils, Water Tube Boilers, Submersible Tube Heat Exchangers, Radiators, Jacketed Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Spiral Tension Wound Fin Tubes/ Coolers, Wire Wound Fin Tubes/Coolers, Tube Bundles.
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  • 1. * 30 Years of Manufacturing Heat Transfer Products * AAB HEAT TRANSFER Pvt. Ltd. * an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company *
  • 2. - About Us -We offer complete solution to industrial Heat Transfer problems, byproviding compatible Heat Exchange equipments.Established in 1982, our company has carved a strong niche for itself in themarket, with our experience of almost 30 years in Manufacturing.We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Shell and TubeHeat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Plate Heat Exchangers(PHE), Inter-Coolers,After Coolers, Steam Heaters, Air Pre-Heaters, Finned Tube Coolers, FinTube Heaters, Cooling Towers, Oil Chillers, Chilling Plants, Condensers, AirReceivers, Air Blast Oil coolers, Hot Air Generators, Industrial Recuperators,Evaporators, Heat Transfer Coils, Water Tube Boilers, Submersible Tube HeatExchangers, Radiators, Jacketed Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Spiral TensionWound Fin Tubes/ Coolers, Wire Wound Fin Tubes/Coolers, Tube Bundles andall Heat Transfer products.Our well established team with in-depth technical understanding, assists theclients in Customizing the products so as to meet their exact requirements.We also undertake Repair and Reconditioning of these Products. Theseinclude cleaning, de-sealing, replacement of parts, testing etc. We provideStandby Products to assure no production loss takes place. Leakage Testing /Pressure testing are repeated to assure no wastage occurs.
  • 3. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers:In most of the Engineering Applications, one fluid needs to be heated & another cooled, arequirement economically accomplished by a Heat Exchanger.A Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is built for efficient heat transfer from one fluid to another,whether the fluids are separated by a solid wall so that they never mix, or the fluids aredirectly contacted. Tube Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger for Power Shell & Tube Condenser Pack
  • 4. Oil Coolers:We manufacture superior quality Shell and Tube Oil Coolers as well Finned Tube OilCoolers with Inbuilt Fan. Oil Coolers are highly efficient and ensure effective heat transfer.Our Oil Coolers can be customized as per requirement. The Finned Tube Oil Coolers withFans are used where air is used as cooling medium. Oil Coolers Hydraulic Oil Coolers Air Cooled Oil Cooler Aluminium Oil Coolers
  • 5. Steam Heaters:Steam Heaters are heat exchangers in which, one of the media is steam being condensedwhile the other is a process fluid / Gas being heated. Steam heater is specially designed toproduce hot Fluid/ Gas using steam. These are used in various industries for heatingcontinuous flow of Fluid/ Gas to required temperature by using steam as heating media. Steam Heaters Steam Heater Industrial Steam Heater Steam Heater Sets
  • 6. Inter Coolers & After Coolers:Inter Coolers / After Coolers are widely used to decrease the temperature of thecompressed air to a specific processed area. The after coolers and inter coolers are checkedand tested in different working conditions to optimize the cooling effect with cold water. Inter Cooler After Cooler Intercooler / Aftercooler Tube Bundle After Cooler
  • 7. Finned Tube Heat Exchangers:Finned Tube Heat Exchangers consist of a shell & finned tubes assembly. Fins are used toincrease the effective surface area of heat exchanger tubing. Finned Tube Heat Finned Tube Heat Exchangers Exchanger Finned Tube Radiator Finned Tube Oil Cooler
  • 8. Condensers:A Condenser is a device or unit used to condense a substance from its gaseous to its liquidstate, typically by cooling it. In so doing, the latent heat is given up by the substance, andwill transfer to the condenser coolant. Condensers Air Cooled Condensers Condenser Steam Condensers
  • 9. Air Cooled Heat Exchangers:Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are the heat exchangers which use air as a cooling medium.Typically, an air-cooled heat exchanger for process use consists of a finned-tube bundlewith rectangular box headers on both ends of the tubes. Cooling air is provided by oneor more fans. Air Cooled Inter Coolers Finned Tube Heat and After Coolers Exchanger Air Cooled Heat Air Cooled Oil Coolers Exchanger
  • 10. Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE ):Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) fall into three groups such as gasketed, fully welded andbrazed. Gasketed Plate Heat PHE Plates Exchanger Brazed Plate Heat Plate Heat Exchanger Exchangers
  • 11. Hot Air Generators:Hot Air Generators (HAG) manufactured by us can be used in different fields from spraybooth painting to heating agro based products like cardamom, garlic, papad, chilies, potatochips, onions, and confectionery. These are also suited for drying bulk drugs, CarbonGranules. Tailor-made models are also available on the request. Hot Air Generator Air Generators Hot Air Generators / Air Hot Air Generators / Preheaters Recuperators
  • 12. Heat Transfer Coils:Heat Transfer Coils can be made of any material depending on Heat Transfer requirement.Copper coils are made due to their high Heat Transfer Rate. These coils can be submerged ina tank where Heat Transfer is required. Cooling Coil Heat Transfer Coil Heat Transfer Coil Roll Refrigerating Coils
  • 13. Thermic Fluid Heaters:Thermic Fluid Heaters are widely appreciated for their efficient and economical mode ofheating. We manufacture these superior grade Thermic Fluid Heaters as per the needs of ourclients. Finned Tube Coolers Thermic Fluid Heater U- Tube Heater Thermal Fluid Heaters
  • 14. Chillers:Our esteemed clients can avail from us a wide assortment of Chillers. Our diversified rangeof Industrial Chiller includes Flooded Chillers, Gas Chiller and Water Chillers. These chillersare offered as per the varied requirements of our clients Hydraulic Oil Chillers Oil Chillers Oil Chillers (Refrigerated) Oil Chilling Units
  • 15. Heaters / Dryers / Evaporators:We offer our clients, a wide range of Industrial Air Heaters that is used to heat air withradiant heat, forced convection or resistive heat elements. These used steam, hot water ofelectricity and thermic fluid oil for excellent functioning Recuperator Evaporators Steam Heaters Steam Radiator Air Pre Heater
  • 16. Rectangular / Square Fin Radiators:We bring froth an impregnable range of Rectangular / Square Fin Radiators. The wideassortment of Rectangular / Square Fin Radiators offered by us include Rectangular Fin(Blowup), Radiator and Steam Heater. Radiator Rectangular Fin (Blowup) Steam Heater
  • 17. Fin Tubes:Fins is the extended surfaces which increase heat transfer. We manufacture different typesof Finned Tubes such as Spiral Tension Wound Finned Tubes, Wire Wound Fined Tubes,Extruded Type Finned Tubes and Rectangular/Square Fin Tubes. Wire Wound Finned Finned Tube Heat Tubes Exchangers Finned Tubes Spiral Tension Wound Fin Tubes
  • 18. Heat Transfer Equipment:Heat exchange has been immensely recognized from the view point of energyconservation, conversion, recovery and successful implementation of new energysources. Its importance has also increased from standpoint of environmental concernssuch as thermal pollution, air pollution, water pollution and waste disposal. Shell Heat Exchanger Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Stainless Steel Heat Finned Tube Cooler Exchanger
  • 19. Cleaning, Repair & Reconditioning:Heat Exchanger Repair Services include Cleaning, De-sealing, replacement of Parts,Replacement of Tubes, whatever is necessary to make your Heat Exchanger good as new.Pressure Testing is done to eliminate any danger of Leakage. Tube Cleaning Cleaning Of Heat Exchanger Tubes Heat Exchanger Repair Wasted Heat Exchanger Services
  • 20. Other Products: Air Receivers Pressure Vessel Chilling Plant Water Cooled Chilling Plant
  • 21. Other Products: Tube Bundle After Cooler Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers U Tube Bundle For Heat Copper Tube Heat Exchanger Exchanger 21
  • 22. Other Products: Heat Exchanger Tube Heat Exchanger With Bundlle Removable Tube Bundle Radiator Oil Cooler Turbine Oil Cooler 22
  • 23. - Company Factsheet -Nature of Business Supplier Manufacturer Exporter Service Provider Trader
  • 24. - Contact Us -Contact Details:AAB Heat Transfer Pvt. Ltd.Mr. Amitoj SinghPlot No. 375, Sector - 24Faridabad, Haryana - 121 005, IndiaWebsite:
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